What’s Current: Over three hundred arrested in Washington at protest opposing Kavanaugh confirmation

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  • Demonstrators protesting the Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh gathered outside the Hart Senate Office Building today. Reports say police more than 300 protesters.
  • After 18 years of menstrual products being taxed as a luxury, federal and state governments in Australia agree to remove the levy.
  • In a video on behalf of female rape survivors that addressed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, women say that sex-segregated spaces are required in order to ensure the physical and mental safety of female survivors.
  • A 43-year old man from Mandeville, Louisiana “zipped up his genitals into his fly” after flashing a female jogger on Tuesday morning. The woman said he fell over, clutching his groin and calling for help:

“At first I thought he was faking it, but when I got closer I could see blood and parts of his testicles on the outside of the zipper. I was tempted to leave him there but I did call paramedics in case he bled out.”

Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.

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  • Omzig Online

    Menstrual products for women are a medical necessity, not a luxury. Blood is a biohazard, and must be contained, controlled, and disposed of properly. Calling something that is necessary for good public health a “luxury” is laughable.

    But this is what you get with male politicians: short-sighted, unrealistic policies that reflect a dim-witted understanding of basic fucking public health needs. Good on Australian women for bringing some common sense legislation to the table.

    • andrea

      It doesn’t matter how educated man is or not they will know nothing about women body. Yet they want to make laws that decide what we do with our bodies and what’s harmful or not. The amount of ignorance politicians have spoke about women where I live is ridiculous. What’s scary is its only men who decide women health. Like for example Donald Trump and 30 men meet for maternity care. Scary.. We all know men don’t care about maternity care.

  • calabasa

    Oh my God, I would have wanted to leave him there but would have dialed 911, too. What an ass, if you’re going to flash people get your zipping technique (not just your zipper) down! I cannot believe this man lost a part of his penis and a testicle, how gruesome! Men’s genitals are so delicate, it’s amazing that they can use them as weapons at all; if more women charged men who flashed, and went after the genitals of assailants, maybe this sort of shit might happen less when men are reminded of the vulnerability of that region (although it could be dangerous for women, which is one of the problems here; it was brave but perhaps foolhardy of the woman to charge the flasher). I can’t help feeling sorry for the man even despite what he did to women, very mixed feelings…I suppose it’s poetic justice but how gruesomely awful.

    With regard to the Kavanaugh confirmation, all it will confirm is that the official representatives of the United States of America really and truly don’t give a shit about women.

    I am so ashamed of my country.

  • corvid

    That last one. Instant karma served! First recorded case of “bluejean balls.” Jeans not flasher genes! Zipped and snipped! (I could go on.)