What’s Current: California shooter’s wife found dead in home

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Kevin Janson Neal
  • California shooter Kevin Janson Neal’s rampage started at home with his wife, who was found hidden under the floor with several gunshot wounds.
  • University of Vancouver Island under fire for failure to address safety concerns regarding student with a “diaper fetish.”
  • Another feminist lecture is cancelled as students shut down Julie Bindel’s “The Pimping of Prostitution” event.
  • Canadian university students take campus sexual assault into their own hands after giving up on school administrations.
  • The death of Victoria Head is now being investigated as a homicide. Authorities believe the 36-year-old woman was involved in St. John’s’ sex industry.
Jess Martin
Jess Martin

Jess Martin is a public relations professional, an aspiring writer, and an assistant editor at Feminist Current. She prefers to write about feminist topics, disability, or environmental issues, but could be persuaded to broaden her horizons in exchange for payment and/or food. In her spare time Jess can be found knitting, gardening, or lying in the fetal position, mulling over political theory that no one in their right mind cares about.

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  • Hekate Jayne

    Yet ANOTHER white dude shooter. Who had police coming to his house on DV calls.

    Male Government: “There is no pattern here nopenopenope. These shooters are all completely different, with no red flags in common!!! SAD.”

    PFFT. Males are so confused. Poor dears.

    Confused and worthless.

    • lk

      Its odd to me how people only really seem upset about shootings if it is somehow related to terrorism (meaning its not connected to Islamic radicalism, immigrants etc)…..I legit feel like a lot of white Americans don’t know what to say or do when a shooter is… a white American..They can’t rely on their usual “its immigrants, brown/black people, some other racist stuff” responses….so they say some stuff about how if everyone had guns there would be no gun violence (Lol) and something about prayer/Jesus and are quiet…until the next mass shooting…and there is always a next one.

      “We can’t anticipate what people are going to do. We don’t have a crystal ball,” Johnston said.

      Why do law enforcement act so shocked when men with a history of violence commit violent acts?!

      I don’t have a crystal ball either, but I predict the next time there is a mass shooting…the perpetrator will be male.

      At what point are men in power going to stop ignoring the blatant fact that these mass acts of violence all have one thing in common: human males.

      • Cassandra

        I predict that your prediction will be correct.

      • Hekate Jayne

        White males are the single most deadly threat in the states.

        Any male that commits these mass shootings is a fucking TERRORIST. Period.

        I don’t think that male government is ignoring that fact. They are ERASING it. Like they do with all of their violence.

        You posted this:
        ““We can’t anticipate what people are going to do. We don’t have a crystal ball,” Johnston said.”

        What the fuck is this moron even talking about, lk?

        Like, really? You can’t anticipate what “people” are going to do??? Seriously.

        Well, I don’t know about “people”. But I can tell you with absolute certainty that we WILL have at least one more mass shooting in the next 30 days (probably more like 3, but I will be generous with my estimate), and that the shooter will be male and probably white.

        No one is asking males to be Creskin, ffs. Also, they can shoot each other. I don’t give 2 shits about that.


        • lk

          “White males are the single most deadly threat in the states.”

          No!You can’t say that…from what I have read only immigrants and men of color commit violence..white dudes are perfect .

          I think the police need to create a watchlist of violent men: men who have been charged with dv/child abuse/rape etc and men who spend an excessive amount of time creating videos/ranting on the internet about how awful it is that women won’t have sex with them.

          These men have a patter of behavior and I think watching them could help prevent serious crimes.

          “Every time we responded, we would try to make contact with Mr. Neal..He would not come to the door. His house was arranged in a manner where we couldn’t detect him being there.”

          Lol, try harder to make contact with him…the man was out on bail for committing a violent act, he was not allowed to have guns, neighbors reported that he had guns…why he was not back in jail for violating his no gun orders…why were the police not granted a warrant to search his house for the presence of weapons? And I promise you had this guy been brown/black..the police would have found a way to get into his house.

      • anne cameron

        Don’t have a link but… a few years ago I read the most hilarious and spot-on rant about breed specific anti-pit bull legislation. The writer pointed out the facts and statistics of male violence and suggested that all males be muzzled, and only allowed in public while adequately leashed and controlled. Anyone who wanted to harbour or keep a male would have to have an expensive license.
        It was satirical but it was spot on!

    • Blazing Fire

      While it is very true that all these mass killers had attacked their wives earlier, I’m not too sure if the converse is true… I mean, there are a lot of men who would bend over their backs to be nice to their bosses, peers, neighbors, friends and every odd man on the street, but would beat (only) their wives mercilessly, just like that. You know, that typical Mr. generous-and-nice guy on the street who buys lunches/dinners for his friends (male friends especially), tips the waiter well, earns a good name outside, and would be forgiving & friendly outside, but only only his wife would know who he really is. The worst of cowards – will not dare (or not capable) to fight or attack another man, but will maul soft-targets to feel happy that there is someone under him too (only wife & sometimes daughter too, since everyone thinks he owns them. They may not dare to attack another man’s daughter since they are dead scared to offend another man.) These guys will never make it to the front-page of newspapers, and there are quite a lot of them out there. Since female lives lives don’t matter to the society, these men are not considered a threat at all. And, I suspect that this category of wife-only beaters is much larger than the potential-mass-shooter category. So, we really can’t hope that the police/other law-enforcers will track every wife beater for a possible future mass-shooting..

  • Hekate Jayne

    Ok. When you have a dude that is 40 something insisting that he is 3, and insisting that women read him children’s books, and he is wearing a fucking diaper…….then, why do women have to explain that they should not be forced to participate in this entitled asshole’s fetish?????

    Why? Why? Jesus.

    See, THIS is why we are so fucking exhausted. It is exhausting to keep explaining the obvious over and over and over and over. No, a penis cannot be a “ladydick”, no, there is no such thing as “ladybrain”, no, it is not ok to fuck a passed out woman or a little girl, no, I do not have to “validate” your “identity” as a fucking 3 year old, you 40 year old disgusting perv.

    Ugh. Please.

    • anne cameron

      So we know the 40 year old dude has a few screws loose… he may well need and deserve some in-depth treatment…but WTF is wrong with the administration that they let this continue for a couple of years? Some hairy-legged 40 year old infantile guy is walking around in a shit-filled diaper and administration can’t make it a rule that only people who are toilet trained are allowed to walk the halls? No itty-bitty baby has the smarts to appeal to the human rights commission! Send him to his crib with no TV and let him have a time out!
      Where are they finding their administrative staff? In the sandbox?

      • Wren

        Of course the admin should have done something, but I’m certain they didn’t because the guy was obviously PSYCHO. Unfortunately, most administrations would rather placate a beast than protect their underlings. They are complete cowards, but I imagine this guy is also capable of throwing a violent “tantrum” and not beyond smearing his shit on their esteemed walls, literally and figuratively.

    • Hanakai

      Male depravity has, it seems, no limits.

  • Omzig Online

    Julie Bindel, please come speak in the US south. I would drive for hours for the opportunity to see you speak!

    Feminist Current, I hope you don’t mind announcing her speaking event dates for her book tour. I’m really sorry you guys didn’t get to attend her event in Vancouver. :0(

    • FierceMild

      Yes, Please!

  • Hekate Jayne

    Ok, this is from the article about Julie Bindle being silenced………..

    ” Bindel, a self-described radical feminist, is co-founder of the law reform group, Justice for Women. The group opposes violence against women and helps women who have been prosecuted for killing violent male partners.”

    There it is.

    THAT is a significant part of the reason that she is being silenced.

    All of the trannies say it is because we refuse to recognize them as women and that our words are literal violence and blahblahblah. But that is a typical male manipulation, a crycry that is *a* reason, but not *the* reason.

    Sure, it bunches their manpanties that we will not capitulate and call them women. But what they really, really hate about us is that we put women FIRST. And they hate that.

    So whenever we attempt to discuss anything, we need to be silenced all the way across the board. Part of that is punishment and part of it is fear. Women are only allowed to speak when it is beneficial to males. No speaking about male violence, or prostitution, or other rape. No speaking about their hypocrisy, their idiocy, manipulation or their staggering lack of logic and reason.

    Our voices are now just like our uterus, our vagina, our hands, our backs. We will be permitted to use them only when it is directly beneficial to males, and only when they allow it, as much as they can control us.

    Everything that we speak about is a threat to male supremacy. They can’t tell Julie Bindle that she can’t speak about prostitution (yet). But they CAN stop her from speaking at all. Just by calling her terf.

  • Meghan Murphy

    It’s so strange. I scoured the internet to find her name and it’s nowhere.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I didn’t read it that way, no worries. But yeah, I did look around for quite some time and couldn’t find it!

    I agree with you that it is incredibly disrespectful to simply be referring to her as his wife. I wonder if there is some legal issue preventing media from publishing her name?

    • OldPolarBear

      I found some more. I tried searching on “barbara neal tehama” (with just the name it was useless because it is a fairly common name) and found an article on the Sacramento Bee website (paragraph 7):

      Johnston did not disclose Neal’s wife’s name, but Neal’s sister, Sheridan Orr of Cary, N.C., identified her as the former Barbara Glisan.

      Not clear whether that is his sister or her sister. There is apparently family in North Carolina of one or the other or both. It’s interesting because the Tehama County Assessor’s record for the property they were living in seems to list someone in North Carolina as the owner, although it’s in a town quite far from Cary, so probably just a coincidence.

    • FierceMild

      I thought perhaps her family wanted her name kept out of the press so she wouldn’t forever be just that dude’s wife and could keep her identity in death at least. I would do that if she were my loved one.

  • OldPolarBear

    You sound like a babyphobe!

    I’m eating lunch at my desk and reading FC, and I’m really glad my mouth wasn’t full when I read that. LOL!

    Of course, I’m laughing but I’m not laughing …

  • Hekate Jayne

    We are expected to take males in diapers into account because they are MALE, and therefore, they matter.

    Your actual disability is of no account when there are males in diapers/dresses/tutus/tiaras that need us to “validate” their “identities”.

  • OldPolarBear

    I finally found this on the SFGATE site, which says in the third graf that her name wasn’t released but that court records indicate it is “Barbara Neal.” It is hard to find. So far, I have not found the names mentioned of any other victims either. I can understand not releasing the names of the children, but I would think the adult names would be available.

  • calabasa


    Maybe he identifies as Hawaiian too, from watching the history channel, so transhawaiianbabyphobe.

    • Hekate Jayne


      That is on a “male oppression” bingo card somewhere.

      Intersectionals oppression, y’all! The males have it.

  • anne cameron

    So put him in a mental ward in a special needs crib.
    By age three he should be toilet trained!

  • shy virago

    thank you!

  • Akasha the Dark

    A person’s self professed identity is sacrosanct, didn’t you know? Only bigots question it!

    If you don’t respect this man’s – oops sorry – this child’s identity, then you’re no better than a BERF – (Baby exclusionary radical feminist) and you’re probably a DERF too (Diaper exclusionary Radical feminist)!

    Seriously, if I were a university teacher and a child of three walked into my classroom demanding I change their nappy, surely the thing to do would be to ask where their parents/legal guardians are? And if they can’t be found ring the police?

    Absolutely no one believes this man is a three year old toddler, because that’s how an unaccompanied minor that age would be treated…! The fact he could get away with this idiocy proves it.

    This man’s behaviour as described in the article is so unbelievable I was wondering initially if it was a hoax by one of the likes of Jordan Peterson’s fans… I mean it’s so far out…
    But then reading on and finding out he kept on doing this to (female) faculty members would seem to indicate he’s serious… (as in seriously deluded).

    I can’t believe they made those faculty members put up with that behaviour (well I can I suppose)… Some adults attending university may indeed have a physical problem that results in the need for nappies, but they don’t go around demanding their teachers change them! Why does the obvious fact he’s either gone in the head or performing a massive con need explaining?

    By the way I love reading FC, home to the most sensible and witty commenters on the internet! But the stuff you dig up sometimes is… I don’t have words.

    • Wren

      BERF and DERF

      Unfortunately, I have had a minor experience with a diaper fetishist. He was on a dating website and his user name was “happy nappies” (I thought, “hey, maybe he really likes naps!” WRONG). He wrote to me asking me if I would be interested in playing mommy and baby because it would be so healing for him and for me. I have no idea what he thinks I need to fucking heal from but I’m a-okay with missing out nappy changing. I’m such a horrible DERF.

      • lk

        Happy nappies…omg, I’m dying of laughter!!

        If a man told me he had a diaper fetish, I wouldnt even know what to say….before this story I had never even heard of a diaper fetish.

      • Akasha the Dark

        Ugh, I had no clue this was a thing…

        Is there anything that doesn’t get fetishized these days? (Apart from decency, humanity and treating women like they’re actually people…)

        DERF Pride!

    • lk

      berf, derf…I love it!!

      Makes about as much sense as terf and cis…

  • Hekate Jayne

    She wouldn’t have talked about trans stuff.

    She talks about a lot of different issues. But she can’t talk about ANY of them.

    This is males shutting us down completely, refusing to allow us to speak about anything because terf.

    That is what this is.

    I am convinced that this is the entire point of the tranny movement, and that is to silence us about everything. They don’t have to debate on various issues or defend any of their positions because we are terfs.

    Want to talk about male violence? Rape? Child abuse? Guns? Prostitution? Nope. The only women allowed to speak must be male approved. And the quickest way to pick out the prudey, sex hating, sex negative, exclusionary, witches is to find the terfs.

    That is what this is.

    • Lilian Halcombe

      They are shutting her down for something she wrote in 2004. That’s 13 years ago and they are still hounding her.

      • Akasha the Dark

        I agree with Hekate’s point here, it’s about the politics she represents (Radical Feminism), not her 2004 article. She just happens to have an article published visibly out on the Internet she can be constantly lampooned for.

        Julie Bindel says something similar herself here:

  • Hekate Jayne

    This is where a male has his “constitutionally protected” right to have a fucking gun is put ahead of the basic rights of everyone else (women, kids, animals).

    The law is male. That is why it protects the (white) male’s right to gun ownership, even when it is proved over and over that he is violent to women.

    There is no law protecting women from anything. There is only male law.

  • Alienigena

    “And they look at me like I’m some heretical bitch for saying the truth.”

    Sorry to hear about the student at your school being murdered. I find that my accrued anger at having been told to shut up about abuse that I knew of or experienced is just exploding. No one in my life has ever encouraged honesty around the kind of violence men commit against women, including in the family. I can’t even trust the majority of women in my life as they are often the ones giving me dirty looks if I mention male violence or suggesting that the men in question had ‘difficult childhoods’. Ugh.

    • Liz

      Yes, there’s something happening with me too, it feels like exploding. And I seem to be feeling more enraged about the politicians than anything else. Actually Elie Wiesel too. I know many of the brave sisters here have talked about how men stick together and defend each other. This #metoo campaign is drawing that out so plainly. The statements are sickening. And the cooperation of women is uniquely painful as always.

  • Bleeps3

    Where is all the accommodation for women with various forms of PTSD caused by being treated like shit every day since they were born, not to mention random sexual/physical attacks from men?