What’s Current: White supremacist leader Christopher Cantwell started off as Men’s Rights Activist

Image: Charlottesville: Race and Terror/ Youtube/Vice)

Christopher Cantwell, the white supremacist featured in a Vice documentary about Charlottesville, has a history as a “men’s rights activist” and wrote for MRA site A Voice for Men.

The alt-right sees people of colour and women as subhuman, rating Nigerians, feminists, Nigerians feminists, muslims, and Hillary Clinton as the least “evolved.”

Bradley Barton, the Ontario man set to stand trial for the murder of Cindy Gladue turned himself in on Friday and was granted bail the same day. His bail conditions are subject to a publication ban.

In Malaysia, Muslim women are subjected to an onslaught of online abuse when they identify as feminists and refuse to wear the hijab.

Joss Whedon: yet another “good guy” whose feminism isn’t about real women.

Meghan Murphy

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