What’s Current: Man sues comedian Iliza Schlesinger for discrimination over women-only show

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  • A man is suing comedian Iliza Shlesinger, alleging her “Girls Night In” show discriminated against men by not allowing them to attend. George St. George and his MRA lawyer have filed several such suits targeting women-only entertainment events.
  • Sgt. Jessica McInnis has filed a complaint with Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal detailing the sexual harassment and discrimination she was subjected to while working for the Toronto Police Service.
  • India’s lower house of parliament has passed a bill that aims to criminalize the practice of instant divorce, wherein Muslim men can divorce their wives by uttering the word “talaq” three times.
  • A new report released in the UK shows that women disproportionately subjected to prison sentences of 30 days or less for minor crimes like not paying their bills or taxes. Advocates say these short sentences have long-term repercussions:

“A few weeks in prison are enough to lose your home, children and job and cause harm to mental health. Because women are often primary carers, when a mother is sent to prison, in nine out of 10 cases her children will have to leave their home to go into the care system or to live with relatives.”

Lisa Steacy

Lisa Steacy is an Assistant Editor at Feminist Current. She has a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Toronto. However, the women she met in her five years as a frontline worker and collective member with Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter deserve almost all of the credit for her feminist education. She lives in Vancouver with her partner and their cats.