What’s Current: James Toback escapes prosecution for sex crimes in Los Angeles

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  • The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has announced that they can’t prosecute director James Toback for five alleged sex offenses reported to the police, out of over 300 allegations made public, because the one year statute of limitations has expired.
  • The widow of the Pulse nightclub shooter, Noor Salman, was prosecuted as if she’d been her husband’s knowing accomplice, but much of the news reported last year about this longtime domestic violence victim was wrong. Now that she’s been acquitted, get the real story.
  • Oscar Pistorius’s appeal of his 13 year sentence for murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, has been rejected.
  • Adult film actress Nikki Benz is suing Brazzers, and one of the porn studio’s directors, Tony T, for an assault on set. Tony T has countersued, claiming the allegations are false, and complaining of, “mortification.”
  • Longtime Canadian activist Judy Rebick speaks out about sexual abuse she experienced at the hands of her father, and the impact on her mental health.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Elara

    Of course “Tony T” did that, male directors in porn are abusive assholes out to hurt and humiliate women. The women who report them or speak out have everything to lose by doing so. I hope she wipes the floor with him.

  • Jani

    No surprises about this abuse in the porn industry. Of course it’s a brutal business. Why some people believe (usually males who masturbate frequently to porn videos) seem to believe it’s exempt from the abuse and exploitation of women that’s widespread in the mainstream entertainment business is beyond my comprehension. That somehow it’s all about women “doing a job they love” or some such garbage. It’s an industry rife with emotional abuse and sexual violence. If a woman in the porn industry reported a rape that occurred on a porn set, how would she possibly be granted a fair trial? How could she even be believed in the first place? Who is she going to report it to? The silence from anyone involved in the porn industry after #MeToo was deafening.

  • Kathleen Lowrey

    I am so glad FC is covering the Noor Salman story. It was really Glenn Greenwald who broke this story (he’s not a feminist, but credit where credit is due). When the framing of this mass shooting was “queer” the American public was awash with sympathy and outrage but when the frame became “another man with a documented history of violence against the woman or women in his life cranks it up a notch” nobody wanted to notice.

    • Meghan Murphy

      It drives me insane! So reflective of liberal media and the way sjws (I realize that I sound like an MRA right now lol) drive stories and coverage… The desire to be PC takes precedence over truth (and certainly over telling boring old stories about misogyny and domestic violence)…

  • Elara

    Oh yeah, men like him can’t handle the slightest feeling of humiliation or something happening beyond their control, especially if there’s a woman causing that situation/feeling. He knows damn well what he’s done, I guess he just didn’t expect she’d sue him for it because he’s probably gotten away with SO MUCH shit before.

    And yes, absolutely. Prostitution is slavery.