What’s Current: Karen White (born Stephen Terence Wood) jailed for life after raping women in prison

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Karen White
  • Karen White, (born Stephen Terence Wood), has been jailed for life after admitted to sexually assaulting women in a female prison and raping two women outside of jail. The Guardian reports that White admitted to probation officers he was sexually interested in children and could abuse a child and “think nothing of it.” The Ministry of Justice has since apologized for moving the inmate to a female prison, admitting to not considering his previous offending history.
  • A new study shows that record numbers of women of colour have won primary elections in 2018. There’s been a decrease in white male candidates, but white men still make up the vast majority. Campaign directors suspect this increase is due to influence from movements such as #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter.
  • More signs from Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull’s poster campaign have been banned, this time from the sides of Edinburgh buses. Exterion Media refused to display the signs, saying the message is “likely to offend.”
  • In an investigation on sexual harassment in five cities, Plan International has given women an app that allows them to map areas where they are most frequently harassed. The app also gives the organizations access to new data on female experiences with sexual harassment in streets that has is not recorded in crime statistics.
  • A suspect in connection with the rape and murder of Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova, identified as a 21-year-old male, has been arrested in Germany.
  • Sade Sanchez was gunned down by ex-boyfriend Gabriel Ramirez in Brooklyn. Sanchez’s mother is speaking out against the system that failed her daughter, saying, “We made numerous police protection reports. Nothing ever happened…”
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.

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  • Danielle Cormier

    So sick of this. Reporters giving rapist men the “courtesy” of she pronouns. How insulting is that to his victims who know full well they were assaulted by a man. Its just byond all logic and reason. Lets all FINALLY stop being polite and call them all what they are in deference to this mans and all the victims of others like him. it is after all a far lesser injury to be called a man than to be raped by one. Any so called good guy or ally would surely agree.

  • Ashley Braman

    Itsa hate crime to say the word womxxn but its not a hate crime that males rape and kill us bc we are womxxn.

  • Ashley Braman

    Do you have any resources for probono lawyers?

  • therealcie

    I guarantee the same people who removed Ms. Keen-Minshull’s signs as “likely to offend” would just laugh off a woman being offended by sexist advertising on billboards or public transportation. Silly women are always overreacting, you know.

  • Meghan Murphy

    “What is the difference between an alleged transgender female and a ‘real’ transgender female?”

    Right. This whole thing where we talk about men ‘faking it’ is so ridiculous. Faking what??? How does one prove they are ‘really’ ‘transgender’?? What even IS transgender?

    • lk

      According to TRA, a person is transgender if they say they are.

      There are no tests to determine if you are transgender, transgenderism is not a disease so you do not need a diagnosis from your doctor. One can be transgender with no surgery, hormones or change to outward appearance. So if a man with a beard, penis, who wears mens clothing and has a male name says he is transgender and identifies as a woman, then he is. To question that is transphobia, questioning his existence, identity and etc…

      “The prosecution say that because there is smattering of evidence in this case that the defendants approach to transition has been less than committed.”

      What?! It seems to me that Stephen is very committed to his “transgender persona”…
      Stephen has:
      -changed his name/goes by female pronouns
      -identifies as female
      -presents as female through fake breast, wig, makeup
      -begun medical transitioning

      Yet, the article refers to him as an “alleged transgender female”..what exactly makes him an alleged trans woman and not a real transwoman?

      • myrto

        That dude is described as an “alleged trasngender female” because it’s clear he’s a disgusting rapist and can’t be defended by so-called progressives, even the most rabid ones. The truth is uncomfortable (him being a pervert) therefore he must be a “fake” transgender person. Because we all know “real” transgender persons are all upstanding human beings who are totes stable and mentally healthy.