What’s Current: Statistics Canada is offering a ‘third gender’ option on its surveys

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  • For the first time in its history, Statistics Canada is offering respondents a third gender option in its surveys, beyond just male and female. The Globe and Mail reports:

“In collecting data on gender, the agency’s classification structure now includes options of male, female and a new ‘gender diverse’ or non-binary category. The agency’s official definition of gender diverse includes ‘persons whose current gender was not reported exclusively as male or female … persons who were reported as being unsure of their gender, persons who were reported as both male and female, or neither male nor female.'”

  • A second trans-identified male high school student is winning girls’ track titles in Connecticut.
  • Bristol’s city council is conducting a public consultation about “sex establishments” that could result in ending licensing for strip clubs.
  • A new study in the Lancet suggests that 239,000 girls between birth and the age of five die of neglect based on sex discrimination in India.
  • Rihanna is earning new admiration for refusing to hide her stretch marks and leg hair.
  • More mothers are being incarcerated in the US, putting a huge strain on families.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • ptittle

    Anyone wanna bother explaining to Statistics Canada the difference between gender and sex?

  • Hekate Jayne

    The asshole that wrote the article about the boys competing on girls teams because LADYBRAIN says in the title that there are “no easy answers”.

    How are males so stupid? Here, again, we have a clusterfuck of males hiding behind “confusion”. They are trying so, so hard to figure out the answer to sports being fair to women and males. Whatever could the answer be?

    Males claim that they can’t tell males from women. But oddly, they aren’t accidentally raping each other, or taking pregnancy tests, or buying tampons because they aren’t sure if they are a menstruator or a human being.

    There was a thread on trannie Reddit a while back from a woman that said she was a teacher’s assistant to a gym teacher at a high school. She was seeking advice from ladymen because a boy had joined one of the girls teams after SHOCKINGLY discovering that he was totes a girl, and he began changing in the girls locker room.

    She said that the girls were really not terfy terfy terfs, but they grew up with him as a BOY, so they are uncomfortable changing clothes in his presence. So they went to the teacher, who was allowing the girls to change in her office, just to escape the penis in their locker room. But she is concerned, because the boy is upset that the girls are trying to escape being naked with him and in front of him, and even though they have not complained or made demands, and they just quietly gave up their space to him, he needs the girls in the locker room with him to validate him as a girl.

    So I guess he magically becomes a boy again if there aren’t any girls in the locker room doing their main duty of validating a male.

    And you can guess how this went.

    I don’t shock easily, anymore, who among us does? The things that these trannies were saying about these girls was horrible, but expected. What was unbelievable were the calls from women and a few (non lady) males, that this boy should follow those transphobic, selfish bitches into the teacher’s office to change with them. Who do those little whores think they are? That they think that they can be hateful bigots? That will show those uppity bitches.

    This is where we are now. We are teaching our young girls that they aren’t allowed to say no, that they aren’t allowed any space of their own, that they are not allowed to have privacy. That there will be no escape from males. That they will shut up and do what males demand that they do. Or else.

    • Evets

      I’ve gotta say just how much I enjoy your comments, Jayne. They cut straight through the bullshit to get right at the core. I especially enjoyed this part in your comments above:
      “Males claim that they can’t tell males from women. But oddly, they aren’t accidentally raping each other, or taking pregnancy tests, or buying tampons because they aren’t sure if they are a menstruator or a human being.”

      Keep on keepin’ on, Ms. Jayne!

  • lk

    “In its recent opioid awareness survey, for example, respondents were asked what their assigned sex was at birth. The next question asked respondents what their gender is; the options were male, female and “or, please specify.”

    Every time I see the phrase “assigned sex at birth”…I just cringe, nobody is assigned a sex….

    “In collecting data on gender, the agency’s classification structure now includes options of male, female and a new “gender diverse” or non-binary category.”

    What is non-binary or gender diverse? People are male, female or intersex.

    I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before agencies do away with the sex question completely….because male and female are just silly outdated categories..

    • Jani

      It’s becoming a nonsense. I think I’l be opting for “prefer not to say” because all this invent-your-own gender thing makes the idea of collecting data for monitoring who is accessing services etc completely meaningless

  • Zoë Lafantaisie

    That’s fucking it! I think we should all check off 3rd gender option and see what happens. Let’s all identify as bi-binary!

  • Zoë Lafantaisie

    The Lancet link isn’t working – maybe this would help? https://www.thelancet.com/journals/langlo/article/PIIS2214-109X(18)30184-0/fulltext

  • Hekate Jayne

    And a question. Of the 240k baby girls in India that are neglected to death, how many Of them have a penis?

    None? SHOCKING. Maybe those dumb girl babies should start to identify as boy babies. Why won’t the silly female babies IDENTIFY out of the subjugated, submissive, totally optional female gender role?

    I guess us dim witted feeeeeemales just enjoy being oppressed. Otherwise we wouldn’t CHOOSE it. Amirite.

    ETA: What the fuck with India? That country is having a male induced crisis brought on by the mass murder of female fetuses and babies. Grown ass males are having to move back in with their MOTHERS because they are unable to take care of themselves and there aren’t enough women for them to marry to keep their dumb asses alive by caring for them like the idiot children that they have proved themselves to be. And they are STILL murdering girls???? Jesus, fuck a cracker, males are incapable of basic common fucking sense.

    Also, something else about the boys stealing positions from girls on the track team. That article was written by a dude, who talked to the father of a ladyboy about all of the manfeels regarding males stealing from girls. In other words, not a single female person waa asked anything about the bullshit that males are choosing to inflict on them.

    • Melanie

      I’ve noticed that with just about every story, article or interview I’ve seen about transwomen in female sport. Men and transwomen are asked for their opinions, while the women and girls who these policies effect are rarely given a voice in the media.

  • Hekate Jayne

    There was a boy in the south recently, Louisiana or Missouri, I think. Honestly, so many fucked up males, no one can possibly keep up with all of them.

    Anyway, he successfully claimed to be a girl. And he walked around being all girl ish at everyone. And the basis of his claim was that the boys bathroom is unsafe so he had to be in the girls restroom because bigots and scary, scary urinals and whatever other bullshit.

    So this one got ALL of the madz when he could no longer be on the boys sports teams. The school and the law said that if he was a girl in the restroom, then he was ALSO a girl while he played sports. And that he was welcome to try out for the girls teams, but that girls were not permitted to play on boys teams.

    It could not be any clearer that he is just a fucking perv. These dudes are straight up fucking shitbags.

  • Kiwipally

    Being an ex-survey statistician, and as incorrect completion of official Statistics surveys frequently carries financial penalties, I wouldn’t normally advocate this BUT we have come to a point where I see no other option:

    Spoil your census paper. Tick all gender categories. Tick all age categories – you’re transaged. Tick all ethnic categories – you’re transethnic. Tick all disability categories – you’re transdisabled. Put in Jedi or Pastafarianism as your religion. Answer everything else normally.

    Because fuck them. Fuck their abusive attitudes to girls and women. Fuck their cowering to abusive men. They’ve already ruined official statistics for sex. They have no credibility. Why the fuck should they expect “accurate” statistics on everything else.

    • Eva Jasmena

      Honestly, I’ve sometimes felt tempted to reveal only my unofficial languages on the census in solidarity with unofficial language minorities. I’ve never done so, but I’ve felt tempted. It makes sense to extend it to other matters too. But again, it’s best to answer honestly however much we know the government will uses for its own ends.

    • Tobysgirl

      Thanks for the advice. I hate when I am asked my “gender.” If it’s a written form I cross out gender and write sex. I will seriously think about following your guidelines when the 2020 census comes around.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Most men don’t care. They are the largest group.

    The smallest group are the males that are making it possible for males to revoke our privacy and colonize us. They are the government and some other dudes with a lot of money.

    But ALL males benefit from the few of them that are terrorizing us. Keeping all of us in fear keeps us in line. Not all males are violent or crazy, but it is on us to figure out which ones are dangerous and to avoid them. How much harder is it when males are allowed everywhere? We literally cannot escape them.

    And that is the entire point.

    Males don’t ever stop. They only escalate whatever it is that they are doing. There is observable evidence of this everywhere.

    They will never stop. Not on their own. I mean, it’s been 5000 years of patriarchy. Why would they suddenly stop? That will never happen.