What’s Current: Australian domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty closes Luke Batty Foundation after years of public attacks

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  • Rosie Batty, a dynamic and effective Australian domestic violence campaigner whose son was murdered in public by her ex-husband, has stepped down from and closed the Luke Batty Foundation, after suffering years of unconscionable public abuse for working against male violence towards women and children.
  • Over 100 of the female detainees at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre have gone on a hunger strike to protest the inhumanity of their living conditions. A study released by a women’s anti-violence charity revealed that 85 percent of the women there were victims of misogynist hate crimes.
  • Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has been indicted on a charge of felony invasion of privacy for allegedly threatening a woman he was having an affair with. Greitens released a partially nude photo of the woman that he took without consent, while she was tied up.
  • Inuk singer Susan Aglukark publicly names the man who sexually abused her as a child, at the final day of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls inquiry for Rankin Inlet in Nunavut.
  • Singer Marilyn Manson is accused of sexual and racist harassment.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • M. Zoidberg

    I don’t like the acronym “MRA” because it takes the bite out of what is essentially mentally underdeveloped man-boys shitting all over girls and women just for the fuck of it.

    Turd-in-a-pinstripe-suit Mark Latham should be buried for all shit he’s said over the years. Unfortunately, Western societies are too busy firing women who don’t toe the trans-line. Priorities, amiright?

    • Can’tUnseeIt

      Too outrageous what they did to Rosie Batty…all of them should be buried face first in the Outback.

      • Cassandra

        MRA’s, many many of them, *do* have histories of domestic abuse. They are all complete and utter oxygen theives.

    • Mexican American Lesbian

      Mark Latham is an example of how much the right loves former leftists who rescind their beliefs. Think Christina Hoff Sommers in the US. Every time he’s introduced on television, he’s referred to as “FORMER LABOR LEADER” almost religiously. He’s a right-wing show pony who’s fans blame all the flak he’s received on PC rather than the fact he’s an incredible asshole who’s journalistic career has been entirely based around harassing and denigrating women. Methinks he was knifed as Labor leader because the female MP’s realized how much of a sexist shitstain he is.

  • Simone Firestone

    In regard to Manson, I’m not shocked. Part of me felt wary of and perturbed by his seeming supportiveness of the MeToo movement esp. in regard to Rose McGowan during the initial stages of the Weinsten exposé.

    • Rachael

      I’m peeved about it. Antichrist Superstar was my go-to album in my teens. I’m not surprised though; they’re fucking everywhere.

  • Meghan Murphy

    If there is no reasoning with people because their ‘instincts’ rule all of their behaviour, then what is the point of ethics? Morals? Legislation? Society?? In any case, ‘instincts’ and what is ‘natural’ is much more complex than you assume, here. Evolution plays a role, as does society/culture. We are shaped by the world around us in a myriad of ways. Most people clearly *can* control their impulses. I have had the urge to punch various individuals many times, I’m sure, yet am somehow able to control myself. How do you explain this?

    • Tinfoil the Hat

      You’re a woman. You have not been taught that every single fucking thing in the world – including women and children – are yours for the taking.

    • BornACrone

      “I have had the urge to punch various individuals many times, I’m sure,
      yet am somehow able to control myself. How do you explain this?”

      I have to respond and say that you haven’t the muscle mass to really put a lot of impact behind that punch without breaking your wrist, plus you are soaked in a culture that will crucify you for doing it, as a woman who is meant to be nonthreatening and nonviolent. Men get away with that shit. We know damned well that we must never. I have to brace myself to lift a 20lb bag of cat litter. What good would a punch from me do to a man, realistically?

      I remember reading an article a while back about a little girl who was born with a very weird genetic variation that, and I know it sounds strange, prevents her from feeling pain. She has innocently and unthinkingly put her hand in boiling water to retrieve something she dropped in a saucepan and once fell and literally bit through her lip without even realizing it because it didn’t hurt.

      She’s a good little kid, and her parents try their best to take care of her, but one thing I recall from the article is that she has a temper on her and can be somewhat violent. Not maliciously, but just unthinkingly. Why?

      When one of us punches the wall, it hurts. So we don’t only learn to keep from punching the wall because a civilized person shouldn’t punch walls but also partly because punching the wall hurts. If it hurts when you do something, you’re going to stop.

      She doesn’t feel that pain, so she has to be made not to punch walls via purely intellectual arguments. And while it mostly works, it doesn’t work nearly as well as a good sore set of knuckles would.

      And men’s knuckles just don’t get that sore when they punch walls. Their larger bodies and greater muscle mass insulates them from having to hurt so much. One of us trying to punch a hole in a wall might break our hands. They would scrape their knuckles doing so … and still achieve a hole. Women feel a shitload of pain for a dent; men feel much less pain for a big hole. Their bodies don’t punish them nearly as much with pain when they are violent. And as they get older, and suddenly physical violence starts to sting for real … surprise, they get more and more patient.

      I think sometimes that’s the ONLY time in their lives they finally realize what it’s like for women. Witness that one numbskull who posts on here on occasion ranting about why women don’t just smack or punch guys like Harvey Weinstein who is built like a goddamned rhinocerous, outweighs most of us by two and a half times, and is the size of a refrigerator. Why not “just” punch him? he asks. Is he fucking kidding?

      Ask an 80 year old man why he doesn’t “just” punch a mugger. He can’t, and he knows it. So he learns to keep his temper, hold his tongue, and talk his way out of the situation or judge that he should simply hand over his wallet and keep from getting his bones broken, like a woman would. And they finally know what it means to be at a complete physical disadvantage in a fight, and that when we can’t lift the bag of sackrete, we’re not just feigning weakness to brainwash men into doing the work, but because we actually can’t fucking lift the bag of sackrete.

      If I were physically capable of punching every man I’ve ever wanted to punch in this world, every man who had it coming, I’d still be punching.

      Bad knees and arthritis do more to civilize men than all the socialization in the world.

      I wish I didn’t agree with Windrix, but I’m forced to. 🙁

      • Tobysgirl

        When I was younger and quite strong — try swinging an eight-pound splitting maul — I never had the inclination to hit anyone. And I stood up to men in public just like I had seen my petite mother do. But now that I am old and severely disabled, I have the inclination quite often. And I would give in to it if anyone threatened me (and adrenaline makes one far more powerful, think of women who have picked up cars because their child was underneath), but because I am old and disabled many people treat me very nicely. Meghan discussed how we need to stop being anonymous and I just started that on gendertrender (and have no idea how to change names on disqus), but in addition to my two large dogs I plan on arming myself since using my real name would make me easy to find. I refuse to take crap from anyone!

  • BornACrone

    “It’s poor men and men of color who’re biased against … ”

    And even then, they have poor women and women of color to vent their anger on. 🙁

    • Mexican American Lesbian

      They’re still oppressed. White capitalist patriarchy has a way of making men who don’t fit the plutocracy’s agenda utterly miserable.

      • FierceMild

        That is absolutely true and they need to form a collective movement to address those wrongs. Perhaps a men-against-Patriarchy group.

        • Mexican American Lesbian

          Already exists. There’s a gay men against heteropatriarchy group near me. It’s so beautiful.

          • FierceMild

            Which would be the appropriate forum for addressing their needs. As opposed to here, where women’s needs take precedence. Hint. Hint.

  • Wren

    True. Men see their guns as additional dicks, and the bigger the better.

    • Can’tUnseeIt

      Yes, the assault rifle in their trousers.

  • Meghan Murphy

    They don’t control their impulses, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of controlling their impulses…

    • BornACrone

      It also doesn’t mean that their innate impulses aren’t much, much stronger than ours out of the gate. I do think they can learn to control them better. I always use the analogy of having to use the bathroom. That’s a far more pressing natural impulse than ANY other, and we can all control that to the point of significant personal inconvenience to keep from dropping our pants and doing it at the curb.

      But I also think that men’s natural impulses toward violence are still stronger than ours innately. Much stronger. And for a variety of reasons — they don’t feel the physical price of violence as much, they are encouraged and pardoned when they give in to it, and their chemistry I think does push them in that direction.

      Like I said below though, women are quite capable of our own forms of barbarism, especially toward one another. It’s all very tangled.

      • Tobysgirl

        What’s key in what you write is:

        “they are encouraged and pardoned when they give in to it”
        Look at the murderer in Florida. How many times was law enforcement in one form or another notified of his behavior? But hey he’s a white boy, and I realized a number of years ago that white boys get a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card at birth. Their society protects them, their fathers protect them, and all too often and depressingly their mothers protect them. Of course none of this is actual protection because when we protect our children we do not allow them to harm themselves or others.

  • BornACrone

    “Women also feel the empathic emotional pain of when we hit or harm.”

    I’m not sure we have SO much more capacity for empathy than they do. I’ve seen women be absolutely barbaric to one another — I think we all just learn where we can aim our frustration safely, and for us, it’s at one another and sometimes at kids. Libfems for example can punch down with the best of them. They couldn’t give a rat’s furry asshole about women in developing countries who are forced to suck cock to earn food if they think it makes them look cute and game to potential left-wing boyfriends.

    I do get what you’re saying though, especially when it comes to actual physical violence. I do think that a lot of it does seem to be baked in with them. After 52 years, I’m still thinking through how much of it is innate, how much socialization, and the only real conclusion I can come to is that I don’t give a shit. Either they CAN’T change, or they WON’T change. Either way, stay away from them.

    Ultimately, I think we’re talking about a couple things here:

    1. Physical violence
    2. Being an asshole

    and that men have several advantages over women in that they

    1. Are much physically larger and denser
    2. Are more forgiven for being violent, and
    3. Are chemically shoved in that direction by testosterone (yes, I do think this is the case)
    4. Are less invested in other people’s feelings since they don’t take their lives in their hands to bring people into the world

    So whether women can take part in physical versus emotional violence, how forgiven we are, and what may compel them to do so much more … it’s a big gordian knot. In the end, I’m getting much less interested in untangling it than I am in just keeping the bastards out of my space.

    • M. Zoidberg

      >>”They [Libfems] couldn’t give a rat’s furry asshole about women in developing countries who are forced to suck cock to earn food if they think it makes them look cute and game to potential left-wing boyfriends.

      ^This. I was certainly one in college in 2002. The white girl, happy-hooker facade of the rape industry almost had me. Almost.

      Aside: I was always irked with ‘How I Met Your Mother’ whenever it tried normalised the gang going to Barney’s favourite strip club. As if a real-life Lily and Robin would be down with that on the regular!
      Wonder if Pop Culture Detective (on YouTube) will do a video on the normalising of buying and selling women through the lens of sitcoms?

      • Veronica Viramontes

        I’m glad you’ve grown out of it. In college I was sick that my friends who were gender studies majors were pro-sex work. How could they be so naive?They were good people just didn’t think logically and were being fed the minutia that is neoliberalism.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Do you believe all men have innate ‘urges’ to rape and torture females? You don’t believe that behaviour is socialized or connected to things like porn culture? This strikes me as over-simplistic…

    All that said, I assume what you are arguing for is separatism? Which I am not at all opposed to. Indeed, I think female-only communities are a great solution. I just disagree with you that men are inherently evil and dangerous and that they are incapable of controlling or changing their behaviour.

    • mail_turtle

      >> Do you believe all men have innate ‘urges’ to rape and torture females?

      If you read What’s Current, that’s kind of the impression you get though.

      • Meghan Murphy

        You get the impression male violence against women is rampant, which it is.

        • Mmmeee

          I’m not an expert in this field, in my opinion it’s hard to say but maybe you are right !!??? It’s more reported I think…

        • mail_turtle

          I would say: not only that it’s rampant, but also (given that What’s Current contains no stories in which men turn out to be decent) that the men doing these crimes and the men not (yet) doing them are not much different.

          • marv

            Most of the non-violent ones are not involved with anti-male violence groups, particularly abolitionist organizations. Benevolent bystanders are accomplices in the power system. I’d be pleasantly startled for instance if many critical male commentors on FC donated to FC or other counter-pornstitution associations.

    • Windrix

      Yes, definitely, I think they all have these urges in them. They also are good at lying. I think porn culture encourages it and allows men to indulge in this. I’ve known men who know it’s wrong, admitted it to me, but still watch it. I don’t wish to go deeper in to it. Pornography a product of already existing patriarchy, already existing rapes, being documented, and an already existing half of the population that wants to consume it.

      But this discussion is very much draining me. I can’t go to far on the internet like this. I’m literally exhausted. Thank you.

  • Michelle

    “He came on set to visit because he was a huge fan of the show, and he harassed just about every woman, asking us if we were going to scissor, rhino & called me a China man”.

    I’m trying to understand what I read. He asked the women if they were going to scissor, rhino? Does anyone know what scissor rhino means?

  • Veronica Viramontes

    I think there are some good ones out there, I have a few guy friends I’m really close to who are great. I do think if somehow we were successful in dismantling patriarchy we would be able to raise a society of boys who respect women and treat us as human, especially if they grew up seeing more females in positions of power. I hate saying that men are naturally evil and naturally objectify women because that is what men use as an excuse for everything….it’s ok to show women the way we do in media because men ‘naturally’ sexual objectify women(and women do too so according to them that makes it OK) and then it puts the blame on us…men have urges so if you don’t cover up you’ll get raped! But at the same time I see where you’re coming from. Seeing all that men do in this world why give them the benefit of the doubt that they are inherently good-natured but twisted b/c of patriarchy. With neoliberalism and their fake feminism it doesn’t seem that we’re getting anywhere with women’s equality though(can’t believe people actually think ‘sex work’ can be an empowering thing for females), so it seems if we want there to be change we’d almost need an only female island like in wonder women. I’ve always thought we could do away with men…like they have so much sperm technically we would only need like 10% the amount of men as there are females, and they would only have one role in society and that would be supplying sperm/giving women D when we want it. Society would mainly be female and the family structure would be 2 women raising a child(both partners would actually do the housework!!). Anyways that’s just a weird fantasy I have b/c men ruin everything

    • Wren

      “I hate saying that men are naturally evil and naturally objectify women because that is what men use as an excuse for everything….”

      Totally. This is why I think Radical Feminism is so important. We DEMAND that men do better because it’s not impossible. We don’t make excuses for them because of their “nature.” We’d never get anywhere.

  • FierceMild

    Again, here we focus on how women are treated in the world. Somehow that acts as a provocation to you to turn the conversation to how men are treated. It isn’t that all men have it good, it is that right here we’re talking about how women have it.

  • FierceMild

    You’re not a piece of shit. You’re a reflective human being with value.

    As a weird piece of anecdata, at least half of the (6 or 7) men I know who have proved themselves open-minded and capable of change are Puerto Rican.

    • Rich Garcia

      @fiercemild:disqus I appreciate your understanding. You could have told me to go to hell, given that the latter half of my comment was admittedly self-indulgent and out of left field, and had almost nothing to do with the resentment frustration the OP feels towards males. My internalized racism and sense of inferiority is at the center of a lot of my frustration.

      @disqus_enipAN0Ij0:disqus I acknowledge full well what I said. But it was only in response to me being harangued for something that I said that was completely taken out of context. I no longer consider myself an “ally”, and I don’t engage with feminists on the Internet anymore like I used to, apart from reading the content on this website.

      But I am pro-female when it matters the most, like women losing their right to speak on their experiences without being labeled “anti-male” or “transphobic”. It’s common sense that something as arbitrary as “gender identity” is dogmatic and anti-social in it’s nature. And it needs to be challenged.

  • Wren

    Is this an attention-seeking confession intended to call us to emotionally nurse you?? Cause if that’s what it is then you’re on my last nerve.

    But if you’re being honest, then who said you’re a piece of shit?? You’re prone to meltdowns due to whatever psychological baggage you’ve got, which I’m sure could be overcome. Every woman writing here has transcended the horrible brainwashing messages of worthlessness she received, so don’t give us this defeated crap. We won’t buy it.

    But please, could you just issue a sincere apology for saying, “YOU’RE MOVEMENT IS DEAD” or whatever it was you said in your tirade. A couple slices of humble pie and an apology or two go a long way. Humility and self-hatred are not the same.

  • FierceMild

    “You can still discuss men’s issues without it derailing women’s issues.”

    True, but not when the very very few spaces devoted to talking about women’s issues is consistently used to turn the topic to men instead.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Yeah Arthur Chu sucks.