What’s Current: Peter Madsen found guilty of killing Kim Wall; sentenced to life in prison

Peter Madsen
  • Peter Madsen has been found guilty of the mutilation, torture, and murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, and sentenced to life in prison. The Danish inventor was a prolific user of snuff pornography and consumed it directly before her murder.
  • An ex-cop has been arrested in connection with the Golden State killings between 1976 and 1986. The FBI believes the man is responsible for more than 45 rapes and 12 homicides.
  • Trial by Monkeywood Theatre explores the topic of life after an unsuccessful rape trial, using stories of real survivors.
  • Cabinet Minister Liz Truss is under fire from trans activists after supporting Mumsnet for letting its users “question the tenets” of transgenderism.
  • The royal family has a third child on the public dime in the same year legislation was implemented preventing families from claiming tax benefits for more than two children.
Jess Martin

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