What’s Current: Ontario to begin dispensing free abortion pill

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As of August 10th, Ontario will begin dispensing the abortion pills, Mifegymiso, for free. The drug, known internationally as RU-486, currently costs $300.

A new federal lawsuit says the Nebraska State Patrol forced female recruits to submit to invasive, medically unnecessary vaginal exams performed by a male doctor before they could be hired.

An abusive man in Ireland was allowed back into his wife’s home after she was forced to represent herself because she could not afford the €130 fee she needed to pay to get legal aid.

More than 1000 johns have been arrested in the last month throughout the US, as part of the National Johns Suppression Initiative.

Apparently it is now important to “illuminate” your vulva.

The medical system fails women time and time again.

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Cassandra

    “Sex buyers.” “People.”

    Not once in the “1,000 Johns arrested” story is the sex of the agent named. Not. Once.

    Not once is the sex of the “victims” and “juveniles” and “people” mentioned. Not. Once.

    Any surprise that Chicago is a gender hotbed? Obama and his debt to the Pritzkers. The gender clnics. And Abbvie, manufacturer of Lupron. So cozy.

    I’d say “f*ck you* Chicago Tribune, but this is what happens more often than not in mainstream media.

    It’s evil. Patriarchy is an evil mother fucker.

  • Hekate Jayne

    The Nebraska state patrol is raping women in an effort to keep them off the police force.

    This isn’t new. Coal mines, telephone companies, just about any job that was dominated by males did this to women when women began applying for these types of jobs in the 70s. Males framed it as a safety issue. They said “we have to be sure that you aren’t pregnant. Sure, you think you are not pregnant, but I can’t know that for sure unless I look, you lying, slutty, female.”

    Also, how many trannies have to be vaginally probed when applying for a job? That would be ZERO. Since they don’t have a female reproductive system.

    Also. Really, Ireland? What a woman hating country Ireland is. Jesus.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I am happy for Canadian women.

    When the US first got access to ru486, it was to make abortion more accessible to women that could go to their regular doctor to get the prescription.

    But our male government said NOPE. That’s not enough punishment for slutty sluts. So males regulated it to death and most family doctors can’t or won’t prescribe it. Like medical abortions, ru486 is technically available, but most of us couldn’t access it.

    Because males control our bodies.

    • M. Zoidberg

      I remember my first day of college at 17 when they were handing out free day-timers. As I was flipping through the back pages for coupons, I landed on an advertisement for an organisation that stated in a full-page ad that abortion was amoral, instantly lead to suicidal depression, and vaguely stated health risks like “life-threatening complications.” I had never heard of an anti-abortion clinic until that point (sheltered life?) but felt in the pit of my stomach (maybe somewhere between the quote from the book of Isaiah and the small print: “This is not a medical clinic”?) that my body wasn’t actually mine. It belonged to men and their moral authority. I was just “borrowing” my skin; they decided what I did with it.

      Access to ru486 feels like a win, but as long as we politicise women’s bodies, there’s no saying that a government in 15 years won’t ban it because the political climate surrounding abortion has changed.

  • Hekate Jayne

    We had a conversation around here lately and I think that it was Fierce that said that we can tell that males don’t actually like us because we have to change literally everything about ourselves (shaving, cosmetics, hair color, be thinner, be younger, etc.) at their discretion in order to meet their fuckability requirements and it’s still never good enough.

    In addition to that, all of this bullshit is to keep us busy with our physical bodies so that a lot of shit escapes our attention. And we end up being too tired (and usually hungry) to actually try to effect change.

    • Tobysgirl

      And we’re back again to the homoeroticism of so-called heterosexual males. Be very suspicious if you get involved with a man who wants you to lose weight, have plastic surgery, etc. I had a friend whose husband criticized her appearance, and she of course blamed herself for their sexless marriage — he was homosexual. I don’t care that it can be painful to be out, it is the height of cruelty to marry then persecute your wife because you don’t want to have sex.

      • Hekate Jayne

        Well, I think that 99.99% of males are gay.

        It all comes back to just 2 things. Objectification and entitlement.

        Males absolutely do not see us as human. They just don’t. I don’t know if it’s because they can’t or if they just choose it. But they view us as objects and treat us accordingly.

        And they are entitled to use us, as objects. That’s why they legislate our bodies. And encourage marriage. They are entitled to a servant and fucktoy.

        They treat each other as unique individual human beings because that’s how they view each other. They love each other as humans. They protect each other, support each other, keep all of the advantages and opportunities for each other and themselves.

    • Hanakai

      Yes. I recall as a girl child standing before the mirror and thinking that maybe one of the reasons that were so lacking in power, why so few were noted geniuses and scientific innovators was that when women were not putting all their time into children.reproduction, they were wasting lots of time everyday with hair, makeup, fashion, prettifying. Think of the women-hours wasted on trying to meet male gaze beauty standards, hours that are not spent plotting the overthrow of patriarchy or creating new cosmologies.

      And if some man wants you to get breast implants or undergo surgery to change your appearance, he does not love you as you are and for who you are, but only sees you as an image to bolster his status. Run from such a dude. OJ the Murderer was such a dude.

  • lk

    I clicked on the link that Purple Sage included in her blog to the company that sells the vagina luminizer (just typing that makes me laugh).

    From the site: “She has created an entire new category of luxury beauty care that empowers women to feel beautiful all over.”

    There’s that word: empowering!!

    I can’t really figure out how a luminous glowing vagina is going to give me political or social power…

    I’m going to start my own product line geared towards men: The Perfect P. I mean, men need to feel empowered and beautiful about their penis and testicles. I’m sure a lot of men worry about if the skin on their balls is youthful and luminous….

    • Atheist

      I’m waiting for the day when they create discrete skin clips for aging men with saggy balls.

      What, don’t men want to feel empowered about their bodies? “Youthful and fresh” even?

  • lk

    This initiative sounds great…its punishing the predators (which is what I consider men who solicit or sell prostitutes) and helping the prostituted.

    I love the sheriff’s idea of the list and high fines, but why wait until the second charge to do this? I think men should feel serious consequences of getting caught buying a prostitute even one time.

    “Public shaming is the best deterrent.”
    Yes, I also think hitting these men financially is important. If you have money to buy a prostitute, you can come up with money to pay a fine. I know in some cities, portions of john’s fines go to programs that help women exit prostitution.

    • Daniela Sanabria

      I wish prostitution wasnt as socially accepted as it is here

  • lk

    You and me both…liberal feminism would have very little to say without those two words.

  • lk

    haha, and don’t forget the Pefacial…the facial for your penis!!

  • Atheist

    Like everyone else, I’m laughing and crying at this luminizer thing.

    So, it’s not enough that my vagina is healthy, but it must also be a perfect pornified shade *just in case* a man might see it and make a value judgement about it. Like frilly underwear and spaghetti strap bras that offer zilch in support, I must be always be *ready to be fucked by a dude* even if I have no intention of that happening anytime soon.

    Oh, and the whole “youthful and fresh” thing. Because of course, I am supposed to look and act like a silicone robot that never ages and isn’t capable of independent thought. Of course, how silly of me to assume I have a biological existence independent of men’s fantasies. /s

    And did I mention this shit costs 43$? Really now. I, and most women I know, would never be able to afford that.

  • Atheist

    The US will allow toxic bullshit like that to be sold, but won’t allow women to buy diaphragms or cervical caps without a prescription like they do in Canada.

    They think women are too stupid to know if they’ve had a baby or not which would determine what size the device would be.

    Because men.

    Goddamn men.

  • Atheist

    That does it. I’m going to trademark the name P-dazzler, create a cheaply made and clumsy device that assumes men are too stupid to know how to glue gems on their dicks, then market it in late night infomercials that portray women smiling with approval at the idea of glittery dicks.

    It’s not like it hasn’t been done to women several times over in different ways already.

  • Atheist

    MRAdjacent are hypocrites. On one hand, they want a trophy wife/girlfriend and on the other, they’re always complaining about how women are high maintenance.

    But they never ever want a plain jane who is smart and funny to be around. They never settle for a woman who is homely, dumpy, but has a nice personality. They don’t want the girl next door. They want a “hot” girlfriend that inevitably requires spending money to maintain a pornified appearance.

    But it’s more than that, isn’t it? Men created a social system where women were systematically discriminated against and valued only for our looks, then they turn around and complain when women actually rely on their looks to survive. No fair, men say. Golddiggers, men say. Then they demand cuts for workplace diversity and women’s education – you know, the very things that would prevent women from relying financially on men.

    Are these guys spoiled brats who want it both ways, or are they just obtuse sexists? Both probably.

  • meh

    So fantastic about the abortion pill. Some good news in a sea of filth.