What’s Current: Five Indian anti-trafficking activists abducted and raped

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  • No arrests have yet been made in a case where five Indian women engaged in a street play as part of their anti-trafficking activism were abducted, taken to a wooded area, and raped by several men.
  • A rapist who was expelled from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he sexually terrorized around a dozen women, has been sentenced to three years in prison.
  • Men in the US, Canada, and the UK are the world’s leading consumers of filmed child abuse content.
  • A high court in the UK has backed the government’s decision not to issue gender-neutral passports.
  • Kimberly Mull, a survivor of child trafficking, details her objections to having pimp Dennis Hof as a candidate for the Nevada state assembly, or a seated official in that body:

“This man who requires women who work in the brothels to sleep with him for free and his friends for free or minimal pay in order to get his approval is going to serve as a community role model? The one who has been accused by multiple women of rape, proudly sells virginities and boasts about sleeping with 18-year olds on their birthdays is going to have a vote on what protections victims of sexual assault have in this state? What 17-year old who hasn’t been exploited, coerced or traumatized in her young life willfully chooses to have sex with an old man on her 18th birthday?”

Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Wren

    Capital punishment is allowed by India’s penal code for gang rapes, so hopefully they’ll catch these shits and use it.

    Three years for pleading guilty to raping three women and nearly strangling one??? At the very least it should be 20, with the plea avoiding life. The only reason he didn’t have a previous record is because he’s so young, but since he’s raped upwards of 20 women, he’s been at it for a while. He will get out and rape and rape and rape. He won’t even serve three years in all likelihood. Again, rape is functionally legal in the U.S.

    So the U.S., Canada, and UK are the leading consumers of child pornography. Someone who can think more clearly while feeling nauseous will have something more cogent to say than I do, but this makes me want to scream at every man I see. Trust no one.

  • Here’s a woman doing her bit to keep a violent man off the streets. “James J. Rynerson, 38, was in custody in late May on a $2,000 cash bond while awaiting prosecution on menacing, disorderly conduct and trespass charges,” and “(Rynerson’s wife) told Inmate Rynerson he needed to turn himself in after he informed her he had been released under another person’s name, the report said. (She) convinced Inmate Rynerson to go back, and personally drove him back to the Mesa County Detention Facility.” https://www.gjsentinel.com/news/western_colorado/mixup-gives-jail-inmate-brief-taste-of-freedom/article_8cf1a170-7515-11e8-8eb9-10604b9f1ff4.html

  • therealcie

    Re: Dennis Hof: This gross, nasty man is an illustration of why full legalization of prostitution is problematic and how the neoliberal mindset gives a thumbs up to the exploitation of women.

  • Can’tUnseeIt

    I don’t know how to process the news that the US, Canada and the UK are the world’s leaders in sexually abusing and torturing children for personal gratification. WTF. And to call it “contact abuse” like it’s a fucking sport!!! There are those hideous creeps who buy this but how much more heinous must be the creeps who produce and profit from this! Really I wouldn’t want to get even a tiny glimpse into their brains. So disturbing.

  • DeColonise

    I know right. And same people so often have no problem understanding that commercials on TV has an effect but when it comes to porn then all of a sudden it’s not affecting anything any longer.

  • Jani

    ‘Teen’ porn is one of the most viewed categories of porn, as is ‘babysitter’ and incest-themed categories. Girls under 18 are provided with fake ID —I was told by someone that this happened to, she was 16 at the time and she said she wasn’t the youngest “18 year old” on that set on that day, which was her first and last experience with the porn industry. She witnessed a girl who was probably about 13 being anally raped and in tears all the way through the experience. These people are ruthless bastards. End of.

    This ‘teen’ porn crap is the gateway drug into child pornograpy for a lot of those creeps. I’m not surprised at the prevalence of child pornography in the UK. I have no sympathy with anyone who is caught with it. Throw the fucking book at them. Wherever you get child pornography, there’s a high probability of child sexual abuse. These people are the lowest of the low. Every time an image of an abused child is replicated or transmitted, that child is being abused all over again.

    Agree, the proliferation of internet pornography creates more and more harm, whether it’s gang rapes of teenagers recorded on a phone and uploaded to the internet, women being subjected to violent sexual abuse by their so-called intimate partners, these horrific made-to-order videos of children in poor countries, even Harvey fucking Weinstein’s porny rapes of countless women — that’s the shitty poison of porn at work.

  • Can’tUnseeIt

    I know. They’re dead from the inside out. Just awaiting burial.

  • susannunes

    It is the same trash they have been spewing since the 1970s. “Consenting adults” and “victimless crime.” Nevada has a lot of “libertarians” which translated means they are morons.

  • Tobysgirl

    I didn’t mean to suggest that YOU were surprised, rather it was a rhetorical you. And what you and I are dealing with is the emotional maturity necessary to face the world as it is. I have found that most people do not possess this maturity and it is almost unreasonable to expect them to do so. I think one of the reasons we have such a high dementia rate is the level of denial that so many Americans live in — as one woman I know who was sexually molested by her father said when her mother got dementia, “She was always oblivious, this is just more of the same.”

  • Alienigena

    In the “I can’t believe this crap gets public hearing” column I recently discovered an episode of the CBC program Spark (digital technology focused program) on the use of porn by Indian women implying that it was a freeing experience. They equated being a woman in society with being the member of a sexual minority (if you are half the population you are not a minority). They also didn’t seem to factor in the abuse of women and children in porn, it was all about the porn viewer’s sexual gratification.


    “Earlier this year Pornhub announced that in 2017 India came in third in a ranking of countries who watch the most porn.”

    Who knew that porn supported women’s rights in traditional societies (sarcasm on)?