What’s Current: Former Mumsnet intern Emma Healey publishes private user information over trans debate

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  • UK parenting site, Mumsnet, has reported the exposure of some of its users’ IP addresses on Twitter by a paid, former intern, to UK data regulators. Emma Healey tells The Guardian she published this information because of “misgendering” and “deadnaming” ot trans-identified people.
  • In Liverpool, UK, prostituted women are forced to sell sex for less than £4 per encounter following an influx of competition from trafficked Serbian and Croatian women.
  • Zachary T. McClimans, a trans-identified male who now prefers to be called Claire Wolfever, has pleaded guilty in a Pennsylvania court to attempting to murder a WalMart coworker with whom he had argued over his planned gender transition. The judge ordered that McClimans be referred to as if he were female during the proceedings.
  • Proposed changes to New Zealand’s Births Act that would allow people to change their legal sex based on self-identification, combined with recent changes to Corrections guidelines that use birth certificates as the basis for determining prison housing by sex may endanger female inmates.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • I am in no position to point fingers at anyone else’s chosen names, but I had to laugh at “Wolfever”.

    Also, it’s kind of not surprising that something would happen at Mumsnet, given how it’s such a bastion of radical feminist debate. I am really glad, though, that the founder is solidly behind proper debate on trans issues.

    • lk

      I had to wonder how he chose that name as well…

      • -Jane Don’t-

        Wtf is up with the names they choose? Lol

        • TwinMamaManly

          They are often very perverse aren’t they? Alexandra V. Tanygina or Jenna Talia. It’s making a mockery of women’s biology.

    • Christine

      IMHO, “Anemone” is a beautiful name. (It’s one of the pet names I use on my cats, too, inspired by all the whiskers coming out of their faces.)

    • Anthocerotopsida

      Why do these guys make up new surnames for themselves? Surnames aren’t gendered. Could it be that they’re just playing the character of a woman and a whimsical surname adds to the drama??

  • -Jane Don’t-

    I’m really fucking sick of trans identified MEN being referred to as women in articles about their crimes. It’s terrible for crime statistics & more often than not, biological women don’t do crap like that. Ugh.

    • lk

      Yes, it creates this ridiculous idea that men and women are equally violent….so we should stop talking about male violence and start talking about the violence of people.

      Luckily (at least in the US), information about crimes are based on biological sex…not on someones self-identification.

      Crime statistics is one reason that I do not think people should be allowed to change their birth certificates and etc. to whatever gender they choose.