What’s Current: A twitter account that posted ‘creep shots’ was finally shut down

Hundreds of Calgary women were violated through the “CanadaCreep” Twitter account, which posted secretly recorded videos and images of their bodies. The account has finally been shut down, after operating for a year. Police are actively investigating the account for voyeurism.

Women still experience discrimination based on their reproductive capacity: A single mother in the Canadian military says she was asked to choose between her career and her child.

Remembering Stormé DeLarverie.

This high school student mapped every abortion clinic in the US.

Here’s how women appear on the cover of GQ vs. how men appear:


Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Hekate Jayne

    In my area, there was a male at a local public pool that had a gopro camera. He was in the pool and openly filming the girls and women. Well, the bottom of their bathing suits.

    The pool made him leave, but the police wouldn’t do anything because he hadn’t broken any laws.

    About GQ: I don’t think that I can fairly say if those women are being objectified. I think that they get “empowered” from deciding. Myself being a sex negative prude makes my opinion void. 😉

    • Atheist

      There was a sixty year old man that took upskirt photos of a 13 year old that got acquitted on the grounds that it wasn’t against the law.


      Oregon later banned upskirt photos and revenge pornography, but still. It basically sent the message to the victim that it was her responsibility to prevent this from happening, and not the 60 year old grown male pervert who willfully committed sexual exploitation of a child.

      • Hekate Jayne

        This is why I think that males are ok with us being constantly harrassed, raped, threatened, etc.

        It sends a very clear message when their “justice” system clearly, concisely and consistently let’s these sadistic and pervy males go. This behavior (from the disgusting old male and the system) doesn’t go unnoticed. Males see it. They benefit from it. They don’t want it to change.

        The things that males want done, very simply get done. We have examples of that with the bathroom bills. All of the males boycotted NC and very vocally whined and cried until males are now legally allowed in all of our private spaces.

        We make no progress. In fact, we are getting dragged backwards. I think that you said in another thread about how we are told to speak up, and then we are punished or ignored when we do, and then blamed for not working for our rights.

        It’s always the same. Things for us stay the same or get worse, and the poor males are trying to help us, but we just don’t speak loudly or forcibly enough and they are just bumbling around clueless, don’t ya know. The constant threat of sexual violence is a perk for them. It keeps us in line, and when a few of them get caught raping or assaulting or pervyness, well. What can the male system do? They feign confusion or helplessness and around we go.

        And this dude is 60. You know that this isn’t his first time.

  • Atheist

    I don’t have a Twitter account for this reason: the responses on Twitter show that people just. don’t. get. it. when it comes to feminist criticism. They weaponized words and call it a valid argument.

    The point of criticizing GQ isn’t about women’s nudity or being scantily clad. It’s sexist because it portrays men as strong, tough, and capable while women are portrayed as willowy eye candy. It upholds the Patriarchal belief that women’s existence can only be tolerated if she’s sexually available to men.

    Nobody actually gives a shit if a woman wants to pose with just a pair of underwear on. This, in and of itself isn’t the point. We only care if it’s sending the message that women are somehow lesser beings whose sole value is sex. That. is. the point. Men in particular want to deny, silence, and shut down any criticism of this no matter who it comes from.

    Remember my comment on that article about how men think it’s women’s job to fight back? This is a good example of why telling women to “fight back” isn’t enough. THIS is what happens when women fight for equal rights – men take time out of their busy lives to punish us for it.

    • Tired feminist

      Seriously. I don’t get how it is POSSIBLE for someone to look at that image, read the description, and still not understand the point.

      Perhaps it’s feigned stupidity. Perhaps people do understand but pretend not to, in order to avoid inconvenient truths etc. Because I really don’t know how one can be that stupid.

      • radwonka

        yes, when people play dumb, it’s just a tactic to derail the conversation/topic. They have no counter arguments to justify gendered norms, that’s why derailing is the only thing they can do.

    • Juan

      I struggle with the nuances around objectification sometimes. Not this time. This is a text book case of objectification.

      Plus, she isn’t cherry picking covers, it’s virtually every cover that feature a woman.

      • Atheist

        There were also responses complaining about the covers of romance books but last I checked romance books weren’t in the market of portraying reality. That’s another difference that’s lost on them. Men will often justify pornography as mere fantasy but then turn around and deny women the same outlet. Plus romance books don’t portray men as submissive woman pleasers the way pornography portrays women as filthy wh***s who exist only to be jerked off on. FYI I don’t read romance novels, but I’ve talked to MEN who do! Even they tell me the differences are stark and clear.

        On the other hand, magazines like GQ and Cosmo deliberately choose which cover would best appeal to their target audience. In GQ’s case, they carefully craft covers that appeal to the highbrow misogyny of upper class men – who, for the most part seem to get away with a lot more sexism than their working class counterparts.

  • lk

    I’m really trying to understand how that CanadaCreep account stayed active for an entire year before it was shut down.

    And who are those awful 17,000 people who would even follow an account like that.

    The article mentions that Alberta has a law making it easier to sue someone who posts intimate images of you online. I hope when they find the guy that the women he violated sue him for every dime he is worth.

    • Tired feminist

      We can at least tell the sex of most, if not all, of those 17,000 “people”.

    • radwonka

      And who are those awful 17,000 people who would even follow an account like that.”

      yeah these people need to be punished too

  • Juan

    “Women still experience discrimination based on their reproductive capacity: A single mother in the Canadian military says she was asked to choose between her career and her child.”

    Can someone explain the discrimination in this story, let alone based on reproductive capacity. What am I missing?

    • Tired feminist

      Dude, I can’t believe we’ll have to explain that it takes two people to make a child. Only one of them is female.

    • Wren

      “What am I missing?”
      Apparently a brain.

      • Juan

        I’m missing a brain because I’m questioning why the situation in the article is considered discrimination. There is nothing in the article that demonstrates any discrimination because she is a woman. Single parent maybe not woman.

    • Atheist

      I can help:

      When was the last time men were expected to choose between his career and his children? When was the last time boys were sat down and asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, then asked how they were going to accomplish that and have kids at the same time?

  • Liz

    I’m not sure why anyone expects anything different from GQ. gentleman’s quarterly. it’s basically maxim but for dudes who think they’re “gentlemen” instead of “lads”. or playboy for men who don’t think they’re THAT kind of men.

    who is under the impression that GQ is for women or interested in women in any other way?

  • DeColonise

    A quick search on twitter reveals there are sadly numerous accounts like that floating around. Do twitter care at all or does anything float on their platform these days?

  • Cassandra

    Re GQ and women posing like this:
    There is a very big, glaring reason that women are paid very highly for this. Patriarchal bargain, oh empowered ones. Go on, take the money and run!

    No way out with capitalsm. Patriarchy and capitalism cannot be separated. Neither will fall unless they both fall.

  • Tobysgirl

    Checked out the GQ covers? Now check out your local and national television news. See how much skin the women are exposing while the men only expose their hands and heads. What I like to do is picture the men in sleeveless shirts or perhaps low-cut mini dresses. And thanks to Wren for a good laugh!

  • radwonka


    that doesn’t make sense.

    also, that was a straw man.

    And then you pretended to answer her questions with … questions? That’s called “question dodging” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8afd8dc4457fcef62d3ca3afbbe37ea7a3a625770257cf2a6532c0469a5219e0.png

    You didn’t answer her questions basically.

    Do better next time (if you can).

    • Juan

      No I did answer her questions directly but it was removed. If it wasn’t removed my questions would make a little more sense.

      • Meghan Murphy

        Your answers were removed because you keep claiming that men experience the exact same discrimination as women, because they are ‘forced’ to choose work over family, which you believe, apparently, is the same as being fired from a job because you get pregnant.

      • radwonka

        If your comment weren’t published then it means that you didn’t argument properly…

  • Hekate Jayne

    No one ever asks males questions like you are posing. Only women are ever asked things like that.

    Which I could explain. But I am not going to. Because you are incapable of grasping it, dudebro.

  • Meghan Murphy

    You are (I suspect, intentionally) missing the point. The discrimination aspect isn’t about whether or not the father is around, it’s about the fact that women are fired (or not promoted, or not hired in the first place) because of their reproductive capacity. This simply does not happen to men.

  • Wren

    fuck you.

  • Juan

    The story implies she doesn’t have anyone to take care of her child and that is the root of the problem. We don’t know if the father is around or not. Plus, if the father is in the picture, it weakens Laura position. Why would the author include information that weakens the story?

    Laura Nash says “I didn’t want to live without my child, but I needed a means of supporting him and so I didn’t want to lose my job.” Notice she says “I didn’t want to live without my child.” That says to me she has options but doesn’t want to live without her child. I think it’s wonderful she doesn’t want to live without her child. Just because she doesn’t want to live without her child doesn’t change the fact she chose a career that requires extended time at sea and away from her family.
    Where is the discrimination in Laura Nash’s situation?

    • Tired feminist

      Are men ever told to leave a job for having a child to raise? Fathers are regarded like half-gods for doing the bare minimum for their children.

      Why are you so sure she has “options”? You don’t know why she doesn’t want to live without her child.

  • Tired feminist

    “She made a career choice blah blah”

    Aren’t military men who have children making exactly the same choice?

  • Juan

    I think what you are asking is why don’t we HEAR about men having to choose between their family and career. Most men don’t think about trying to change the rules of the game. Men think other men have been in this same situation. These other men have tried all other options and failed. So he believes he only has two choices, his family or his career. He chooses one or the other and moves on with his life.

    • Tired feminist

      I’m asking what I’m asking. Stop telling me what to think.

      What happens to his children? They disintegrate into thin air when he “chooses his career”?


      Then he’s not “choosing between” anything.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Juan, this game where you pretend to sincerely not understand what people are saying is really beyond tired. Can you please move along?