What’s Current: Tig Nataro says Louis CK needs to handle his ‘sexual misconduct’ allegations

As Louis CK’s sexual misconduct allegations grow, Tig Notaro clarifies that C.K. has “never been involved” with her show.

Sexual harassment and the sharing economy: the dark side of working for strangers.

“Every day was agony.” An Indian woman was granted divorce after being denied access to a toilet for years:

“He kept saying he would build it but it was just talk. In the end, he refused point blank. My in-laws also refused. Every day was agony — waiting for it to get dark so that there was no one around who could see me, forcing me to hold on even though my bladder was bursting. I couldn’t live with the stress any more,” she told the Guardian.

Male child rapist has assumed a new “female” identity after being released from prison.

This reenactment of a wealthy woman getting dressed in the 18th century is exhausting.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.