What’s Current: The wage gap persists in ‘feminist’ Canada

Canada has $150 billion pay gap says report (Image: Sara Long/Flickr)

New report demonstrates that Canada’s gender pay gap is worth $150 billion dollars.

GOP Senator Bill Cassidy argues in favour of maternity benefits, pointing out that women can’t get pregnant without men.

Police search ex-boyfriend’s residence in case of missing Newfoundland woman and remove items. Philip Steven Smith, 23, has not yet been charged in relation to the missing person case but is in custody for breaching a court order related to the woman.

Independent Australian bookstore battles misogynist trolls (and wins) over feminist book release.

Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke equates being a feminist with wearing mascara and performing nude scenes while remaining intelligent — no politics required.

Jess Martin
Jess Martin

Jess Martin is a public relations professional, an aspiring writer, and an assistant editor at Feminist Current. She prefers to write about feminist topics, disability, or environmental issues, but could be persuaded to broaden her horizons in exchange for payment and/or food. In her spare time Jess can be found knitting, gardening, or lying in the fetal position, mulling over political theory that no one in their right mind cares about.

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  • fragglerock

    Canada’s wage gap–I had a (high school) student tell me they thought the US had achieved gender equality all except for the wage gap. Where do I even start? Perhaps with the fact that the wage gap is merely the tip of the sexism iceberg in places like Canada and the US……and!

    Maternity leave–The fact that the GOP senator had to say, “it affects us too, guys” only emphasizes that the conversation is still centered around men and their well-being. If you can’t tie an issue to men, it’s unimportant.

    I’m glad the author and bookstore received so much support. I wonder, was there a similar outpouring for the women’s library in Vancouver?

    Emilia Clarke’s comments are just…..so……much…..I can’t…

  • Hekate Jayne

    The thing that gets me about GoT is that it’s a fantasy story.

    And in that fantasy, there’s a ton of sexism and misogyny.

    It seems that males lack imagination, because all of their fantasies seem to be filled with violence towards us. Always.

    Also, what you said about dudes feeling cheated over Lena Heady reminds me of something that I read about on the manosphere. There are websites created by males for underage actresses that is a “countdown” to when they can be legally fucked. So dudes look at little girls on TV and have conversations about when they can have sex, legally.

    The entitlement is scary. And disgusting.

    • Sabine

      I know, it’s absolutely gross. I believe The Sun ‘newspaper’ in the UK (a despicable Murdoch owned rag) featured its own countdown for Emily Watson a few years back. It makes my skin crawl.

      And you get cretins justifying the sexism and misogyny of GoT because ‘it was like that back then’. What? Like, back when there were dragons?!!!!

      • Hekate Jayne

        Males dodge, reverse, ignore.

        If you say anything about the misogyny in GoT, they never say “yes, it’s there” or “no, it’s not”.

        Like you said, they go immediately to making excuses and the excuses make no sense.

        I am all over the Internet talking about how males love rape. They love it and it’s obvious that they love it.

        Do you know that not a single male has said that I am wrong?

        They make excuses, like it never happens, false accusations, consent be very tricky, etc.

        And yet, not a single one has said that males don’t love rape. Because they can see it, just the same as I can see it. Denying the very obvious truth won’t work. So they fall back on their hysterical, illogical, emotional responses to try to deflect.

        They’re so obvious. They can be because they have rigged the system.

    • lk

      “There are websites created by males for underage actresses that is a “countdown” to when they can be legally fucked. So dudes look at little girls on TV and have conversations about when they can have sex, legally.”

      No way. That is beyond gross and creepy.

      Then when that actress turns 18 and starts posing for playboy, posting sexy pics on on instagram…those same creeps will be all over her public social media calling her sexist names (slut, etc).

      I want to have a real response to this, but all I can think is ewwww!! I really think women when they start dating a guy should look through his browser history on his computer…if he is looking on sites like the ones you are talking about…dump him and keep it moving.

  • M. Zoidberg

    Yeah, I saw the “women are too stupid for jobs that pay well, so there!” argument. Over, and over again.

  • Sabine

    I reckon 99% of actresses would much rather keep their clothes on, given the choice. But of course, they’re not given that choice as it’s males literally running the show. I think they feel compelled to defend something they know is sexist and exploitative…otherwise, like you say, why keep desperately trying to equate it to some kind of female empowerment? It’s either a coping mechanism or just disingenuous….

    • Rachael

      This. I think Game of Thrones has done more of its fair share to contributing to making porn more mainstream and acceptable.

  • Anne Bonne

    For an interesting and extremely telling global example of the wage gap phenomena, doctors in Russia – receiving the same intensive training as anywhere else – are majority women and are paid, and treated, quite poorly as a result.

  • Sabine

    And I’m sure her being voted “Sexiest Woman Alive” had absolutely noooooooooothing whatsoever to do with her copious number of nude scenes. Because apparently baring your breasts (and possibly more? Dunno, refuse point blank to watch that misogyny fest) is all about feminism and empowerment and not about providing men with boners because they cannot fathom naked female flesh in connection to anything other than sex….In a sane, non-pornified world where the patriarchy did not govern every aspect of our lives, it would be possible to view an unclothed body without immediately judging it as fuckable or not…or indeed judging it at all. Until then, while female bodies and their individual parts are fetishized by the male race, female nudity on screen mostly reinforces the objectification of ALL girls and women. There are very few exceptions.

  • Rachael

    It’s essentially glorified prostitution. I can’t tell you how much I equally despise and feel sorry for female celebrities who are absolutely helping misogyny along its merry way, all the while shouting about how feminist it is to be a handmaiden to the cause.

    • Sabine

      I know…and what none of them seem to grasp is that it doesn’t matter what their own private and possibly noble intentions about their ‘powerful’ nude scenes might be (the ones that are supposedly absolutely intrinsic to the plot, character, blah blah) – the males masses will simply be aroused by the sight of their nakedness and wanking themselves silly over it! This is the majority of men, not a few sad, pervy freaks living in momma’s basement, because this is the world we live in. Men simply do not differentiate between ‘types’ of female nudity on screen if the actress is young and pretty. Conventionally attractive female bodies = sex. And when they are naked you can multiply that into infinity. Men will be ogling and drooling over the body parts they can get an eyeful of and storing it up for later, not noticing what’s going on for the character and what her nakedness is apparently ‘symbolizing’. We simply do not live in a world where males can see beyond the female flesh they have so thoroughly fetishized. They cannot see past their own hard-ons. If men were repeatedly faced with films featuring fully or near naked, perfectly bodied male actors with only maybe a brief flash of bottom from the female lead…if they found porno mags with hard-bodied, very well-endowed men hidden down their girlfriend’s side of the bed…I wonder how they would feel about being called uptight, jealous and prudish?

  • Sabine


  • Sabine

    Margot Robbie was horribly exploited in Wolf of Wall Street too. The thing is, until women are prepared to put their principles before their paychecks (and need for worldwide fame and ‘success’) then nada will change. The director pressured her into wearing that pornified costume and she went against her discomfort and ignored the fact that her (knowingly) being objectified on screen is directly linked to our objectification off screen. Because it’s more important to be rich and famous than respected and treated as a human being. Suicide Squad is hardly Shakespeare so it’s really just about the big bucks and exposure…ahem!

  • will

    “There seems to be this push towards making tv shows as edgy as possible..where edgy means showing as much female nudity/sex scenes as allowed without being actual pornography”

    In other words, “edgy” means extreme conformism.

    • Sabine

      Yep. “Edgy” would be copious amounts of full frontal, gym-honed male nudity and practically zero female nudity in a show. But you can guarantee men would refuse point blank to watch it (unless they were gay) because it would make them squirm…After all, it’s women who are there to be leered at, not men!

  • Alienigena

    “… but I can’t resist standing up for the Dragon Queen here”. Nobody cares. Except for fanboys and fangirls. No one.

  • Sabine

    Nudity does not advance storylines. That’s the bullshit that (male) directors feed female actors and almost never male actors. It caters to the male gaze and boosts viewing figures. If the show would fall to bits without the female characters being nude then it doesn’t say much for the quality of the writing… All of these ‘noble’ scenes are featured on male fleshpot sites. Nobody cares if an actress believes her character is being depicted as ‘brave and strong’ by having no clothes on. They care about getting off on seeing a young, attractive woman naked. Game of Thrones is a violent, pornified male fantasy fest. I have absolutely nothing against Emilia Clark personally. She’s a great actor. But she is being exploited for her youth and beauty in exactly the same way the vast majority of other women in the industry are.

  • Sabine

    Me neither. If it was a necessary plot device or whatever then we would have seen all the male leads in films in the buff by now! There is simply no defending it.