What’s Current: Trans-identified male, Rachel McKinnon, wins women’s cycling championship

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  • A trans-identified male, Rachel McKinnon, has won another women’s cycling title, the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships. McKinnon says that making him suppress his body’s natural testosterone production in order to compete in women’s sporting events is a violation of his human rights.
  • The US Violence Against Women Act will expire soon. No republicans are backing bills to reauthorize it, putting funding and programs for survivors in jeopardy.
  • A student at LaGuardia Community College, CUNY, has filed suit claiming that her anatomy professor offered her good grades and test answers in exchange for sex, and that this behaviour was part of a pattern of similar attitudes among staff. The professor was suspended from work immediately following the complaint, and fired soon after.
  • Canadian women’s access to the abortion pill varies widely by geography, suggesting doctors in some areas are refusing to prescribe it.
  • Ann Henderson, the Rector at the University of Edinburgh, is being criticized by students for “transphobia,” after retweeting a tweet about a meeting discussing changes to the UK Gender Recognition Act and the potential impact on women’s rights.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • susannunes

    We need to call the dude who won the women’s bicycling championship what he really is, and that is a cheater.

    • Deborah

      I started reading through the comments on his Twitter announcement. The vast majority did not approve of this and see it as cheating, as well. The clock is ticking on these sociopathic drama queens and their entitled nonsense.

      • acommentator

        There is something about sports that crystalizes the unfairness of all this. Anyone who looks at that picture of the guy, surrounded by the women who were runners up, will have some understanding of the problem instantly.

        The picture suffices. No further exposition is necessary.

  • Good.

  • pandora50

    Here he is telling kids to join their side. hmmm, sounds like paedophilic grooming.
    “MtoF tells trans kids to dump moms on Mother’s Day and join the “glitter-queer” family of adult trans activists”

    • Omzig Online

      Indoctrinating children by alienating them from their family is one of the most easily identifiable hallmark behaviors of a cult.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Are you joking?? Gloria Steinem spoke out about this way back when, then of course was bullied into apologizing in recent years.

    • I don’t want to hear about Gloria Steinem. She’s an idiot.

      • Meghan Murphy

        Hmm too bad? I just responded to the question. I didn’t offer any opinion about Steinem. You are free to think she is an idiot if you like.

      • Hanakai

        Ms. Steinem is decidedly not an idiot, having started Ms. magazine, written books and spearheaded the women’s movement decades ago. You may not agree with her, but there is no reason to castigate her as an idiot.

        Now, the Orange-Headed Agent of Chaos presently occupying the Oval Office could accurately be called an idiot. And worse.

  • Cangle

    Sports fans need to noise up, too. Let the sponsors hear from us. Purse strings theory. Use them.

  • Danny

    Well said. TIMs comparing themselves to slavery abolition, civil rights, desegregation, suffragists, etc. is so gross. It simultaneously reveals their complete ignorance of history and their insatiable narcissism.

    • Melanie

      As though these policies don’t effect black girls and women in sports, bathrooms, shelters, prisons etc.

  • OomGawa

    Caitlyn Jenner was woman of the year.
    Rachel Mckinnon wins a Women’s cycling championship.

    Proof that men make better women in every category!

    • SkyLark Phillips

      They aren’t women. They are men.

      Caitlyn Jenner is NOT a woman.

      Rachel McKinnon is NOT a woman. He is a cowardly cheating men knows he can’t make the elite level with men, so he decides to rob women of their victories.

    • Cassandra

      I understand your sarcasm. 😉

  • OomGawa

    Yes. Many people did.

  • Deborah

    “He’s a biological male and should compete against other males.”

    Exactly right. No one is taking the right to compete anyway from these men. And then refusing to inhibit his testosterone production as a human rights violation…. the cock-faced arrogance of that! In the sports world, that would be considered doping if we were still living in Logical World.

  • Charlotte_Lucas

    Yes, it was quite controversial.

  • Oh, the poor LaGuardia College professor with the frosty wife and fatal illness. He has the balls to tell his #MeToo student victim that his sexual demands on her will be minimal on account of his heart problems. She will only have to provide her services to him once a week, and will only have to endure brief, gentle sessions. (Perhaps he codes her “friend” because he imagines his quaker approach will convince her, and absolve himself into the bargain).

    Meanwhile, his cross-town colleague at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, has used–and reversed–his pedagogical profession as a platform for pimping and sex trafficking. So much for CUNY’s commitment to working class, multi-cultural students

  • corvid

    Waiting for all the articles about trans “men” winning men’s sports championships.

    *crickets, tumbleweed*

    • SkyLark Phillips

      No transman (female) will ever be able to compete against elite male athletes. It’s not going to happen.

  • calabasa

    GOOD! Disgusting pedophile flogging his pedophilic practices in public. Gross.

    Great job, Yisheng! Woo hoo!

  • Tessa Anne

    I completely agree. While I feel very angry with the men barging their way into women’s sports, I also feel angry with the women standing beside them smiling. They won’t stand up and say No until it’s too late.

  • Tessa Anne

    And they argue on the one hand that these men should have access to womens spaces because ‘human rights’ and on the other hand say we are fear mongering and there is ‘no evidence’ that their Self-ID laws will allow more access for men to womens spaces. WTF. How do they get away with that? They are literally arguing for the very thing they say we are making up…..

  • Kathleen Lowrey

    The LaGuardia article led me to this link:


    Anthropology professors researching “sex work” (with a special interest in teenage prostitution) and drugs. One of them is the co-editor of _Dialectical Anthropology_, a Marxist journal.

    Of course (OF COURSE) they paraded around as wokety woke woke paragons of leftist social justice.

  • SkyLark Phillips

    If this doesn’t make people hit peak trans, I don’t know what will. Look at the photo. He is a dude with male skeletal structure and muscle mass. Look at his arms and legs. He still has muscle development in his legs, and because his legs are longer, this could be an advantage. Males have a different skeletal structure, different shaped pelvis, more muscle mass, stronger tendons and bones, etc.

    Cowardly cheating piece of crap…..

    The comments on other websites are like 70-80% against this because people can see it’s a farce.

  • Hanakai

    Actually, taking RU-486 would be a medical abortion. Right, pills = medicine.

    A D&C or a vacuum aspiration would be a surgical abortion.

    Medical abortion is much simpler and easier on the body, which is why it is important for women to recognize pregnancy early and terminate it as early as possible.


  • Omzig Online

    Comparing himself to the struggles of black people is racist ignorance.

    A huge number of female athletes are Black women, and they face the same risk of being displaced from their chosen sport by cheating men as every other female. I really hope to see more athletes, especially black athletes, speak out against racist cheater.

  • Omzig Online

    Not sure where to put this, but I’ve got good news! Renowned misogynist and self-proclaimed sociopath Dennis Hof is dead!


  • acommentator

    Yes. And the dominant narrative, if I recall correctly, was what the guy was doing was pathetic.

  • Meghan Murphy

    How does it prove gender isn’t a social construct?

  • Meghan Murphy

    This seems like… a bad solution…

  • lk

    Did the word transphobic ever have any meaning beyond “you don’t agree with me 100% about transrelated things?”

    Lol…if you state anything that is not completely in line with transideology you are immediately a terf, bigot, transphpobe…

  • lk

    He has a blog…omg, do I even want to know what was on there? I got tired of seeing his comments on here, so I just blocked him.

  • lk

    I just laugh when I see the word cisgender…its nonsense. And I will NEVER accept the label of ciswoman.

    I am a human female. I am a woman.

  • Jani

    Are you smart enough to define what this “feminists cultural Marxist agenda” is?

    • Morag999

      Yeah, I’d like to know what that is. I highly doubt he could explain it, though.

      • Cassandra

        I feel 100% sure he couldn’t explain it. We MIGHT have a chance of understanding what said agenda is if we head over to Reddit or A Voice For Men, but the chances still aren’t good.

  • Meghan Murphy

    You’re talking about sex, not gender… This is exactly what radical feminists are saying… Males and females are different. You must be lost, because we are the ones fighting this nonsense…

    • denzil penburthy

      This was an invitation for me to respond, but my reply has been deleted.

      • Meghan Murphy

        No it hasn’t. Comments are moderated. Your comments all stay in moderation until someone manually approves it (or deletes it).

      • will

        Stop whining, sookie-baby.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I think he got lost.

  • Meghan Murphy

    She was born into a very much *not* well off family, so let’s not do this ‘privilege’ thing to dismiss her please. I am totally open to critiques of her work and feminism, though. I appreciate her work against prostitution, but am disappointed in her cowardice on the trans thing. It makes me think she values her career/popularity over telling the truth.

    She did not ‘spearhead’ feminism, you are right. She got into it pretty late in the game, as compared to many of the other prominent second wavers.

  • Meghan Murphy

    He hasn’t been banned. I rarely ban anyone anymore. He perhaps got tired of me deleting many of his comments, idk.

  • Meghan Murphy

    A lot.

  • Tobysgirl

    It’s called postmodernism.

    • Cassandra

      Bwa ha ha! So true.

  • SkyLark Phillips

    Violence Against Women Act

    This October 2, 2018 article states that the law itself will not expire. How can a law expire? Grants and funding, however, are another story.


    At any rate, if you live in the U.S., call your congress person to keep it funded.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I’ll keep that in mind.

  • Omzig Online

    You may take your complaint up with Meghan Murphy, the owner and founder of Feminist Current.

    I am far too busy celebrating the death of an evil man to sanctimoniously or self-righteously take the “high road.” Dennis Hof made the world a slightly better place by dying, and no woman should be censored for stating this obvious fact on a feminist website.

    Now piss off.

    • Meghan Murphy

      oops! Actually VLCampbell’s comment prob shouldn’t have been published! Apologies.

    • lk

      Shame on you omzig!!!

      You should feel very sad and remorseful that a man who makes money off the abuse of women is no longer on the planet to continue his important work of….helping other men pay to get access to women’s bodies.

      You should be in tears that a pimp..umm, I mean…”legitimate businessman” who encourages the legalization of prostitution is no longer with us to spread his message that legalized prostitution is great for women of the world!!!

      How are you not be devastated that we have lost a man who refers to women as “product”?

      lolololol….just kidding…I find it odd that anyone would find your comment shameful or that it should not have been published.

      Honestly, I see no reason for us to be sad when men who abuse women pass away…

  • wasnamesareirrelevant

    Many women have been shouting loudly that men aren’t women for many years. The men making the laws and rules aren’t listening.

  • Meghan Murphy


  • Meghan Murphy

    Same. Once someone says ‘cis’, I kind of check out, because it makes me think they’re a dummy.

    • Cassandra

      Yup. They haven’t thought it through, that’s for sure.

  • Meghan Murphy

    lol no

  • Meghan Murphy

    wtf are you talking about??? wtf is ‘cultural marxism’??? Sex = biology, gender = stereotypes/social roles imposed on males and females.

  • M. Zoidberg
  • Meghan Murphy

    Am I misunderstanding you?

  • Cassandra

    Males winning women’s sporting competitions makes my fucking blood boil. I seriously get all hot all over with rage. It’s fucking unreal that this is happening but men always find a way to take anything and everything away from us. Just a fact.

  • Cassandra

    We here understand all too well and have been screaming our lungs out for a while now…it will take males like you screaming about it A LOT before anybody will listen.

  • Cassandra

    YUP! Funny how absurd “identity” arguments really are when you really look at it.

  • Cassandra

    But why do you want to rain on our parade?

  • Cassandra

    You’re not serious, right?

  • Cassandra

    Did you recently and permanently donate your brain?

  • Omzig Online

    Not just higher testosterone, but larger lung volume, blood volume, muscle mass, etc.

    So even if they manage to temporarily suppress their testosterone, their male body possesses a number of other advantages.

    Also, for the record, the majority of trans-identified males simply never manage to suppress their endogenous testosterone.


  • Cassandra

    Oh but women with penises are the most oppressed poor minority in the world, don’t ya know? My heart bleeds!

  • Omzig Online

    I actually kinda liked the idea of female athletes standing together in solidarity while the male athlete jumps into the pool alone. I can’t help but wonder how many laps he would do before he realizes how foolish he looks?

    They certainly shouldn’t quit, but the visual image of women banding together and refusing to participate with a cheating man would send a very powerful message to the world. The same thing could be done in cycling, running, etc.

    Or maybe I’m just relishing the thought of making a cheating male athlete look like a total dumbass…I dunno.

  • Meghan Murphy

    None of this has anything to do with Marxism, dude. Get off the MRA forums and read a book.

  • Meghan Murphy

    “Cultural Marxism” is not a real thing.

    • denzil penburthy

      The origins of cultural Marxism lie with the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, the members of which were all self declared Marxists. Individuals from the group openly stated on many occasions that their objective was to lay the grounds for a Marxist future by attacking and destroying Western cultural norms. Its all a matter of public record. Hence the term cultural Marxism.

      • Meghan Murphy

        Marxism is an analysis of class and capitalism and an ideology that aims to take power from the bourgeoisie/owners of the means of production and put it in the hands of the workers/working class. It opposes capitalism as a system. It has little to do with gender. Feminism is a separate movement, though of course there are Marxists who are feminist and vice versa. Just use words that mean things instead of weird MRA jargon that no one else understands and that even you don’t understand.

  • Meghan Murphy

    No, you tool. As I already explained, all comments are moderated. A person has to manually approve every single one. I am not here 24/7. CHILL.

  • denzil penburthy

    I know that the word Gender has been weaponised to further a divisive and destrucive political ideology.

  • denzil penburthy

    Theodor Adorno was a member of the Frankfurt School. His co-authored book ‘The Authoritarian Personality’ argued that traditional American views on gender roles and sexual mores were based on ‘prejudice” This ideology helped fragment society into competing minorities, who were united only when attacking their alleged ‘oppressor’ – the straight white male. One of their main arguments was that the social roles of men and women were due to gender differences created by the oppressors. In other words, gender did not exist in reality but was merely a ‘social construct’. Feminists latched onto to this concept, but with the rise of ‘transgender rights’, which sees men competing against women in various sports, Frankfurt School ideology has come back to haunt them.

  • myrto

    I agree with you except that no there shouldn’t be a special category because there is no such thing as trans. It’s amazing that even gender critical people often can’t see that. There’s man, woman and in extremely rare cases there is intersex. The rest is mental illness/delusion or a fetish. So men should compete with other men, and women with other women. It’s not complicated. It’s actually very very simple.

  • myrto

    sorry I didn’t mean to imply that this is their fault. I know what happens to them. On the internet. But the majority of the population does not believe this crap about transgenderism so it constantly baffles me that these creeps have so much power.

  • Elise

    If I am not mistaken, the competition won by this transgender woman is aimed at women between 35 and 39 years old. So if I am thirty one but identify as a 36 years old, can I participate?
    Categories in sports have a purpose, which is to encourage the participation of everybody. If it is sufficient to identify as a woman to participate in women competitions, why not also get rid of competitions for high-school, universities, senior…?

    • wasnamesareirrelevant

      He’s a man. There’s no such thing as a transgender woman.

  • will

    You should be ashamed, VLCampbell, coming to a feminist forum and wagging your finger at people for their relief at the death of a man who is not only a serial rapist, but a slave trader and an activist against women’s human rights. Seriously, who do you think you are?

  • will

    You said that Omzig Online should be both ashamed and deplatformed for describing the death of this evil man, who has hurt so many women in so many ways, as “good news”. It is very good news for women that this piece of shit is dead and you are way out of line with your high handed comment. Ik’s sarcastic wards are perfectly in line with your stated position.

  • will

    Too insane and pathetic. How do these sick, dysfunctional humans get so much power? (Rhetorical question!)

  • will


    Morag, I love your sense of humour. Thanks for that. 🙂

  • will

    “Duh…..men consistently beating up, raping and murdering women and doing so with impunity shows that women are not equal to men in their social power and no amount of MRA’s bigoted clap trap can alter that fact.”

    There. Fixed it for you.

    • denzil penburthy

      It is a fact that some men beat and rape women. I am not sure how many men carry out these misdeeds with impunity. I would need evidence based statistics on that. However, there is a feminist mindset that views all men as rapists, or potential rapists. Hence the phrase ‘rape culture’. This warped thinking, which can have far reaching negative impact on society, is a form of collective punishment. Why should the innocent majority be targetted for the misdeeds of a minority? The most recent murder near me was a woman stabbing her husband to death. I know nothing of the circumstances, but I wouldnt dare suggest that all women are, or could be, like that.

      • Meghan Murphy

        That’s not what “rape culture” means…. It means that rape has been normalized and sexualized in society.

  • will

    “women who speak up have been suppressed gaslighted censured and ignored”

    They have also been verbally threatened and physically attacked.

  • SkyLark Phillips

    Women’s sports are being destroyed. It’s happening in all sports, and in all levels of competition from high school through college to the Olympics. We are witnessing the destruction of women’s sports right before our own eyes. Males are taking athletic scholarships meant for female college athletes. At the professional level, women are being robbed. Medals can mean corporate endorsements and sponsorship, so women are losing out financially.

    This is just a partial list, and it’s all sports.

    Women’s Track and Field:

    “Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood dominated the competition at Connecticut’s girls track and field state championships earlier this week. Miller took 1st place in both the 100 and 200 meter dash, while Yearwood finished second in the 100. According to News 8 in Hartford, CT, both Miller and Yearwood are transgender which has some people saying that the pair had an unfair advantage.”


    Yearwood has a mustache in this video. Google it, and look at the photos. This is an adolescent boy. He has a mustache and male muscle development. Prior to first competing against high school girls, he wasn’t on hormones.


    Women’s basketball:



    Google it, and look at the photos. Gabrielle Ludwig is a 6’8” 200 lb. male who played on a men’s team when he was younger. Ludwig at age 40 decided he wanted to play on a women’s basketball team.


    Women’s Weight Lifting:


    Women’s Australian Football (footie):

    Australian football is a very rough sport. It’s a miracle that 6′ 2″, 220 lbs. (1.9 meters 99.8 kilograms) Hannah Mouncey born Callum Mouncey didn’t seriously injure a woman. He is one big bruising man. Like a lot of transwomen, Mouncey played on men’s sports teams prior to becoming a “woman” and playing on a women’s Australian football team. Mouncey played 22 games with the Australian men’s national handball team, debuting in the 2012 Oceania Handball Championship against New Zealand, then continuing to represent Australia at the 2013 World Men’s Handball Championship and in a qualifying tournament preceding the 2016 Summer Olympics.

    Look at the size of this man.


    Women’s Volleyball:

    He played in men’s leagues until 2012 (Brazil, Portugal, Netherlands), and now he has his sights on the Olympics. A mediocre male athlete is now dominating women’s volleyball in Brazil.

    “Ms. Abreu began playing volleyball at the age of 17 and eventually made it to the men’s professional leagues in Europe. Toward the end of her time there, she adopted the name Tifanny.”



    Transwoman Chloe Anderson takes a spot on the women’s volleyball team at UCSC. He sure sounds like a man in the video, and looks like a man in his high school year book.


    More on sports:



    According to 2016 changes in Olympic rules, women Olympic athletes can have a penis, and their testosterone levels can be 3 times what females naturally produce.

    “Under the previous guidelines, male athletes who wished to compete in women’s events were required to provide proof of legal gender change and evidence of surgical gonad removal followed by two years of estrogen treatments.The new guidelines do away with all of that. Under the new guidelines, any male can compete in women’s events with no legal gender change and no medical treatment whatsoever, on the basis of his declaration alone: he must declare that he believes himself to possess a “female” personality or mentality. The one caveat is that his testosterone levels must remain in the lower range of typical male levels (<10 nmol/L) for the duration of one year. Men with testosterone levels in the higher range may require medication to reduce those levels to the lower end of normal male averages. No transgender cross-sex hormonal treatment is required.”

    Normal Male Range : 9 – 38 nmol/L
    Normal Female Range : 0.5 – 2.4 nmol/L


    Transgender atheletes to be allowed to compete as the other sex in the Olympics WITHOUT having gender reassignment surgery


    Yes, gold, silver, and bronze women athletes can all have a penis.

  • OomGawa

    How do you think I feel ?….I am Gender #17 There is no category for me!

  • acommentator

    “The more males win female events, the more it proves that gender is not a
    social construct.”

    How does it do that? I mean, I don’t think that gender is an entirely social construct. But how does the fact that a bigger and stronger man beat some women in an athletic contest tell us anything at all about gender?

    Edit: never mind. I see he attempted to explain it below. This is now duplicative. Feel free to delete.

  • lk

    I happened to see this online today the 3rd place winner who had previously tweeted that it was unfair for McKinnon apologized for her tweet…but she did say that cyclists are working to try to change the rules.


  • denzil penburthy

    When Leftists cant debate, or run out of argument [which they always do] they resort to name calling. Your post is a classic example of this.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I think the thing about rape culture is that all men ‘participate’, in one way or another, as rape culture shapes the way men and women engage with one another, have sex, date, etc.

  • Rico Chico

    Can’t wait to see that in combat sports and martial arts.

    • Meghan Murphy

      I believe it’s already happened?