What’s Current: Three more women accuse Russell Simmons of rape

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  • Influential music industry producer, Russell Simmons, is facing new allegations of rape brought against him by three different women. He continues to claim he is innocent, posting the hashtag #NotMe on Instagram.
  • Angela Shisheesh, an Indigenous woman who was forced to attend St. Anne’s residential school in Fort Albany, Ontario, wants to make her testimony and records public, but has been told she needs the permission of the government of Ottawa and the Catholic Church.
  • The Globe and Mail profiles the women and men working to reform sexual violence policing in Canada, following a Globe report revealing that large numbers of sexual assault reports to police are being dismissed as unfounded without good cause.
  • Labour MP Jess Phillips writes an open letter to PM Theresa May, asking her to ensure that her friendship with First Secretary of State Damian Green doesn’t impede the investigation into sexual harassment allegations against him.
  • A study of Pennsylvania birth records reveals that mothers who lived near fracking wells were more likely to give birth to dramatically underweight babies, which increases a child’s risk for lifetime problems with health and achievement.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • BornACrone

    Well Russell, we’ll see. The truth will out, because it always does — eventually.

  • Omzig Online

    Hey Russel Simmons! #YesYou!

    I swear, the whole “bitches be lying” trope gets more tired and threadbare by the second.

    • Rich Garcia

      The “bitches be lying” trope is in full effect for this video. Russell Simmons is just another innocent black man being accused of rape by an evil, dastardly white woman. And it’s all the more odious when a black woman handmaidens for this guy because she is bound by some sort of imperative to defend the misogynists of her race.


      • Wren

        I could only stomach about two minutes of this shit.
        Isn’t one of Simmons accusers a black woman? I think she’s a screenwriter.
        Of course, Cosby assaulted women of all colors. She clearly rejects this reality.

        I don’t understand how black men managed to leverage racism so that black women would defend rapists. It’s both brilliant and horrifying.

        • Rich Garcia

          @disqus_enipAN0Ij0:disqus Traditionalism and anti-feminist sentiment run deep in most non-white communities, where religion and ethnicity are central to social cohesion. There is this belief that anything regarding Feminism (as it’s interpreted by some) benefits the alleged system of White Supremacy, because it allegedly targets men of color unfairly for rape accusations and other forms of violence against white women or women in general.

          And because of this impression alone (which works to the benefit of anti-feminists who love to shout “White Feminism!”), there are many women of color who refuse to adopt the label of feminist because they don’t want to “betray” the men in their communities, not really understanding what Feminism actually is.

          • Wren

            Yeah, I get that. However, black women in general have shown in recent elections that they are comfortable tackling women’s issues and standing up to misogyny. They are mobilized and willing to use their voice. Black men, however, seem to be undermining them.

        • Missy

          It does seem that many women of all races are willing to throw women under the bus in favor of the men of their race and ethnic groups. With PoC, racism obviously plays a factor, but white women do it too, defend white men over other women. The patriarchy is insidious with it’s brainwashing and the way it conditions women to hate the female sex while putting the male sex on a pedestal. This is how the patriarchal system was designed, and why it’s been successful in getting women to do a lot of men’s dirty work for them.

          Men know very well that the only way to keep women subordinate and the power structure in their favor is to divide us so we waste our time in-fighting instead of focusing and tackling the real problem, which is of course men and the violence and destruction they cause. Honestly, if women would come together and collectively fight back against the injustices of male entitlement and dominance, and the unnatural hierarchies men have created all around the world, things would have drastically changed already. The world would be so much more peaceful, our species would finally be able to advance past the limits of the patriarchy, and the planet would be saved.

  • I never liked that guy. I have been surprised by a few men exposed as predators, but many of these accusations only confirm the creepy feeling I always had.

  • Omzig Online

    Like many other panicked men during the #metoo campaign, Morgan Spurlock is trying to keep a tight grip on his PR by admitting to rape, sexual harassment, and adultery *before* he gets outed by his victims.

    However, he fails to acknowledge that this lame virtue signaling tactic and his promise to “get help” does not make his rape victim any less raped, his harassment victims any less humiliated, or his wife any less betrayed.


    Hey fellas, if you’re reading this: please stop with the bullshit Internet confessions. If you have a guilty conscience, don’t offer your victims a mealy-mouthed, self-serving apology and broadcast it over the Internet. When you do this, it places the onus of responsibility on your victim to accept a disingenuous apology. Instead, simply go to the police and turn yourselves in for rape, abuse, or whatever crime you’ve committed against women. If you are not willing to do this, if you are not willing to accept an actual punishment for your crimes, then you don’t deserve our forgiveness.

    Ladies, this is a good way to determine how sorry a man is when he apologizes to you for his abuse. Kindly suggest that he can truly prove how sorry he is by turning himself in to the police. It is a surefire way to quickly prove that he’s not sorry at all.

    • Blazing Fire

      Ugh, what an excuse for an “admission” is that? Projects everything as a drunken encounter where both parties were drunk & consented till just before the end, and where he even stopped half way to “console” her (is this even possible?? Probably he hit her for resisting & remembers it the other way?), and that she was just imagining that it was a rape. And for a grand finale, adds this very original (not!) finishing touch which turns my stomach everytime I come across it:
      “..In the post, Spurlock asked whether these instances of sexual
      impropriety were caused by the sexual abuse he said he suffered as a boy
      and teenager, that his father left or because he suffers from
      alcoholism and depression..”

      So, the responsibility for the incident goes to 1) (allegedly) alcohol 2) some childhood abuse (I’ll copy the media style and say “alleged” childhood abuse) 3) father left him (men would say “absence of father”) 4) depression.

      If any bit of blame is left after distributing to the above 4 factors, he is magnanimous enough to take that bit himself and be a “part of the solution”..
      Millions of women have suffered repeated abuse from their childhood till their last years, but surprisingly none of them go about raping others. But somehow when a male rapist is caught or comes forward, this “I did this because I was once abused” thing comes tagging along every time.

      And please don’t ask about “absence of father” BS – in many cases, the presence of the “father” causes much bigger problems that are orders of magnitude worse than the difficulties that his absence might cause (if he was a responsible father, that is).
      “Depression” as a cause? Oh, please, like, seriously?

      • Omzig Online

        I think I get it now! When a woman is raped, she is blamed because she was drunk. When a man commits rape, he is justified….because was drunk! Makes perfect sense! Dicklogic 101.

        Anytime you challenge male violence in any way, you are met with a litany of excuses. Their list of excuses is literally endless.

  • Americus91

    What is up with “The Original Sin” remark? Is that supposed to be clever? Funny? I mean seriously WTF? Way to dehumanize someone – but of course when you rape someone you don’t see them as human.

    What “information” has been shared? Is that supposed to be a threat towards these women?