What’s Current: R. Kelly groomed a 14-year-old girl as his ‘pet’

  • In a new BBC3 documentary, R Kelly: Sex, Girls and Videotapes, R. Kelly’s former girlfriend, Kitti Jones, accuses the artist of abuse and of grooming her as his “pet,” beginning at 14-years-old.
  • Detective Constable Jim Fisher, formerly of the VPD’s Counter-Exploitation Unit, pleads guilty to three sexual offences, two involving a minor.
  • Liberals push to legalize surrogacy for profit. The Chair of the Women’s Caucus claims that limits on paid surrogacy “criminalize women’s bodies.”
  • Women to protest acquittals of all four Ireland rugby internationals accused of rape.
  • Police are looking for other potential victims after a kidnapping and sexual assault in London, ON.
Jess Martin

Jess Martin is a public relations professional, an aspiring writer, and an assistant editor at Feminist Current. She prefers to write about feminist topics, disability, or environmental issues, but could be persuaded to broaden her horizons in exchange for payment and/or food. In her spare time Jess can be found knitting, gardening, or lying in the fetal position, mulling over political theory that no one in their right mind cares about.