What’s Current: Tig Nataro says Louis CK needs to handle his ‘sexual misconduct’ allegations

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As Louis CK’s sexual misconduct allegations grow, Tig Notaro clarifies that C.K. has “never been involved” with her show.

Sexual harassment and the sharing economy: the dark side of working for strangers.

“Every day was agony.” An Indian woman was granted divorce after being denied access to a toilet for years:

“He kept saying he would build it but it was just talk. In the end, he refused point blank. My in-laws also refused. Every day was agony — waiting for it to get dark so that there was no one around who could see me, forcing me to hold on even though my bladder was bursting. I couldn’t live with the stress any more,” she told the Guardian.

Male child rapist has assumed a new “female” identity after being released from prison.

This reenactment of a wealthy woman getting dressed in the 18th century is exhausting.

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • …is it me or links don’t work in this daily news round up?

    • Meghan Murphy

      They seem to be working on my end?

      • …on my too, now. OK.

        • Meghan Murphy

          Oh good!

  • polina

    Nooooooo Louis CK? Who can be trusted anymore?

  • M. Zoidberg

    So, how much longer is the mainstream media going to keep gaslighting us into believing there’s not a single link between male sex-offenders and men claiming female identities through transness? Still want these “women” in the women’s change room with your kids, brogressive Joe and Jane Public?

  • cday881@gmail.com

    How did the maids get dressed?

    • Retorter

      That’s what I was thinking. One big way to keep women from being truly independent; just walking around without being able to move more than a few inches, lest the 4 or 5 layers of torturous skirts on your body come undone and fell you like a tree, is a burden beyond compare, but a woman living alone and trying to put on the most ‘basic’ of the garments men have designed and imposed on her is pretty much an impossibility.

      • Scott

        Yes, but be aware that this was a class thing, too: it was only wealthy women who could: 1. Afford staff who helped them dress. 2. Afford the time it took be so “upholstered” (hope no-one’s offended by that). 3. Wear clothes that didn’t allow them to perform, and were never intended for, physical labour.

        Working-class women had no staff; their clothes fastened from the front.

    • rosearan

      I suppose they dressed themselves or helped dress each other.

      Lady’s maids usually got up at 4am to prepare the lady’s clothes – needing hours and hours of work. They worked very long days, tending to all the lady’s private needs, including emptying her chamber pot.

      When the lady had a social engagement, which was often, they were not only expected to prepare the lady’s social clothing, but to undress and dress the lady all over again and to wait up until she arrived home, often in the early hours of the morning. Then, they still had to get up at 4am and start the process all over again.

      Peasant women did what they had to do for their livelihood, and obviously didn’t need much sleep! This slave labour continued well into the 20th century.

      • OldPolarBear

        20th century is right! It wasn’t nearly as extreme as in the Victorian Era, but I am old enough to remember when “foundation garments” such as girdles, were pretty much de rigeur for women getting dressed to go out anywhere. My mother and grandmother were always talking about struggling to get into a girdle, then there was hosiery and garters, and also slips. There was always a problem with getting a slip to fall and drape and fit right. A major joke line, I don’t really remember the context or the plot of the joke, was something like, “Madam, your slip is showing.” There was a petticoat craze, too, but that had kind of gone by the time I was born. My brothers and sister used to dress me up in her old ones when I was maybe two or three, for fun. I guess I kind of liked it? All of those garments seemed so weird and kind of fascinating, but I wondered why they wore them if it was such a problem. Eventually, they didn’t anymore. Now I guess maybe the worst thing is high heels.

  • Amy

    AND he has HIV. So next time he rapes (since he raped females) he’ll give them HIV. the male to female transmission rate is super high (compared to female to male), Oh well now he’s “female” so just tell the virus that.. so it doesn’t get transmitted to the females ‘she’ rapes with ‘her’ penis :/ Facebook claims to not allow sex offenders but the article says he has one under his fake lady name. WTF FB…..u take down radfem sites when they don’t even break a rule yet u let a sex offender stay on and try to get more victims he can spread HIV to? And to top it all off….if he goes back for his rapes, he’ll DEMAND to go to a women’s prison. Then he can rape the actual female inmates, and give them HIV too, smh. You know this will be a trend, ex-inmates using the trans-card to get access to more victim. I hope people start seeing through this crap soon. This just can’t be the new normal, inmates are all going to start doing this, how can you think it’s a ‘coincidence’ they all ‘feel’ like a woman. I hope any female raped by a MtT in prison sues the holy fuck out of the prisons, government, etc. That’s the only way this crap will stop.

  • will

    “Wearing what amounts to a cage day after day, year after year, for decades … ugh, who wouldn’t become hysterical every now and again?”

    Exactly. It would make anyone moody, panicky, angry, dizzy and prone to black-outs (from restricted circulation), distracted from negotiating physical space around you safely. With your body weak and unable to function, no one can think well. Then all of this pronounced as congenital traits of female humans (I guess the lower income women were so exhausted from endless work and lack of sleep the same conclusion could apply?)

    It’s such an effective strategy I’m surprised it’s not written up in some “Art of War” type text on how to control and dominate … or perhaps more accurately, a handbook on animal agriculture methods in the chapter on hobbles, wing clipping, pokes and yokes…

  • rosearan

    The worst was yet to come.

    The Victorian corset was designed to squeeze in a woman’s waist to an unnatural degree. Over a lifetime, the liver was gradually squeezed upwards into the lung cavity, putting a huge strain on a woman’s breathing. The fainting Victorian heroine was not a character of fiction; it was a real-life problem for women whose breathing ability was literally limited to the simplest of daily activities. Even climbing stairs left a woman faint.

    Autopsies on women at the time actually showed indentations in their livers, caused by the whalebone corset.

    The corset also pushed the stomach organs down into the pelvic region, creating all kinds of problems for women’s reproductive organs, in an era that had a huge childbirth death toll. Also, vaginal prolapse was much more common in the Victorian era than it is today.

    Feminist movements of the late nineteenth century pushed hard for female clothing reform, focusing particularly on the corset. But it met with huge opposition, especially from women. A tiny waist seemed worth the price of not living a normal physical life or of dying in childbirth. Or was it more a matter of self-destructive conformity to patriarchal norms?