What’s Current: South Korean feminists made it okay to have daughters again, reversing the country’s sex imbalance

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  • While neighbouring countries continue to suffer the effects of a demographic deficit of over 100 million “missing” women due to extreme son preferences, a generation of work by South Korea’s feminist activists has destigmatized having daughters to such a degree that the country now has what’s considered a natural ratio of male to female births.
  • A review of rape trials by the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service has determined that most of the trials they reviewed fell apart because of procedural failures of the police to disclose evidence to the defendants’ counsel.
  • Sicilian police have arrested five Romanian men for running a human trafficking ring, exploiting Romanian men and women as farm workers in Italy’s agriculture industry, as well as trafficking the women for sex.
  • Students at a Montreal girls’ school are petitioning the administration to end a requirement that they wear bras, after a girl who wasn’t wearing one was asked to do so to avoid causing male teachers discomfort.
  • Two more women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and abuse at the Edmonton prison, claiming fellow corrections officers openly discussed rape fantasies and exploitation of female coworkers. Transcripts reveal the men saying things like:

“Find someone more vulnerable. You know, with daddy issues, low self-esteem. You know, the women you like to target.”

Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • The Montreal girls’ school head says that girls going bra-less is “could make teachers uncomfortable,” and that the staff has a right to
    intervene “when an outfit is deemed indecent.” So, it’s all about what goes on in the heads, eyes, and judgments of teachers
    and staff. The girls’ comfort, their lives, their independence are not the issue, but rather how they’re dress and underclothes, the
    territory of the male gaze, are seen and assessed by their superiors.

    I guess this is like a short, incisive lesson in male sexual ideology.

    But to cite Puritanism as a prominent source, and say that girls should have full freedom of dress and makeup “at any age” might
    not be the best critique to make. At least not in today’s culture, with its appropriation, commercialization, and sexualization of young
    girls and even children. (I might add that bra-burning is a myth with no factual basis except maybe in the privacy of a backyard)

    • Mexican American Lesbian

      Heterosexual males must be reeducated into not being salacious sexual creeps until these young women feel comfortable.

    • susannunes

      It is not sexist to point out it is a distraction when it comes to the educational environment. Schools, speaking of the U.S., have every right to enforce dress codes on students. You have no right to distract from the learning environment as a student, male or female. It isn’t just “provocative” dress, it also pertains to t-shirts with slogans.

  • therealcie

    When I was younger, I was the sort of person who guys like those creepy guards targeted; one of the “wounded birds” with low self-esteem.
    Now, thanks to guys like that, this “wounded bird” is a raging bitch who will gladly tear their pecker off if they approach her.

  • Mexican American Lesbian

    Someone needs to explain to neoliberals that a lot of their policies are explicitly designed to allow creeps like these Romanian traffickers get away with more than they should.

    Also, someone should do a systemic analysis of whether these cops that engaged in “procedural failures” are really just rapists themselves.

  • Rachel

    Well said. I am so sick of the sexualisation of women’s and girls bodies being normalised. Nudity is not inherently sexual!
    I’m not saying go nude either, but I am saying its natural and not sexual. There can be sexual nudity, and non sexual nudity. But the way we have fetishised women’s bodies so much, any form of nudity is sexual. Even children’s! It’s fucked up. Excuse my language, but it just is.

  • Alienigena

    “Am I saying we go topless? No. Am I saying that a bra is a bullshit, uncomfortable, unnecessary garment specifically created in a society that has over-sexualized the breast?”

    Bras are almost universally uncomfortable no matter your size. I don’t think the wearing of undershirts would be acceptable to the ‘all females must wear ‘proper’ bras all of the time’ crowd because nipples can show while wearing an undershirt and a bra that is just shaped fabric (e.g. Elita brand). I guess movement of the breasts is frowned on as well, so all of us are supposed to be trussed up at all times, even those of us with small breasts.

    • Tinfoil the Hat

      And if you have large breasts, they must NOT move!

  • Tobysgirl

    You expressed this really well. Just as muggers generally target people who are not walking tall and strong, people who seem hesitant, men target women who give off vibes of insecurity and vulnerability. And just as we do not blame people who get mugged, no one in their right mind blames women — who have likely experienced belittlement and various forms of abuse most of their lives — for being vulnerable to predatory males. And I will point out the obvious once again: When you are not a predator, when you are not a lousy shit of a human being, it does not occur to you that men are, it does not occur to you that you will be preyed upon.