What’s Current: Jordan repeals law that pardons rapists who marry their victims

Image: AP Photo/Reem Saad

Jordanian parliament has voted to repeal a law that pardons rapists if they marry their victims.

“Article 308 — which is considered to be a ‘rape loophole’ — pardons rape perpetrators for at least three years, if they marry their victims. The law was put in place as a means of defending a woman’s ‘honor,’ but has been widely regarded as an infringement on their autonomy.

‘We are celebrating today. This is a historic moment not only for Jordan, but for the entire region. This achievement is a result of the concerted effort of the civil society, women’s rights and human rights organizations in Jordan,’ said Salma Nims, secretary-general of the Jordanian National Commission for Women.”

A Korean man robbed, sexually assaulted, and killed a female waxing specialist after learning from a YouTube video that she ran the shop alone.

Two more cases in which Canadian sexual assault victims were jailed to ensure their testimony have come to light.

Photographer Ada Luisa Trillo’s Philadelphia exhibit “How did I get here?” captures women in Mexico’s brothels. She tells Taina Bien-Aime:

“Not one of the women I photographed called herself a ‘trabajadora sexual’ (‘sex worker’)… They ridiculed that term and would say ‘caí en la prostitución’ or ‘caí en esto,’ which means ‘I fell into prostitution.'”

Archaeology Now declares “Stonehenge was not just a man thing” after publishing research that found more women were buried at Stonehenge than men.

Must watch video: Every time a man ‘splains, follow the Maxine Waters method.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.