What’s Current: Inuit woman placed in men’s prison for involvement in Muskrat Falls protests

Labrador’s Beatrice Hunter is behind bars at Labrador’s largest male prison. (Image: Facebook/CBC)

Beatrice Hunter, an Inuit woman from Labrador who was sent to jail week for her involvement in protests at Muskrat Falls, has been placed in a men’s prison, as there is no female correctional facility in Labrador. Jodi Greenleaves, one of those who gathered outside Her Majesty’s Penitentiary (HMP) to protest Hunter’s incarceration, said:

“We would like to see her freed, it’s ridiculous… There was no violent crimes committed … they have her inside here in a men’s prison that’s over-populated and is in disgusting condition…

…She’s in there with murderers and rapists and drug abusers — she’s an Inuit grandmother, a kind and gentle person. She’s not at risk to hurt anybody … she’s a political prisoner, is what she is.”

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