What’s Current: One in three UK schoolgirls report being sexually harassed in public while in uniform

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  • A third of UK schoolgirls surveyed reported sexual harassment in public while wearing their school uniform, while two thirds said they’ve been subjected to unwanted sexual attention in public.
  • The UK feminist group, Level Up, has released a media guide focusing on more dignified reporting on domestic violence, particularly warning against headlines that seem to minimize responsibility for the perpetrator.
  • The father of a sexual offense and stalking survivor details the numerous ways police in Glasgow failed to protect his daughter, or make any effort to rein in the perpetrator:

“Caitie was told that as there was to be no interview there would be no charge, and as there was no charge there would be no conviction.

Between the time of the offence and last weekend, the offender stalked Caitie at work up to 10 times — walking past her place of employment, staring at her, circling her, waiting around, and watching her. Last weekend was breaking point for her. The offender arrived at Silverburn again and walked around the concession stand where she works three times.”

  • Canadian military officials say the increase of sexual assault reports in the service indicate the system for reporting is improving, not that the rate of assault is increasing.
  • A trans-identified woman is calling for Canadian Blood Services to change its screening policy after telling her they had to consider her as female and ask whether she’d been pregnant recently in order to avoid potentially fatal complications in a recipient.
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.