What’s Current: Over 200 women working in US national security release letter about sexual harassment

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  • A letter signed by 223 women working in the US national security field condemns the culture of male sexual harassment in their workplaces that drives women out of the sector and can escalate to sexual abuse. They write:

“Many women are held back or driven from this field by men who use their power to assault at one end of the spectrum and perpetuate-sometimes unconsciously-environments that silence, demean, belittle, or neglect women at the other. Assault is the progression of the same behaviors that permit us to be denigrated, interrupted, shut out, and shut up. These behaviors incubate a  permissive environment where sexual harassment and assault take hold.”

  • A Quebecois pro-gun group has backed away from plans to hold a rally at the park dedicated to the 14 women murdered in the 1989 shooting at Montreal’s École Polytechnique.
  • The Washington Post reviews the most puzzling aspects of an attempt by a woman working with Project Veritas (a political operation that employs deceptive tactics to embarrass journalists and expose alleged bias) to falsely convince Post reporters that she’d been raped and forced to have an abortion as a teenager by Alabama Senate candidate, Roy Moore.
  • Donald Trump once again uses the name Pocahontas as an insult towards Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), at an event held to honor Navajo Code Talkers who were instrumental in the Allied victory in WWII.
  • New data shows that female university students in New Delhi choose colleges based on how well they can avoid sexual harassment on their way to campus, and that they end up going to less prestigious colleges than their male counterparts as a result.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Kiwipally

    The Right seems to really like having words like “truth” or “real” or “honest” in their titles of organisations. Pity none of them live up to their titles.

  • Maria Gatti

    There has been a HUGE outcry here in Montréal and throughout Québec (and beyond) about those macho ijuts deliberately choosing a square envisioned as a memorial to the 14 women murdered by a misogynist young man who blamed his ills on “feminists” as the place to call for abolishing a gun registry here. And their rally would occur just a few days before the 6th of December commemorations, during our annual Days against violence against women.

    The Facebook and other social media comments by those supporting the “pro-gun” rally made it clear that the intent is misogynist and antifeminist.

    Remember, not all people advocating a gun registry are necessarily against gun ownership (for hunting), but we think that if one has to register motor vehicles that can kill, it is logical to have to register firearms designed to kill. Moreover, the registry is an important tool when an alert is issued in cases of so-called “domestic violence”.

    I do hope the provocation will lead more women and allies to attend the 6th of December commemorations. It’s been what, 28 years? I was a student writing an exam at Université de Montréal that night. It was a sombre and chilling end to the university term.