What’s Current: Homeless women sue shelter after being forced to shower with trans-identfied male

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  • Nine homeless women are suing the Fresno, CA, charities that run a homeless shelter where they were forced to share a group shower with a trans-identified male whom they claim sexually harassed them.
  • Amanda Byrd, a Toronto law student, spent hundreds of hours preparing for an international advocacy competition, but the only feedback she received was that she needed to smile more.
  • Three trans-identified women boasted on Twitter about beating up a lesbian at a gay bar in St. Louis, in retaliation for her referring to one of them as a woman.
  • The autobiography of Métis author Maria Campbell, Halfbreed, was published with two pages missing, omitting her account of being raped by Mounties who were searching the family home for evidence.
  • Saudi Arabia issues the first women’s driver’s licenses, while at least nine people who campaigned for women’s right to drive remain under arrest, accused of being traitors to the state.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • I sincerely hope that lawsuit is successful. I assume that sex is a protected category in California?

    No one seems to want to admit that trans people can sexually harass, too. No true transwoman?

  • お茶

    “I put in hundreds of hours preparing for the competition, which involved a criminal case based on a restriction of an individual’s freedom of expression—serious stuff. It centred on photoshopping intimate images of people without their consent, the intent to incite civil unrest, and threats to national security and public order.”

    What normal person would be smiling during any of that? In the movie “Legally Blonde”, Elle does not stand there grinning while in court because it would be too ridiculous even for a movie to have a usually upbeat (and very feminine) character to do so.

    It’s also worth mentioning Amanda Byrd traveled over 5,000 kilometres to Oxford University for the contest.

  • cday881@gmail.com

    Cutting out perhaps the two most important pages of a book? What cowards.

  • IzzyKane

    “Karen Adell Scot, a local transgender advocate, even offered to train Naomi’s House employees on how to recognize people just pretending to identify as the opposite gender.”

    I want the details on this training, badly.

    • lk

      “I want the details on this training, badly.”

      Don’t we all?

      I would love to hear how women are supposed to tell when a man really has a lady brain/lady soul or when a man is just faking having a lady brain?

  • Alienigena

    The initiatives around renaming female anatomy cited in this BBC story seem more female-centric than most of the efforts on the part of TIM’s and their allies to compel women to shut up about their anatomy.


    • お茶

      Really interesting article, thanks for posting.

  • lk

    “Not saying you are doing this, but I am uneasy with the idea of basing opposition to the idea that men can be women, and vice versa, on the assumption that it is “all in their heads.” ”

    Im curious as to why this makes you uneasy..There is literally no reputable scientific evidence to support the idea that transgenderism is anything but a mental delusion.

  • lk

    “What is a “real trans woman”? What is the objective, measurable, and quantifiable difference between a male in a dress that swears he’s a woman, and another male in a dress that also swears he’s a woman?”

    I would truly love to see someone give a rational answer to these questions…

  • lk

    “I just feel that this is poorly understood, and I would not bet there is not something “medical” there.”

    So far that has been zero scientific evidence to suggest transgenderism is anything other than a mental health problem. If further scientific inquiry shows that transgenderism is actually a physical issue, okay…but as you state, it still makes no difference: a man still cannot become a woman and a man should be given access to women only spaces.

    As for Polly’s statement: “They’re ALL faking. There;s no such thing as a lady brain.”

    I interpreted her statement as meaning that all trans identified males can do is pretend/mimic/imitate women..they can never actually be real biological women.

  • Americus91

    Yep. And if I see his manly legs I’m out of there. That locker room has females from age toddler to senior for changing, showering and bathroom use and he has no business being in there at all. It’s a safety issue and a privacy issue.