What’s Current: Leaked Facebook guidelines allow violent threats against women

Facebook’s leaked guidelines determine “Someone shoot Trump” is an unacceptable comment, whereas “To snap a bitch’s neck, make sure to apply all your pressure to the middle of the throat” is fine.

Indian woman cuts off her rapist’s penis. The 54-year-old religious teacher had been assaulting her for several years.

Guelph Central Student Association published, then removed, an apology on Facebook for playing Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” at a campus event. The group said, “We now know the lyrics to this song are hurtful to our friends in the trans community and we’d like to unreservedly apologize for this error in judgement.”

A convicted male sex offender who now identifies as a female posed as a medically trained professional in order to sexually abuse pregnant women and girls.

Jennifer Kempton, a prostitution survivor who founded Survivor’s Ink, a tattoo-removal organization for trafficking victims, has died at 35-years-old.

Meghan Murphy

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