What’s Current: Guide leaders, parents, and former girl guides challenge policy of allowing boys to be Guides

  • 224 guide leaders, parents and former girl guides say allowing boys who self-identify as girls in Girlguiding UK poses safeguarding risks, reinforces gender stereotypes, and denies informed parental consent.
  • A recent Alberta Children’s Services worker was caught with thousands of child porn images on his work computer.
  • A new study looks at traumatic brain injuries associated with female victims of domestic violence.
  • Advocates raise concerns about disproportionately high levels of  violence against women after two new cases of femicide in Uruguay.
  • A UK grammar school that got rid of head boy and head girl roles in order to replace them with gender neutral positions has ended up with two male student leaders.
Jess Martin

Jess Martin is a public relations professional, an aspiring writer, and an assistant editor at Feminist Current. She prefers to write about feminist topics, disability, or environmental issues, but could be persuaded to broaden her horizons in exchange for payment and/or food. In her spare time Jess can be found knitting, gardening, or lying in the fetal position, mulling over political theory that no one in their right mind cares about.