What’s Current: Supporters of guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh flood street in violent protest after rape conviction

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Dera Sacha Sauda head Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in Shimla.

In India, guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was convicted of two counts of rape. Immediately afterward, his followers swarmed the streets in the city of Panchkula in violent protest. 30 people have been confirmed dead.

In a new study released by the Korean Institute of Criminology, nearly 80 percent of the two thousand men surveyed admitted to abusing their girlfriends.

In the US, federal prisons will now be required to provide free menstrual products to incarcerated women.

Three elderly brothers — Edwin Emery, 78, Thomas Emery, 79, and Charles Emery, 82 — were arrested in Seattle earlier this week after police found their home was “littered from floor to ceiling” with child pornography. In a news conference, the police captain said “It’s very clear that these three individuals had an obsession with young female children for most — if not all — of their lives.” He also confirmed that the brothers are being investigated for “child sexual abuse cases that stem back over decades.”

Lisa Steacy
Lisa Steacy

Lisa Steacy is an Assistant Editor at Feminist Current. She has a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Toronto. However, the women she met in her five years as a frontline worker and collective member with Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter deserve almost all of the credit for her feminist education. She lives in Vancouver with her partner and their cats.

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  • melissa

    Goddamn, 30 people murdered over a rapist being convicted. Wow. Just imagine a world where men displayed even one tenth of the outrage over actual women being raped,violated, murdered by men.

    Also the Korea DV story.. 80%?? Christ. So DV is basically the par for the course for women in relationships with men, and not being abused in the exception. Wtf

    From the article…

    “The study, based on responses from 2,000 South Korean men, showed that 1,593, or 79.7%, had physically or psychologically abused a girlfriend while they were dating ”

    “About 71% of those who admitted a history of dating abuse said they had controlled their girlfriend’s activities through restricting their interactions with friends or family members, reported The Korea Herald.

    Their controlling behaviour included calling to check who their partner was with, or stipulating how she dressed.”

    I keep repeating this, but i don’t know how on earth you tackle this globally when even in dominant western countries so much of the culture, media, entertainment, subcultures romanticize and normalize this kind of behavior. From male control to male violence, if we keep sending mixed message, keep creating loopholes, instead of unequivocally condemning men’s violent, controlling behavior in ALL forms ,with no exception,there will be little hope of stamping this out of society.

    And regarding the pedo brothers story. How on earth did all three on them turn out to be pedos? Is this even a genetic thing, or something they learned from each other and kept reinforcing? So much of regular porn is already stimulated pedophilia. When teen porn, incest, school girl porn(even on a surveys men openly rank this as one of their top fantasies) and bizarre, gross subcultures like “Daddy dom/Little girl” , “Adult Baby” fetishists is normal, i stopped seeing this kind of behavior as anything radically more extreme than what is already accepted as regular male sexuality for many.

    • veganray

      And why don’t the ‘government’ do anything to clear up this mess? – answer because they are in on the plot. Doesn’t that just make you feel powerless… Believe it and then ask why. It is said that that asking why? is the only empowerment

      • will

        It’s very amusing that you would presume to write a lecture on the human brain when you have not even grasped elementary school grammar.

    • OldPolarBear

      More likely than genetics I think would be the possibility that they were all molested when young. They were pretty close in age, so a male molester in the household could have had access to all of them. Doesn’t excuse them, of course, and doesn’t even always explain it because some people of both sexes are molested without growing up to be pedos, but there must be a correlation.

    • Omzig Online

      A few years ago, I would have told you that I was unequivocally a sex-positive feminist. Until I read this article:


      I read the article with impunity, until I got to #6, which advocated for “workshops” to “create a space of empathy” for rapists and abusers. I couldn’t believe they suggested I attend a workshop with my rapist, or someone else’s rapist, just to appear more sex-positive.

      Then I read #7, which urged us not to criticize those that enjoyed simulating and fantasizing about pedophilia, stating “…diaper fetishes…role playing like you are a little kid…They get off on baby gear! Get used to it!” As though the disgust that I felt in the pit of my stomach at the thought of normalizing pedophilia was simply my failure to be open-minded. Like it was some sort of prudish hang up that I need to just get over.

      That’s the moment I noticed sex-positive feminism and liberalism for what they are: apologists for the male abuse of women and girls. I guess I should’ve seen it before, but I had never seen it all written so succinctly in one crappy article.

  • unfashionable

    ” . . . nearly 80 percent of the two thousand men surveyed admitted to abusing their girlfriends.”

    I think this is normative behavior globally, if controlling behavior is included as abuse. If you can’t control every woman you encounter, you aren’t masculine, you aren’t a real man. And if you aren’t a real man, you’d rather be dead. You will risk injury and even incarceration to control women.

    By contrast, if you’re not controlled by a man, you’re not a real woman, you risk ostracism, and you have a target on your back. It all works as long as most people cooperate; and they do. I mean, most mothers, even lesbians, want their sons to be real men; I don’t think they get that they as mothers don’t have the power to make their sons empathic or gentle toward women without being seen, correctly, as emasculating.

  • 30 people killed over a rape conviction.

  • melissa


  • will

    ^^Excellent point.^^

  • veganray

    What physiologists/neurologists don’t tell you is that the two hemispheres of the brain (of the neo-cortex) are, in general, responsible for processing the human functioning along male (the left brain) and female (the right brain) ‘comprehensions’. Simplifying somewhat: the right brain services the mid-brain or limbic system or mammalian brain, the seat of the emotions and intuition, giving rise to impulses of compassion, a wanting to nurture and fostering the caring stance in particular circumstances. The right brain services the motivations to act and is more connected to the R-complex or reptilian brain stem and lower lobe that deliver the impulses for self preservation (flight or fight, food searching commands etc). What you will note is that this arrangement is basically the same for the gendered body arrangement for males and females except that the hormonal differences inherent in the corresponding endocrine systems give initiating bias. The two hemispheres then give both symbolic representation and actual functioning of the male and female principles in all us humans – our masculinity and femininity. When the brain is functioning in balance there is the expression of the authentic man and the authentic woman – intelligence reigns (they are poles not opposites). The cult of masculinity is premised on left brain dominance with the deliberate suppression of right brain metering – the intellect functions under command of the ego in disgrace of all knowledge that it will propagandise away. The third wave feminist has allied ‘herself’ with left brain dominance as well and ‘she’ is the enemy of the second/first wavists: those who sought, whether consciously or not, to function in brain balance themselves and ask that the rest of the population do as well – its where the solution, ultimately, lays. Unity of all is predicated upon the unity consciousness of each, which is not to be confused with individualism (that is an ideology bounded by a rulers rules of the isolated left brain variety). Unity consciousness hails forth under the self rule of commonsense/conscience. What will be the hardest thing for all true feminists to grasp is that the third wavists are a deliberate, planned insertion into the movement – to subvert it, some are dupes and innocents (ask Susan Cox. And Gail Dines for the right brain dominated version of their followers), the more competent, fake feminists, know just what their objectives are – they are taken by the ‘outcome police’. The invisible hand of patriarchy is organising the whole show and has usurped the last beckon in academia – all according to plan. Don’t hold your breath that any of the ‘bodies’ Gail Dines wants to summon to solve the ‘problem’ will be assembling to her call anytime soon – they in fact have been the behind the scenes, ‘secret’, maintainers of the problem and now wish to manifest in open support of making it worse all in the name of the control system.. The White Tower has capitulated. Let’s not make Gandalf’s mistake and continue to do visits…please.

    • Nan

      Probably the most BS variation of the gendered brain theory I’ve read so far. Please don’t drag Susan Cox, Gail Dines and Gandalf in your fantasy.

      • susannunes

        Yeah, I thought that confusing post was pure b.s. When somebody starts pontificating about how the right side of the brain houses “emotions and intuition,” the latter of which there is NO such thing, I knew I could skip the rest of the ridiculous post. Of course the left side is the logical, rational side and means it is a guy brain. Women of course don’t possess anything close to a “rational” brain according to that commenter.

        • veganray

          Don’t know how you work that out, you have a left hemisphere of the brain whether your body gendered male or female meaning you have rationality… And your proof that there is no such thing as intuition?

    • Hanakai

      Paragraphs are the writer’s and the readers’ friend.

      • veganray

        Actually its not a view but a documented description of fact that has a precedence that is thousands of years old, not that you and the scientific community would know that. If I read “a recent neurological text” I imagine I would just confirm the scientism that is the materialist philosophy dominating the neurological sciences today.

    • Stroke_Your_Own_Ego

      “What physiologists/neurologists don’t tell you…” Gee, I wonder why you’d never hear this crackpot conjecture coming from someone who actually knows shit about the human brain. It must be a REALLY well kept secret.

      • veganray

        And just what do you know about the human brain that qualifies you to say that? That you don’t volunteer speaks volumes…

        • Stroke_Your_Own_Ego

          Look, if you want to condescend to everyone who believes in modern brain science, that’s you’re choice. You won’t get much of a warm reception around here though. Radical feminists understand that the idea of an innately gendered brain is a myth designed to naturalize the subjugation of women.

    • Cassandra

      What side of your brain do you write with and is it decorated with psychotropic mushrooms?

    • Tobysgirl

      I thank all the commenters who replied to this absurdity. I am left-brain dominant (right-handed, though I can write legibly with either hand), my husband is right-brain dominant (left-handed), and now we’re immersed in total chaos because our brains don’t match our sexes! Oh my god, the identity crisis we’re experiencing is incapacitating and everyone now has to send us some money.

  • veganray

    Whats worse is that the peddlers of this nonsense know that its nonsense – anything to push their agenda of undermining moral or commonsense human behaviour that is actioned care.

  • Omzig Online

    I started backing away from liberalism very quickly when I realized how thirstily they were accepting pedophilia as a “born this way” condition. According to liberals, pedophiles are simply victims of their own natural impulses.

    Ultimately, it’s what led me to think very critically about all psychosexual behaviors, and to recognize the simmering undercurrent of male entitlement that connects every one of them.

    There is no gene for pedophilia. These are entitled men that get off on victims that can’t say “no.”

    • radwonka

      Gene or not, it’s not because it’s not (?) natural, that it is ok.

      Even if pedos were “born that way”, I would still kill them.

      • FierceMild

        I would say especially if pedophiles are born pedophiles your solution is the only rational response.

  • OldPolarBear

    My partner and I watch a fair number of Bollywood movies. A very common theme in them is the rampant, interlocking corruption in India between the police, politicians, business people and religious gurus. Sometimes a character will overlap into more than one of those roles. And I’ve felt uncomfortable watching sometimes, like maybe the filmmakers are using stereotypes to create entertaining movie villains. We have talked about, “do you think they are exaggerating?” Apparently not. Not that I am pointing fingers at India, either, as the US is pretty bad, too, in some of the same ways and in some different.

  • radwonka

    lol. There is no difference between a dude who wants to rape a 5 years old and a dude who wants to rape a 15 yo.

    MEN are all the same. Don’t be fooled.

    And socialization? males are not victim. They know what they are doing. Socialization just controls women, it doesn’t control men, because men already have power.

  • radwonka

    I love it when feminists claim that men are assholes just because of “socialization”. Poor men :'( It’s not their fault :”( If culture didn’t exist, men would be so kind :”‘(


    • Atheist

      I know. I really hate socialization arguments because it’s always framed as men being the victims. The same framing and sympathetic perspective is never applied to women, for example racist white women. Nobody ever goes “well she was socialized that way.” The argument looks ridiculous because it is ridiculous. To some degree we are ALL socialized to accept bad behaviors at some point in our lives. But men are the only ones who get to escape responsibility because “poor him, he might have been abused so let’s handle this with velvet gloves of loving care.”

      One of my favorite blog posts on the Internet relating to male behavior is here:


      • Cassandra

        I’m glad ND has at least left the blog up for people to read, but I sure wish she’d get back to writing and entertaining us.

  • Atheist

    The fact that they are brothers actually sets up the argument that their behavior IS genetically related somehow.

    Not that genes are an excuse for anything. They still need to pay for their crimes.

  • Wren

    I completely agree. I think the line of thought that the abused become abusers is dangerous on many levels, and totally false. I know that studies of domestic abusers have proven that this is completely untrue, and that the abusers are just entitled shit-heads who are enjoying the benefits of abuse. I would like to see actual studies like this on pedophiles.

    Additionally, as a person who was abused, this line of thinking is damaging to healing. I mean, for many, many years I thought that I would could potentially abuse someone because I was mistreated. I never did (although I can’t say I was never a difficult person), but I would sometimes find myself obsessing over the thought that I might mistreat a child, that somehow the evil was in me, simply because I heard this message over and over again in general society. I think it is a misconception that needs to be vigorously challenged for this reason as well.

    • Tobysgirl

      Wren, lots of us are difficult people! I’m difficult because I despise falsehood and pretense, and don’t hide my intellect under a bushel.

  • FierceMild

    Wait, are you judging child rapists?!

  • radwonka

    I know what you mean. There was a time men pretended to have morals, so we all thought that maybe they were sincere and ready to change (since having morals means that you put morals before selfish desires)… But yeah, everything turns out to be a lie.

  • Lynn

    Oh no, not at all. They are called “coffee girls” and their pimps drive them around on motorbikes with little velvet bags of coffee. They are everywhere. I could be waiting for the bus and see 5 or 6 girls dropped off in 10 mins.

    You can even get a blow job and a hair cut, this service is advertised by the number of barber poles outside. There was one of these shops in the same building as my school. A school for kids as young as 6.

    I was sexually assaulted twice while I was there. My first walk I was followed by a man looking for sex. Eventually I started to pretend I didn’t speak English so I could avoid talking to men at together.

    The first phrase my coteacher taught me was “back off pervert”.

    One of my female coteachers dumped her boyfriend after he fucked a sex worker at a work party. She had lived in Canada and I remember her saying “I know I’m supposed to accept it but after seeing how it can be I just can’t” So ya, SK has a lot of great things, but they have a very long way to go.

  • Lynn

    Same. He was so drunk, punching and kicking her. We tried to help and she told us off, and then got into his vehicle with him. He immediately grabbed her hair and punched her in the face. And then drove over the curb, he ended up coming around the corner and nearly hit us. I have never seen anything like it.

    There were stories in the expat community about Korean women being raped for dating white men. In one case the police were called to the scene and instead of arresting the rapist the victim and her boyfriend were told they had to pay a “fine”for defaming the rapist or be arrested themselves. Despite the fact that the rape happened in a karaoke bar with witnesses.

    I was terrified to ever have to call the cops.

    • M. Zoidberg

      Oh shit! Yeah, the cops are worse than useless.
      I’ve had men follow me home, nip my cell# from my car’s dash and try to call me down from my apartment, or drunkenly knock on my door in the middle of the night (I got a dog and it fixed that problem!)

  • Omzig Online

    A study that investigated the trope that pedophiles were child abuse victims stated:

    “In a series of three studies, the offenders who claimed they were abused as a child were 67 percent, 65 percent, and 61 percent without the threat of a polygraph.

    With polygraph (and conditional immunity), the offenders who claimed they were abused as children were 29 percent, 32 percent, and 30 percent, respectively. The polygraph groups reported approximately half the amount of victimization as children as the nonpolygraph groups did.

    Nonetheless, the notion that most offenders were victims has spread throughout the field of sexual abuse and is strangely comforting for most professionals….

    If offenders are just victims, then no one has to face the reality of malevolence, the fact that there are people out there who prey on other for reasons we simply don’t understand.”

    -Dr. Anna C. Salter, forensic psychologist

    • Tobysgirl

      Dr Anna Salter needs to think about something called ENTITLEMENT. Pedophiles believe they have a right to use children’s bodies just as most men believe they have a right to use women’s bodies. Take out the concept of entitlement and you’re left without a coherent reason for such behavior. And I have finally been able to succinctly describe the behavior of many so-called therapeutic professionals: they are enablers not therapists, and they have no idea of the difference.

  • veganray

    And the reason?