What’s Current: R Kelly accused of sexually and physically assaulting another teenaged girl

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Another woman, Jerhonda Pace, has come forward with allegations that R Kelly sexually and physically assaulted her when she was a teenager. She says:

“I was slapped and I was choked and I was spit on… I had to call him ‘daddy,’ and he would call me ‘baby.’ He wanted me to have two pigtails, and I had to go out and find little schoolgirl outfits.”

Kat Banyard delves into the research she did to write Pimp Stateincluding what she heard from johns:

“What united these men… was an overpowering sense of entitlement to sexually access women’s bodies. Some explicitly drew on the notion that they were merely consumers availing workers of their services. One complained about occasions that had been ‘poor value for money’ — which he defined as ‘them clearly not enjoying it’. Another man described having paid for sex with a woman who obviously didn’t want to be there as a ‘very bad service, very.’ He recalled over the phone: ‘We went upstairs and, how can I say, she was, like, very frigid. Very frigid. It was very disappointing in the sense I was paying … no touching in places like I would like. Even the sex was really, really crap. It was really, really disappointing.’”

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $417 million in damages to Eva Echeverria. The Los Angeles court agreed that Acheverria developed ovarian cancer as a “proximate result of the unreasonably dangerous and defective nature of talcum powder.”

A woman’s torso has been found on an island in Copenhagen during the search for journalist Kim Wall.

Sarah Ditum: Why are we so desperate to blame white supremacy on women?

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Omzig Online

    I found this article on the FB page of transgender-identified male Kat Blaque. It is a particularly odious woman-blaming article, so I’m very glad that Sarah Ditum wrote her piece as a response to the feverish desire to blame women for literally everything, even a nazi rally where women were conspicuously absent. Fucking unbelievable.

  • Morag999

    Someone please tell me what’s wrong with the commenters at Jezebel. Yes, yes — I already know they’re all about the sexy empowerment, the choice and the agency. But I didn’t know so many of them can find humour in the mutilated corpse of a murdered woman. Last night, when I was reading the comments, within the first 30 or so, about half of them were light-hearted jokes about dismemberment.

    Jesus Christ.

    Unsurprisingly, the headless, limbless torso has been identified as Kim Wall. Also no surprise: “Peter Madsen pleaded not guilty in a closed-door judicial hearing earlier this month.”


    • M. Zoidberg

      I hope they rake that fucker over the coals!
      Let me guess, she rejected / dismissed / laughed at him, so he felt justified in killing her?

      • Melanie

        Yes, I suspect she didn’t give enough reverence to the ‘male genius’ so he attacked her.

    • Atheist

      They’re misogynists. Pure, plain and simple. They don’t view feminism as the political movement to reject misogyny. They view it as a political movement where they can participate in misogyny as long as the woman is “privileged” enough. Any woman with the smallest, tiniest bit of advantage over other women must be punished for it and raked over the coals. While doing so, they delight in it because women’s pain and suffering is their personal drug. They get high off of it. They are sadists and psychopaths to an unusual cruel degree. They get away with it because they can justify it as “punching up,” as if punching women has ever been anything but misogynist.

      • Morag999

        ‘They get away with it because they can justify it as “punching up” … ‘

        Yes. And, as you say, with delight. There’s an unmistakeable whiff of enjoyment and glee over there in being to laugh out loud, without censure, over the murdered body of a privileged woman.

    • pyrite00

      Jezebel readers mostly only really care about men in womanface. I was just there and they have nothing on the Dakota Kerns story because a white man in womanface beating up a minor black girl and then getting beat up later by her friends does not feed their “trans women are saints” narrative. Jezebel has never covered Dana River, the man in womanface who murdered two lesbians and their son. Jezebel has done sob stories for Synthia Blast who raped and murdered an 8 year old girl. And the big news at Jezebel today is how Beyonce may do something with man in womanface Laverne Cox.

      • Morag999

        You’re absolutely right.

        I was just thinking, after reading Atheist’s reply below, that if it had been a transwoman’s torso that washed up on that beach … well, the comments at Jezebel would’ve been VERY different.

        More comments, more outrage, and ZERO jokes. None. No completely inappropriate, insensitive, sick jokes about the murder of a man who identified as a woman. It would be unthinkable. This is a fact.

        I suppose that when a common-as-dirt female is murdered by a man, and he cuts up her body into pieces, it’s just not as poignant, not as tragic, and therefore lends itself better to puns, levity, laughter?

        Really awful, terrible, woman-hating people over there. People who call themselves “feminists.” I could throw up.

    • They’re trying to be cool girls. (And of course not all of them are women.) It’s Gawker – people joke, and they compete to see who can come up with the worst jokes. Or the punniest. What doesn’t help is that when Gawker itself folded, some of the commenters from there moved over to Jezebel and kept up their routine, I guess because Jezebel covers gossip and politics.

      There were lots of good comments by the time I got there.

    • Cassandra

      You have a stomach made of steel, my friend. Jezebel comment sections are the ultimate emetic.

    • They are probably men if they are making those jokes. Men think violence is funny. Haha. The “women” making these jokes are probably sock puppets or identities.

      • Morag999

        Yeah, I’d expect quite a few of them are men.

    • Tobysgirl

      You make me so grateful that I have never visited Jezebel. Humor in a mutilated corpse? For decades I have been saying that the goal of liberal feminism is to MASCULINIZE women — as though we need a more masculinized world — and this absolutely proves my point.

      • Alienigena

        ” For decades I have been saying that the goal of liberal feminism is to MASCULINIZE women”

        Yes. I agree completely. I have often found myself involved in activities that were dominated by men but I am always surprised and then disillusioned because I didn’t start these activities (animation, ed tech, life sciences, puppetry (who knew)) to be around men. In fact I am always disappointed in women who say they weren’t like other girls, they didn’t play with dolls, they wanted to hang around boys. I never wanted to hang around boys but I did want to do things at times that brought me into proximity to them. Their presence always lead me to regret my decision to get involved in some activity. I don’t want to play with the boys, I don’t like them.

        Though I dress in flannel and loose jeans when I can, I do so to be comfortable. I am not comfortable in yoga pants. But I don’t want anything to do with male professional sports (NHL, CFL, NFL, NBA, etc.) or frankly sports period. But I do want to do some weight training as I have been injured and it has been difficult to get over the injury so this is one of the things I need to do this to get better. I don’t want to compete with men (see above, I don’t like or admire them). I am not ashamed of having played with dolls, I also played with lego and read a lot. I don’t admire mercenary, Machiavellian people. I don’t find a lot of men who are reputed to be charismatic, very charismatic. I find them loud, self-involved and overbearing. I don’t want to train (for injury) at a gym that seems to be primarily for men who want to become MMA fighters (based on the imagery). Someone at my workplace (a university) recently circulated an ad for a downtown gym near the workplace saying what a great place it was. Yeah, if you want to learn how to be a literal tight ass and kickbox.

      • Lynn

        I’m soooo disappointed with Jezebel. I read through the comments a few days ago on a writer who had commented “beauty is not important”. Every single person in the comments attacked her. Were her comments perfect? Maybe not but not one “feminist” could see the problem with “beauty”.

        I started over there and I just ended up feeling like I was a horrible person because I didn’t buy into the trans narrative, or understand why women are born with the right were makeup in prison, or why women laugh and joke when women commit domestic violence, or why we have to pretend makeup is empowering or that posting mostly naked pics on instagram while chubby is a feminist act, or that I have to be down with my partner watching porn, or that sex work is a safe and empowering career for women etc.

        There was even a time with they were arguing that if two sisters “choose” to fuck each other to please a man that was an acceptable choice. Can’t judge incest that’s #kinkshamming!!!

        I am not a perfect feminist, I know that, but I do not belong there. I only found this site because a commenter was trashing it! But I am so glad I did.

    • Alienigena

      I don’t want to trans this article or comment but the claims of trans activists that MtTs in particular are more subject to violence than biological females make me so enraged when I read stories like this about the Swedish journalist’s body parts being identified. I mean she was a journalist who was reporting on an eccentric submarine owner in a western European country. This story did not take place in a war zone, it wasn’t a story about the mafia or Russian Oligarchs or drug cartels. So why did this woman end up dead and dismembered for covering a fairly light news item. It seems to me that trans activists should just be considered to be the same kind of toxic idiot as a Trump fan who screams ‘fake news’ (in this case the term is being used to refer to lack of coverage of a phenomenon (occurring in the heads of trans activists but not in the real world)). Where are all the news reports on trans identified males being killed while reporting on the tomato harvest in Italy? They don’t exist. Because it is still more difficult to be a biological female than to be someone who caricatures a woman. I mean, it is sad that this horrific story is just viewed as titillation for dickheads when it is another story about how the world is never really safe for women, no matter what their profession or status in society.

  • ArchFucius

    Why does a male become famous? To dominate. Any male who has a position in a hierarchy should be suspect because he has climbed that ladder for the express purpose of dominating others.

    • Amy

      He’ll get away with it too. I’m from Chicagoland like R. and a lot men call women “broads” there everytime they’re referring to a female. The misogyny in Chicago is so rampant, a jury with men on it won’t convict him (i’m not sure this happened in Chicago, I just know that he’s lived there)

  • Atheist

    With regard to white supremacy and white women, misogynists are too busy attacking white women to understand how things work. The only way to create and maintain a white majority is to subjugate white women and take abortion away. White supremacists know this, which is why they are anti-abortion and push “traditional values” that segregate women to house and home. Even atheist neo-nazis know that in order to maintain a white supremacist state that white women must be treated like shit.

    Is it any wonder that white supremacists feel emboldened after ten years of nonstop contempt toward “white women” and “white feminists”?

    • zirreael

      Yep! Not to mention that the whole “white women” thing is extremely US-centric. Different countries have different history regarding the racial relations, different culture and different ethnic make-up. For instance, here in Russia as in many Eastern European countries this notion simply doesn’t work, as we have no Black or Middle Eastern population to speak of (though there are some Turkic ethnicies like the Volga Tatars), and thus (almost) no one to compare one’s ‘whiteness’ against. If everyone has white privilege, then no one has white privilege. And we’re fucked over regardless, for obvious reasons. Not to mention how, according to these guys’ logic, damn privileged a non-patriotic white Russian lesbian would be… *rolls eyes* But, again according to their logic, I’m still a demonic ‘white girl’ despite being all these things.

  • Amy

    “Why are we so desperate to blame white supremacy on women?” Why do we blame EVERYTHING on women? This is no different. One of a million examples……HRC said she wanted to turn around and say”Back up you creep, get away from me” to Trump at the St Louis debate and of course people are like “that would have been a horrible thing to do” my question is why??? She should be allowed to say that to someone so clearly trying to intimidate and harass her, but in our society, she’d be a bitch for saying that to him instead of , you know, blaming him for his terrible behavior.

    • Alienigena

      Yeah, the hatred for Hillary Clinton is just confusing to me. I didn’t like the way she lit into the women who accused her husband of sexual assault or harassment when he was in office. But if I was an American I would have voted for her. She gained my respect for her strength of character and her self control. I mean I couldn’t have remained silent if Trump was stalking me on national television. Yeah, she should have felt comfortable defending herself from his threatening behaviour but what price would she have paid politically? His followers (some of them) have to be as nutty as him. I mean believing HRC was involved in a child sex ring in a pizza parlour basement (but there was a basement in the building). Just cracked. Maybe we blame women because it actually hurts us emotionally and psychologically when women let us down. Men are expected to let people down, betray them.

      • Amy

        I don’t get how anyone could vote for Trump instead of her, well………actually I do, it’s sexism. People kept saying ‘I don’t dislike Hillary bc she’s a woman” and then I ask, “ok why do you dislike her?” And every reply Ive heard r ridiculous conspiracies. So, the question is…why all the conspiracies? Because, she’s a woman trying to intrude on a ‘man’s job’ so people have spread all these lies about her and then others believe this crap (aka sexism). Now I agree that she handled her hubs’ victims poorly, but most things she’s overlu judged for. If I hear ‘but Benghazi’ I’m going to scream! 4 people died, that’s sad. But THOUSANDS of Americans alone (and lots of civilians in the Middle East) died under Bush’s pointless wars. But you know a woman not protecting 4 people is WAAAAAY worse than killing probably millions cuz u want an international pissing contest.

  • Omzig Online

    Definitely. Women need to collectively tell white supremacy to fuck completely off, especially white women. But the article tried to frame women as the real wizards pulling the strings from behind the KKK curtain, which is pretty ahistorical.

    I think Sarah Ditum did a better job of explaining the role that women play in white supremacy a little more accurately. That is to say that all white people benefit from white supremacy, to be sure, but white women are essentially allowed to have the biggest, juiciest crumbs that are swept off the patriarchal table.
    Of course, that’s where intersectional feminism comes in. We’re not liberated until we’re ALL liberated.

  • Amy

    Kink shaming is a thing now? OMG what a messed up world, next it’s pedophile-shaming 🙁

    • Lynn

      Yes it is apparently! Jezebel taught me that! “Blood play”, bdsm, even incest are apparently A-OK as long as you “choose” to participate.

  • Kathleen Lowrey

    That Sarah Ditum article, where she quotes the tweet from Jessica Valenti: this is how Jessica Valenti gets to be one of the feted “young feminists” who writes for the Guardian etc. The kind of feminism that makes sure to get a kick in at some phantom women when some actual men do something bad, that’s the kind of feminism that gets ya noticed.

    • Cassandra

      Jessica Valenti, Amanda Marcotte, Lindy West… all a bunch of assholes. With “feminists” like that, who needs enemies?

  • Amy

    That’s sad that that’s by a woman. So it’s vanilla/puritanical to want a guy to be into pleasing you while having fun himself? but totally fine for him to get off on abusing you? Sadism is a disorder, as in you have mental issues if you need to abuse someone to get off.

  • Tobysgirl

    This is why violent men often choose to have female attorneys, this is why environment-destroying industries choose female press representatives, etc.

  • Alienigena

    Given how little latitude women are granted to express themselves in society (I am talking homo sapiens here as a whole) how much can women be blamed for not speaking up when the penalty might be abuse and assault. I am the first to get mad at women who seem to align themselves with complete dickheads. When these women tell you they saw some of the signs of abusiveness or a toxic worldview prior to formalizing their relationship (getting married, moving in with the guy) but persisted in the relationship anyway. I think we all know why women might do this … obligatory niceness (which is really just a dangerous, self-destructive behaviour when we are talking about relationships with men), insecurity (thinking you are perceiving the situation wrong, the societal gaslighting that girls and women experience from birth, including from other women and girls), etc.. I remember seeing photos of women standing around at the site of lynchings in the American south. They generally weren’t present in as large a number as men but they were present in some of the photos, at least.

    If we aren’t even allowed to speak the truth about the males in our lives, ever (to family, to colleagues, to medical practitioners), for fear of hurting the male supremacist regime supporting feelings of our interlocutors why would you expect women in these higher stakes situations (they are married to a white and male supremacist) to make a peep?

    Along with taking down monuments to racists I would like to start taking down monuments to male supremacists and misogynists. So any organizations named for the artist Picasso (or Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, etc.), for example, would have to be renamed. He was a misogynist. Saying you love women should automatically be seen as a BS statement meant to provide cover for a misogynistic worldview. I would like to see destruction of male supremacist monuments happen concurrently with the destruction of monuments to white supremacists, KKK members, confederate generals, Canadian prime ministers (see John A. MacDonald), etc.

    I see a problem in hiding unpleasant elements of the past by obscuring the fact that these attitudes and men were celebrated by officialdom.

    • We should just stop naming things after people, period.

  • Marla

    Sort of off topic but this whole “daddy” sexual phenomenon is beyond fucked up.

  • Morag999

    Peter Madsen — the man who denies killing and dismembering Kim Wall — may now be charged with murder instead of negligent manslaughter:


    He claims her death was an accident, and that he couldn’t stand having a dead body in his submarine, so he dragged her out with a rope, and her clothes just fell off when he threw her overboard.

    Women’s underwear were found inside his submarine.This guy’s a sociopathic liar and a sadistic woman-hater:

    “The court heard statements about Madsen’s alleged taste for violent pornography and sadomasochistic sex, including claims that he had had sex with several women on board the submarine.”

    It sounds to me like porn (“but it’s just fantasy!”) wasn’t enough for him anymore. And I do wonder how many other women he’s tortured and killed for sexual pleasure.