What’s Current: Winston Blackmore found guilty in decades-long polygamy case

Winston Blackmore with daughters (Image: Joanna Wilson/Creston Valley Advance)

Winston Blackmore and James Oler, once bishops in Bountiful, B.C., have finally been found guilty in decades-long polygamy case. Ten of Blackmore’s wives were 17 years old when he married them, three were 16 and one was 15. Together they had 145 children.

Former Doctor Who actor Peter Davison is unhappy with BBC’s decision to cast a woman (Jodie Whittaker) in the role, saying that the decision means “a loss of a role model for boys.”

NPR compiled a list of the top 150 albums by women that will make your heart swell.

Jocelyn Macdonald investigates the Facebook dyke ban.

In light of Hypatia’s mismanagement of the controversy surrounding Rebecca Tuvel’s article, “In Defense of Transracialism,” published in March, editors Sally Scholz and Shelley Wilcox have announced their resignation. The Board of Directors has “temporarily suspended the authority of the Associate Editorial Board.”

Sarah Ditum breaks down key conflicts of interest in the UK’s Gender Recognition Bill, set to be published in the fall. The bill would allow adults to change the sex on their birth certificates without a doctor’s diagnosis or record their gender as “X”.

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