What’s Current: French Elle puts Marie Trintignant on its cover to counter music magazine’s glorification of her murderer

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  • French Elle gives its most recent cover to Marie Trintignant, an actress beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend, as a rebuke to Les Inrockuptibles, France’s version of Rolling Stone magazine, which drew outrage by supporting his comeback album with a cover story.
  • Five of Ivan Henry’s victims are suing the accused serial rapist, claiming he enriched himself by accepting millions of dollars in damages for his incarceration.
  • Tegan and Sara have partnered with Wildfang to create a “The Future is Fluid” t-shirt, effectively rejecting the lesbian history that paved the way for their success.
  • Sexual harassment claims come to light in the digital media industry, as well as in California politics, as millions of women say, “Me too.”
  • Police cracked down on a child trafficking ring in Hyderabad, India, where male tourists from Persian Gulf states enter into temporary “contract marriages” that allow them to to sexually exploit girls legally.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Hekate Jayne

    So that French murderer beat her to death in 2003 and got out of prison in 2007, are you fucking kidding me?

    But no worries, ladies! Because they are forming a TASK FORCE to figure out how to, you know, not sexually assault/rape/maim/maul/murder women, tho! Aren’t the women of France lucky that males going to be fixing it. Oh my fucking god, with these assholes.

    I am heartbroken for Marie. And I am mad as fucking HELL for all of the other women that can’t escape male violence and will die as a fucking result of ignorant ass males that swear that they are trying to figure it out.

    • FierceMild

      He Kate, he only killed a woman, what do you want, like, a life sentence or something?!

      • Hekate Jayne

        Well, we wouldn’t want to ruin his life over 20 minutes of action, now, would we?

        And his life is just fucking fine. As we can see.

        We are nothing but MEAT. Dead meat, live meat, males don’t care. Meat is replaceable when it has outlived its usefulness. Toss it out the garbage, they can always get more.

    • Maria Gatti

      Hekate, I utterly agree about the ridiculously lenient sentence, but did point out that the crime, trial and sentence took place in Lithuania, not France. Please be careful with facts.

      That said, much as I liked Cantat’s music, I’ll certainly boycott it.

      • Hekate Jayne

        He is French, the magazines are French, and the French government is forming a task force.

        All of that is factual.

        I don’t need you to tell me to “be careful with facts.” Especially since I have no idea who you are.

        • Maria Gatti

          I’m an old bat aka second-wave feminist, and ecosocialist in Montréal. I’ve worked for decades translating, editing and sub-editing/copy editing (including fact-checking). No, you don’t need me, conversely I don’t need you; however collegiality would be more productive against this misogynist outrage. There is probably nothing we can do about this travesty of justice except to strive to ensure that the violent arsehole simply shuts up and lives the rest of his life in dull anonymity.

          And hope that the current worldwide denunciations of harassment, rape and femicide will give rise to a lasting change; first of all by listening to women and by building international feminist solidarity.

  • Kathleen Lowrey

    The Wikipedia entry on Cantat is pretty emblematic. Scroll down to the section on his ex-wife’s suicide and check the “citation needed” statements:

    On the night of 10 January 2010, Cantat’s ex-wife Krisztina Rády committed suicide. At the time of her death, Bertrand Cantat was present in the house. She was discovered by their children the following day.[9] Shortly before her death, Rády had complained of mental abuse by Cantat. The physical abuse she complained of in the video is that he threw some objects at her, but she never mentioned that he was assaulting her. According to Cantat Rády’s parents had spent a week with him after the suicide. [10] Magistrates in Bordeaux investigated Cantat in connection with Rady’s suicide, but ultimately decided not to press charges.[11] The police interviewed all Cantat’s ex-girlfriends to see if he had any past of violence.[citation needed] They all confirmed that he had never been violent with them.[citation needed]

  • Stroke_Your_Own_Ego

    Good for Elle. I’m not familiar with their content; I don’t know if this is in line with their usual output. But in any case I’m glad they’re making a statement.

    Also, Tegan and Sara, ugh. They were favorites of that old friend of mine who grilled me and rejected me for not wanting sex with transwomen. I’ll forever associate Tegan and Sara with her, and with anti-lesbian queer theory in general. I remember hearing that TS had been swimming in the queer cesspool for a while now; that even when they paraded themselves as a lesbian deal, they started writing love songs with ambiguous pronouns to be more “inclusive.” I think all the lesbian and bi women I saw fawning over them only did so for lack of a better option, because they’re about the only reasonably well known lesbian musicians of this generation, and not because TS were ever anything too special. And now…we can’t even have a mediocre pop music duo for ourselves.

    Slightly tangential, but I keep secretly hoping that Kate Mckinnon is going to come out in defiance of the queer cult. The cult already despises her and calls her a violent transphobe even though she’s never offered any opinion on the matter. But really, simply by being an unapologetic lesbian and being up-front about the fact that her love life in no way involves dick, she’s already a champion of actual lesbians.

    • Nan

      As for Elle, they like to make a consensual (third wave) feminist statement once in a while. However, it’s basically a fashion and beauty magazine, well rooted in gender roles. So nothing interesting.

      • FierceMild

        That’s what I thought. This cover was well out of their normal scope in a lot of ways (unless the French Elle is very different from the US version).

    • Wren

      Lack of a better option of lesbian musicians??? Ever hear of Brandi Carlile?? Maybe she’s a bit older, but she’s an exception musician and songwriter:

  • Hekate Jayne

    Leftist males are far worse because they are lying bags of shit.

    Right wing conservatives hate us and are honest about it. Leftists are manipulative liars, with the pretense of giving a shit while they actually don’t care about us anymore than conservatives do.

    • Maria Gatti

      No, they can be just as bad, but they certainly aren’t worse.

    • Robert Gonzalez

      Without a doubt leftist males can be wolves in sheep’s clothing. They can also do significantly more damage than conservatives because they are seen as the “good guys.”

  • FierceMild

    Only if they’re men. That won’t work for women.

  • Maria Gatti

    That is true.

  • Hanakai

    Recent National Geographic has Jane Goodall on the cover. Fully clothed and not sexualized. Goodall is a pioneer and a hero.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I absolutely do not support capitalism.

    I didn’t realize that calling out males on the left for hating women equates with supporting capitalism.

    • FierceMild

      Capitalism is such a strange accusation to level at you for criticizing misogyny. I feel like we’re being punked.