What’s Current: Woman required by judge to refer to male charged with assaulting her as ‘she’

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Maria Maclachlan
  • Tara Flik Wood, a trans-identified male, is on trial for assaulting Maria MacLachlan at a feminist gathering at Speaker’s Corner last year. In court, the judge required the alleged victim to use explicitly female pronouns for Wood, at Wood’s request.
  • Julie Bindel reports on the abuses suffered by trafficked women in the Cambodian brothels of Phnom Penh.
  • Charges have been filed in India against several men involved in kidnapping and gang-raping an eight-year-old girl before murdering her and dumping her body, in what was apparently intended as a way to drive her nomadic Bakerwahl community away from the area. Local police are alleged to have aided the coverup by laundering the girl’s clothes before submitting them as evidence.
  • With the reporting ban lifted, press are free to report on evidence withheld from the jury that acquitted Paddy Jackson of rape, including evidence of bloody sheets, the location of a semen stain, and a pornographic video shared by the alleged assailants in a private chat about the incident.
  • Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens has been accused in an independent legislative report of the sexual and physical abuse of a woman he detained at his home against her will, and lawmakers from both parties are calling on him to resign.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • SkyLark Phillips
  • Cassandra

    I’d kick that judge in the crotch as hard as I could if I could. What a male supremacist asshole.

  • Kathleen Lowrey

    she was held captive for a week, during which she was raped multiple times. Those men should be thrown into a volcano.

    • Tobysgirl

      How about assassination? No rage, no emotion, just a clean kill. I wish I were 40 years younger, mobile, and blessed with good eyesight. There are definitely things worth going to prison for, though killing someone outdoors with a gun is an extremely low-evidence crime.

  • Ashley Braman

    Yes womxxn with xx dna

    • Blazing Fire

      Okk.. actually I thought womxn (single ‘x’) was coined by the Women’s March (oh no) folks to denote _their_ version of “inter-sectional” women – which includes TWs..
      So, womxxn is a new word to denote real women?

    • Tobysgirl

      Thanks for this!

  • Blazing Fire

    From news going around here, she was electrocuted as well, before being bashed to death. That detail was from a respectable journalist, so should be true. Poor child…. Actually I’m afraid this received an outrage mainly because of the cross-communal nature of the attack. There have been torturous gangrapes in other places at other times – most of them don’t get any attention. The Dec-2012 case (a self-made medical student from a poor family was gang-raped, sodomized with rusted iron tool that punctured her lungs, and then disemboweled alive) was the first one to spark nationwide outrage – because it had a male-witness (the girl’s male friend – and people were thinking that they were about to be engaged.. that romance angle added to the fire.. the cases where a girl’s brother is a witness don’t get that much interest). When I raised the topic with my colleague who hails from a northern state, she shrugged and said “well, it happens in some villages.. This somehow got the media attention”. I got shocked and emphasized the torture again – she again shrugged and said “yeah.. it does..”

  • Blazing Fire

    Seriously, if Maria says “I am not a terf”, that should be respected, right – atleast as much as Wood’s “I am not a man” claim?

  • Blazing Fire

    I’d add, lose his life too. Castrating ain’t gonna stop their toxic brains from directing horrid things. They can aid others to gang rape, or can themselves use objects to penetrate a woman/child.

    Cutting off their hand aint gonna help either:( – apart from the obvious reason that they can still plan and give tips to wannabe rapists, they can immobilize a woman even without using their hand.
    There was a one-handed rapist who threw a young woman out of a running train – she fell & fractured her skull (and spine too, I think) & became totally immobile. He then jumped out (and landed safely!), dragged her body to the nearby woods & raped her (her bones were already broken, and he mounted on top of that.. *shudders*) & left her to die.
    He was caught (he was a regular criminal), and a women’s court sentenced him to death, but a higher court set that aside with a FLIMSY claim that the rapist was uneducated and did not know (!!?) that placing the victim’s broken body in some position will cause her to die (believe that?) – so there is no proof that he intended for her to die, so he is no murderer, so the poor innocent (*wash my mouth*) chap gets off the noose.
    Sorry about the side-tracking.. I couldn’t stop myself..

    • M. Zoidberg

      Ok, death.

  • Tobysgirl

    The conservative woman site someone linked to on gendertrender said Maria never did as the judge told her to do.

  • Tobysgirl

    Unless it is an extreme situation, no one should be permitted to hide their face on the street. How do we identify people? We identify them by seeing their faces. I don’t know about the UK, but here in the U.S. you are not permitted in banks and other businesses if you’re wearing a mask of any sort. I saw Iranian students protesting the Shah in Boston in the 1970s and they were wearing masks in order not to be identified by the Shah’s secret police (reputedly the most vicious dictatorship of the time) — that I understand. These antifa creeps and trans thugs should not be permitted to hide their faces.

  • Tobysgirl

    Once again, assassination.

  • Jani


  • acommentator

    “Spouting racist, fascist dumpster fumes is protected under the First Amendment in the United States. Yet referring to a male in his proper pronouns after he assaults a female is going way too far.”

    I don’t understand your point. This did not happen in the U.S. There is no First Amendment in the UK or Canada. Restrictions on speech can be imposed in these countries that would not be allowed in the U.S.