What’s Current: Ellen Page speaks out about homophobic and sexual harassment she faced as a teenager in Hollywood

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  • “You should fuck her to make her realize she’s gay.” Ellen Page took to Facebook to describe incidents of homophobic and sexual harassment by director Brett Ratner, and others, that took place when she was a teenager, and new to the movie industry.
  • Louis C.K. responds to accusers by admitting that their “stories are true.”
  • Diana Nyad describes the lifelong damage of years of molestation by her swimming coach.
  • Trip Advisor will begin posting badges warning travelers about reports of sexual assault at hotels.
  • Emmy winning writer Kater Gordon accuses Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner, of sexual harassment on the job, preceding her unexplained dismissal as a staff writer for the acclaimed series.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • c lee

    The menfolk are running scared….about time. We live in a rape culture, end of story. Scratch a woman, find a rage. Every woman has a story of being raped, degraded, assaulted. Every woman. On another thread, someone posted, “What are you going to do?” I’ll tell you what I just did today: I told my male attorney friend the litany of abuse I have experienced over the years- from attempted rapes as a 14 year old babysitter, my kid friends raped by their creepy dad, and as a young woman of seventeen weathering the violent rape and brutal assault that left my mother hospitalized. She said it was a car accident. No, she was shoved into the back of her own car,raped and beaten and left for dead. When I found out the real story, I vowed I would find the guy and end everything for him. I never found him, went off to college and on my first night there, went on a walk. I found a young woman crying in some bushes near my college dorm. I was all alone in the dark when I pulled her out. She had been given the date rape drug. She had been raped, her chest scratched and bloody. I was eighteen. I carried that young girl in my arms to the police at my dorm. I was never given any information after several attempts. Everything was covered up. So, flash forward a few years ago, I went out on a date. The guy was some rich dude with a vineyard trying too hard to impress me at my friend’s restaurant. She watched me walk out to my car to the nearby parking lot. The guy didn’t like that I said I wasn’t feeling it. He grabbed my breast trying to hurt me. I faked a move to his crotch and threw a right hook and a left. One for my mother, one for my sister, one for me and several kicks for all women who have had to endure the endless barrage of insults for being female since they were children. Police were called. I had to be pulled off of him. So listen guys: I’m tired of hearing about you being so fucking incredulous that it’s an epidemic. Since you aren’t doing it or you’re “not one of those guys”- fuck off. You are part of the problem. You need to actively speak out and confront your guy friends who make casual commentary on women’s bodies, look at how male-based porn normalizes woman-hating, call guys on their sleazy sexual manipulations. If you met me, you would say, “What a kind, mannerly, compassionate woman.” Yes I’ve retained that miraculously, but deep down I have a heart of solid ice when it comes to these things you do. Got news for you: Women are coming for you and it won’t be pretty.

  • Hanakai

    The Diana Nyad piece in the New York Times is well worth reading and tells of the sexual abuse that she suffered at the hands of her swimming coach, Jack Nelson, who has been rewarded by bring honored in the Hall of Fame of the Association of Swimming Coaches. I would urge anyone so inclined to email the head of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, Ivonne Schmid, at ischmid@ishof.org and demand that the rapist and pedophile be removed from the Hall of Fame.

    Also, the comments to the Diana Nyad piece are powerful, so many women telling of the abuse they suffered and how it affected their lives. There were heart-breaking comments by women who were raped or molested as children or teens, who learned to distrust men, who withdrew into themselves, who still live alone 20, 30, 40 years afterwards. And of course the usual male commenters into shaming the women, complaining about why she did not press charges immediately and worried about the “witch hunt” on male sexual predators. Ugh.

    Let’s get them all and give them nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Time to turn the tables on the sex criminals.

  • Hanakai

    Dr. Schmid is a Ph.D. and an attorney and the Swimming Hall of Fame has turned over the handling of the complaints about Nelson to her. Schmid is a lawyer and advises the Board of Directors on this and other matters. You can email her directly.

  • Leo

    Absolutely. Disabled women are at higher risk of sexual assault but I certainly don’t expect able-bodied/neurotypical women to have to say so when talking about their own assault – they were assaulted, it already happened to them, so being at relatively lower risk compared to other women is irrelevant. The relative odds don’t magically protect women, or anyone, or mean it matters less when it happens.

    Not that I think she should have, but I notice she didn’t talk about disabled women, she focused on the groups with more SJW cachet. What happens to women as women, even as lesbian women, doesn’t seem to be treated as though it counts for enough, it has to be other groups to count, and it needs to be the right ones…esp. males, of course.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Oh how nice! I’m touched <3

    • Hekate Jayne

      They love you over there.

      And I am glad that I got to deliver some good news.

      • Meghan Murphy

        <3 <3

  • Hekate Jayne

    Males don’t want us to like sex.

    If we did, they would have to pretend to care.

    Also, it is easier to control us if we don’t like sex. If we don’t like it, then we won’t be fucking everyone. Makes it easier to own us.

    Also, they are generally horrible at sex. Why should they try to please us when we hate it anyway?

    All of these things serve the objectives of males and are a disservice to us. When males say that we hate sex, it is because that particular narrative serves their own selfish purposes.

    • FierceMild

      Oh my teapot are they ever horrible in the sack! Women don’t stop liking sex after a while, we give up hoping they’ll get any better at it and masturbate instead!

      • Hekate Jayne

        I know!

        Males have never, ever thought about whether or not we like sex. Because that doesn’t matter.

        What matters is our availability to them. And how fuckable we are. Their wants are the only thing that matters. Our wants would only get in the way of that.

        They focus on what they want, and they have created femininity to force us to also focus on what they want.

        No one thinks about what we want. We are supposed to be selfless and care about what others want. And if we dare to ask for what we want or need, well. That is just selfish. And unladylike. And unfeminine.

        In other words, manly.

      • lk

        I understand that there is all this scientific research (mostly by male scientists) about how women hate sex..but I’m a bit suspicious of some of these claims.

        What I think women hate is being treated like sex objects, we hate sex where our pleasure/comfort is of no concern, we hate feeling as though sex is something we owe to someone (b/c they bought us dinner, we are married, dating, engaged, religion) or something we do to avoid physical/financial/emotional abuse from our male partner , we hate being notches on someone’s belt.

        “Oh my teapot are they ever horrible in the sack! ”


        I’m amazed at how many men seem to think that sex is about inserting his penis into one of a woman’s holes, humping and then ejaculating as quickly as possible.


        I remember some guy on here talking about having multiple sex partners, so he could get practice and get better at sex.

        Eww!! Women are not things to practice on….

        Perhaps if men tried treating women as human beings whose value extends far beyond being masturbation tools, then we could get to a place when women are free to have enjoyable sexual experiences that are both emotionally and physically satisfying.

    • lk

      It seems like a lot of men get pleasure from women not enjoying sex……so much of porn is about women performing acts that don’t bring them any pleasure and that often bring them pain.

      If you read stuff posted by men who visit prostitutes, some of them claim to care about pleasing the prostitute they are with…but most of them don’t care one bit she gets any pleasure or is even comfortable during their sexual encounter.

      “Males don’t want us to like sex.”

      Males love to blab incessantly about how women hate sex-they use it to justify rape, soliciting prostitutes and consuming porn.

      • Hekate Jayne

        Yep. The “women hate sex” trope feeds into prostitution, doesn’t it?

        Because if we hate it, anyway, we should get paid for it. Yep, male justification.

  • will

    And what is currently called hormone “therapy” now was once called “chemical castration” and was the “treatment” for the “sickness” of being a male homosexual.

  • fragglerock

    I’m sorry. That’s the worst. I hope you’re taking care of yourself.

  • lk

    How is it not?

    Transideology denies the existence of female biology, claims that male/female are merely about feelings and self-identification. Transideology encourages lesbians to be open to dating males, suggests that lesbians not wanting to date male is bigoted and claims that “the cotton ceiling” is something to be broken through.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I watched “I am cait”. Because I must hate myself a little bit. And I have hulu.

    Anyway, he meets with a group of ladymen, all of which are no where near wealthy, and a significant number of them were MOC. And they were telling Bruce that they did not want to prostitute themselves, but that they had no other choice at times because their opportunities are so limited and few.

    That applies to women and has always applied to women. But also, what struck me was that none of those dudes sounded “pro sex work”. They repeatedly said that they had no other choice at times, and that they wanted jobs that are not “sex work”.

    It is no surprise that “sex work” wasn’t acknowledged. I am beginning to think that since the sex work pozzie narrative is wholly controlled by males, that there are probably a larger number of trans that are anti prostitution, but are being silenced by males.

    • Wren

      Yes, I have known many men who have been prostituted as trans (Some of them weren’t trans before prostitution, or they stopped after they got out. Dressing as a “trans” is how they got more johns). They absolutely were not happy being in prostitution, and several I knew were often the victims of brutal violence because they were on the streets and equal parts despised and desired.

      This is exactly why when transmania first broke out I thought about my friends in prostitution and hoped that the current tolerance would be helpful for them to get out of prostitution and find safe, legitimate work. Of course, everything has completely backfired. And instead of the trans movement condemning prostitution, they have embraced it and completely betrayed the men Jenner met with, and they have probably silenced them through intimidation. At the very least, they are being deterred from being put on the podium. But believe me when I say that it is really only the select and daft (like Janet Mock) who say they enjoy prostitution. Whether female, male, or trans of any sort, the overwhelming majority hate it because it unequivocally sucks.

  • Danielle Matheson

    All these years of television and they still can’t write women as people.

  • Danielle Matheson

    Louis CK is garbage. His words just drip with “please don’t be mad at me! I’m so sorry I sexually harassed some ladies who thought I was cool!”. Fuck this. I can’t stand men anymore. My dad pointed out an article earlier with Bryan Cranston saying we should give Kevin spacey and like a chance! Omg! He’s part of the problem. He is the problem!

  • Cassandra

    From the IDIOT commenter in the NYT:

    “At the same time, men have absolutely no culturally sanctioned dress or behaviors that express their sexuality.”

    One more time, dudes: Women wearing skimpy clothing is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT them expressing THEIR sexuality. Pleasing the male gaze is NOT a woman’s sexuality.

    But any wonder that you morons think it is? Women left and right in skimpy clothing on BILLBOARDS and magazines, served up on a platter, this culture telling us that that’s what we should be, and then calling us sluts and equating it with OUR sexuality.

    Fucking moronic man baby fuckers.

  • Cassandra

    Everyone else has already explained it quite well, but trans is inherently rapey and homophobic (and heterophobic at that) because it demands that people question their sexual orientation (in addition to many other problematic things). Sexual orientation is not up for negotiation and to suggest that it should be is rape culture.

    Trans literally asks women (never men) to live in an opposite reality. It’s a hate cult.

  • Cassandra

    I bet you a dollar for a donut she doesn’t believe it at all.

  • lk

    ROFL at big toe and taco..but you forgot Jesus, Allah, Yawheh, Bible and so on to the endless list of excuses that men have for their awful behavior towards women.

    • Hekate Jayne

      I mean, honestly, lk.

      They just sound so fucking stupid.

      “I thought that 4 year old girl was an adult”
      “You mean it is illegal to rape your ex wife??????”
      “Sure, I grab pussies. But that is just locker room talk”
      “Feminism, empower women, blahblahblah, what do you mean that I can’t just whip out my dick and masturbate at you??”
      “20 minutes of action…..”

      We need to start treating them like the idiots that they keep insisting that they are.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I am sorry about your experience.

    And I am ENRAGED for you, that when you went looking for answers, you were told “relax”, like there was something that YOU could do to orgasm vaginally.

    Freud, woman hater that he was, claimed that “mature” women could orgasm via intercourse in a snap, while stupid, insipid, whiney women couldn’t.

    And We all see what he did there.

    Males have defined sex as PIV and that is 99.9% of it. Because it is what THEY want. And then when we get tired of it, they can find someone else, like you were saying, and it is OUR fault.