What’s Current: Five million women go on strike in Spain for International Women’s Day

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  • Organizers estimated that 5.3 million women participated in a women’s strike on International Women’s Day, joining demonstrations, taking the day off from paid and domestic work, and refusing to buy anything.
  • The Zapatista Women In Struggle summit began on Thursday, drawing 5,000 women from 34 nations to share stories, strategize, and celebrate the women’s liberation fight.
  • Meet the women who are redesigning the speculum.
  • Turin’s Egyptian antiquities museum highlights the parity and rights of ancient Egyptian women in society, as compared to their contemporaries and even many successors. CNN reports:

“The women of ancient Egypt — the mighty and the modest — were considered equal to men, said Egyptologist Valentina Santini. ‘They could divorce. They could own property. They had many rights that women in subsequent civilizations didn’t have.'”

  • Saudi women in Jeddah celebrated International Women’s Day by going for a public jog together, a newly acquired right among a suite of cultural reforms issued this year.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • oneclickboedicea

    Loving our Spanish sisters work , leading the way, guiding us with the sounds of their banging pots and pans – must have been a riot!!!

  • Tinfoil the Hat

    5 million women. Nary a mention in the U.S. newspapers.

    • Tobysgirl

      And if you want to understand why you will see no mention in U.S. media of the women in Spain or the Zapatista women, read William Blum’s Killing Hope. It details the efforts of the U.S. government since WWII to MURDER any attempts by humans anywhere on the globe to create a better world. Our media is the lapdog of our government and tells us nothing about what’s really happening (but will tell you endlessly what The Bachelor is up to, zzzzzzzz).
      All power to the Zapatista women!!!!!

  • Biny

    Too bad the website of the group who is re-designing the speculum does not mention “women’s health”, but “health for people with vaginas”…

    • Jani

      I dread to think what these men in dresses would do with a speculum

    • Liz

      yes! I found this blog post about the team behind Yona: https://blog.bolt.io/yona-5fb04879bb1e

      “Yona’s commitment to inclusivity is genuine, and it shows up in their brand. On the naming process, Rachel Hobart, Yona’s visual designer, shared that they immediately wrote off anything woman-centric or female-centric for a simple reason: not all people with vaginas identify as female.”

      but then in the very next paragraph: “The team turned to the Sanskrit word representing female life form and divine procreation, Yoni. They cross pollinated yoni with vagina, and landed on Yona.”

      and about the “character” on their website (who is quite clearly a woman): “Yona’s brand character, Jamie, also carries an intentionally androgynous name, and their features are designed to be accessible to anyone who relates to the pelvic exam experience, regardless of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation.”

      I guess these are the gymnastics designers must go through to create something that helps women these days.

  • Liz

    I like the design of that Yona speculum, it looks like a clear improvement with the way it opens and the coating that will make it less of a cold shock. The ancillary products and ideas are strange and offputting. “The box for your box” and “Your butt goes here” paper? and the #spreadit hashtag. wtf. of course there is an app.

    The emphasis on eliminating “the scootch” is also catching on something in my subconscious. It’s like they’re saying we want to eliminate scootching because it’s important to women to always look and feel graceful even during a medical exam. I don’t know if I’m explaining what’s bothering me about it very well.