What’s Current: Labour LGBT+ adviser Munroe Bergdorf quits over history of homophobic comments on social media

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  • Trans-identified male Munroe Bergdorf, recently appointed LGBT+ adviser to the Labour Party, has resigned after it was revealed that Bergdorf had used anti-lesbian slurs on social media and said he wanted to “gay bash” a gay male character on the TV show Glee.
  • Heather Brunskell-Evans, former spokeswoman for the Women’s Equality Party’s (WEP) policy on Violence Against Women and Girls, writes about the circumstances of her resignation and the authoritarian purge of women from the progressive left on the basis of the new belief that biological sex is a social construct:

“The significance of the WEP debacle is the larger terrible irony that a Party which had set out to be revolutionary for women has highlighted the very weakness of its own approach. The result of aligning itself with transgender identity politics is to obfuscate, drown out and suppress the very voices the WEP set out to listen to and to promote, namely the voices of women.”

  • Laura Stuart, 33, was fatally stabbed by a former partner near her home in north Wales, days after she’d tried to report him to police for threatening her.
  • Spanish women are planning a 24-hour strike at work and home for International Women’s Day.
  • China’s busy subway systems have designated, women-only subway cars, and they’re packed with men.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • oneclickboedicea

    The Women’s Equality Party hoisted on its own petard of confidentiality.

  • teapotdome

    Well, that was… brief.

    • Lady Dark Helmet

      Not brief enough. It shouldn’ t have started to begin with.

  • That Guardian article didn’t even mention the homophobic comments by the LGBTQ adviser. The article blames some tweets about race being played up in the conservative press, and nary a word about Bergdorf’s attitudes toward gays, also being exposed in that same press. The implication is that Bergdorf was sacked for racial comments against whites. What a bunch of tools!

  • GerryJCapone

    The Chinese subway piece is interesting. Both stances on the safe cars (pro & con) for women are fairly convincing. But what struck me was that women’s efforts to draw attention to and try to change the groping problem on crowded cars–though their own paid for ads and posters, were rebuffed. The rationale was that this info would cause more panic over the problem, not less, which is kind of like squelching all references to social problems because they alert potential victims–and underline the problem.

    Under such irrationality, the women-only cars do become a necessity. But only if there is a will to enforcement which, of course, there is not.


    I vividly recall how Chinese men in NYC were, at least in public places, the least sexist. It was always safe for women to pass a Chinese worker construction site, but maybe it wasn’t the same for passing Chinese women. In any case, it sounds like they are not the exception in their own country.

  • FierceMild

    I am literally made out of shock. A dude who can’t tell the difference between a vagina and an open wound also hates homosexuals. Astonished, I tell you.

  • Elara

    Seriously, is anyone shocked that a trans-identified male is homophobic?

  • teapotdome

    I’m seriously about ready to lose my mind. Someone I know just posted on Facebook: “Happy International Women’s Day, just a little reminder that being a woman has nothing to do with genitals/chromosomes/biology.” I tried not to post anything back, but I couldn’t help it — I started with “Hmmm.” I feel like one of the only sane people in a world gone mad. I really reined it in, but I said that, even if you want to be inclusive, women’s bodies matter, as they’re the reason we have been oppressed since the beginning of time. All her friends piled on.

    Am I losing it?

    • teapotdome

      Then I apparently misgendered someone who uses “them” as a pronoun. How was I supposed to guess that?!

    • Wren

      You’re not losing it at all.
      “Much madness is divinest sense to a discerning eye. Much sense the starkest madness.”
      This is my mantra.

    • teapotdome

      Honestly, this site is a real life-saver to me lately. I feel like i’ve wandered into an alternate universe. I thought I was just getting old, but libfems are positively Orwellian.

    • It’s really very simple. There is no such thing as perfect objectivity. Therefore there is no such thing as objectivity. And any attempt at being objective (such as mentioning biology) is obviously ignorant bigotry. Own your bigotry, sister! /s

      This is what actually happened in academia. People (outside science) stopped believing in objectivity. (While many but not all people in science incorporated subjectivity into their research paradigms, without giving up on objectivity.)

    • Omzig Online

      I don’t think the staggering majority of people really believe “transwomen are women.” They are just virtue signaling for that sweet, sweet liberal street cred.

      You’re not losing your mind. As more and more trans-identified males out themselves as misogynistic perverts, it will become far less trendy to defend them.

    • FierceMild

      It’s a matter of time (see Omzig below), I find with my Uber-liberal friends that a one on one conversation can be helpful, but for the most part they’ll want to not talk about it with you ever again. They’ll still virtue signal until transgender goes the way of trans-orbital lobotomy, but I keep in mind that it’s easier to forgive someone for being wrong than for being right and make sure to challenge their views constructively and in private (to avoid the pile-on you experienced). With strangers I’ll go right at it.

  • Omzig Online

    They just can’t come up with an argument without dragging the DSD/Intersex community down their rabbit hole, can they?

    DSD/Intersex patients have a biological sex, too. They are medically classed as male or female, just like everybody else. I bet your friend doesn’t realize that.

    The trans cult has an incredibly parasitic relationship with the DSD/Intersex community, don’t they. It’s such a shame.

    Tell your friend that every single human alive that was born with a penis is 100% male, and that this includes all Intersex conditions. Even if the patient has a Disorder of Sexual Developement (Intersex), the penis is absolutely proof-positive of maleness.

  • FierceMild

    I point out that woman is a contraction of womb-man. It already is people with uteruses.