What’s Current: Russian feminist blogger charged with ‘inciting hatred’ against men

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  • Russian feminist blogger Lyubov Kalugina has been criminally charged with “inciting hatred” against men on social media. The maximum punishment for someone found guilty of violating Article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code is five years in jail. Newsweek reports:

“Some of the posts on Kalugina’s [social media] include online campaigns calling for women’s rights, including petitions that call for authorities to free women who have been imprisoned for defending themselves against abusive partners. Some posts also urge an end to persecution of feminist activists.”

  • Karen White, a trans-identified male, was accused of sexually assaulting four female inmates within days of being sent to a women’s prison in the UK. White, who pled guilty to raping two women in 2016, admitted to two of the assaults but denied the other two and has since been transferred to a men’s prison.
  • In India, the Supreme Court has struck down a law criminalizing gay and lesbian sex, ruling it as unconstitutional and discriminatory. The law banning sex “against the order of nature” was in place for 160 years.
  • Five faculty members at the University of Manitoba are currently under investigation for sexual harassment and assault.
  • The results of a survey conducted by the American Bar Association reveal that sexism and racism are rife in the legal profession. About 70 per cent of lawyers surveyed reported hearing sexist comments, stories, or jokes while at work. About one in eight white women, and one in 10 women of colour, said they had lost opportunities after rejecting the sexual advances of their male colleagues.
Lisa Steacy
Lisa Steacy

Lisa Steacy is an Assistant Editor at Feminist Current. She has a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Toronto. However, the women she met in her five years as a frontline worker and collective member with Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter deserve almost all of the credit for her feminist education. She lives in Vancouver with her partner and their cats.

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  • Hekate Jayne

    From the 3rd link on the first story, about our Russian sister:
    “Some of the posts on Kalugina’s Facebook page include online campaigns calling for women’s rights, including petitions that call for authorities to free women who have been imprisoned for defending themselves against abusive partners. Some posts also urge an end to persecution of feminist activists. She also posted feminist jokes on her personal Live Journal blog.

    “This is a blatant case of sexist double standards,” Kalugina told the local news station Gorod55 when the case was opened against her. “Any male citizen, even the kindest one enjoys benefits from the existing system and that makes him complicit in the oppression of women and in their difficult position,” she added.”

    Why are males so fucking sensitive? How is calling for women to be free and safe of murderous males so fucking offensive that males put women in prison for saying it?

    • Robert Gonzalez

      Most men know they are complicit in the oppression of women. And men’s angry responses are a sign that they acknowledge, on some level, that they have power over women and do not want to lose it. So they use gaslighting, threats of violence, jail time, or any other means available to silence women.

      “Hate speech against men.” GTFO with that shit. It’s entirely possible that ‘hate speech’ will start to encompass much of what radfems say, in many more countries. That’s truly terrifying.

    • rlkittiwake

      Why are white men so #triggered by black athletes protesting police brutality?

      Questioning the system equals waging war against the system by people who benefit from the system.

  • Meghan Murphy
  • UnrulyRose

    I can’t understand why with the specific crimes he committed that he would be put in a jail with all women. Why not at least keep him confined to a cell alone? There is a complete disregard for women’s safety that makes me sick.

  • Tobysgirl

    In the studies cited at gendertrender of two California prisons (28% of trans in one prison, 49% in the second, were registered sex offenders), most trans in prison wanted to be in the male prison for obvious reasons. Why else would a TIM want to be a women’s prison other than to assault women?

  • martindufresne

    Someone who is in contact with Kalugina said on Twitter that K. had received threats from transactivists of reporting her to Russian authorities.

  • Anticopyright –

    im glad justice was served.

    nietzsche very well pointed out how he wanted nothing to do with people that claimed they wanted “equality” (communists, feminists are perfect examples)

    he would point out that the real drive behind these people was envy and vengance. (in other words hatred) equality part was just a sharade.

    id like to invite you feminist here to start loving yourselves, love who you are and accept yourself. it must be terrible to live with penis envy and hatred througout your life.

    when you start loving yourself you get the ability to start loving the people around you and find genuine happiness.

    • Meghan Murphy

      So hard to love yourself when patriarchal society tells you you are flawed, fat, wrinkly, ugly, worthless, and little more than a fuckable object tho eh?

    • marv

      All those anti-racist activists opposing slavery and segregation were seeking vengeance as well? Is BLM motivated by envy?

      Women fighting sexism and racism is an act of self-love. Your idea of self-love is a facade of happiness and a hatred of women’s political liberation. Love is one of the most distorted words on the planet. Thanks for more evidence.

    • Robert Gonzalez

      It must be awful knowing that you can barely use correct grammar.

    • Djdj Jdjd

      Penis envy? More like men have vagina and womb envy, why else would they be so obsessed with controlling both?

      Meanwhile the MRAs and the rest of the manopshere who incite both actual hatred and actual violence against women will get a free pass from your condescension. Why? Because the only way to keep an oppressed class oppressed is to blame and shame them so they lose the will to fight back against their oppressors. Not gonna happen, women are not going to take your sexist shit anymore. Get used to it.

  • Robert Gonzalez

    Do you have any proof that she said those things about women?

  • Meghan Murphy

    It’s such a gross word….

  • Meghan Murphy

    Patriarchal society includes women. Men created this system to benefit them, though, and sell the products that make women believe they are flawed, and need to fix themselves. Men own those companies.

  • Meghan Murphy

    You’re delusional if you believe that women who are successful, in great shape, are healthy, and beautiful don’t also have very low self esteem and hate themselves/their bodies/their appearances.