What’s Current: UK poll shows MPs are afraid to discuss gender identity publicly

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  • A poll of UK parliamentarians indicates a majority are afraid to talk about gender identity issues in public. Most said they avoid the subject, even though a majority disagree with the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act. The Times reports:

“The ComRes poll shows that 67% of MPs of all stripes are fearful of the effect the planned changes will have on women’s changing rooms and refuges. Half have been contacted by members of the public concerned at the proposals.”

  • The UK’s Law Commission is considering making hostility to men a “hate crime.”
  • Women incarcerated in US prisons are punished more harshly, for lesser infractions than male prisoners.
  • According to the new documentary, Hidden, organized crime gangs in Scotland are moving trafficked women from town to town “like commodities.”
  • A child psychologist in Winnipeg who trained medical students has been busted for child abuse images found on his personal devices and uploaded to cloud storage.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • lk

    Re: Hidden

    I am grateful to anyone who sheds lights on the prostitution industry…I am particularly grateful for the women who escape prostitution and share their stories of how horrible it is.

    “Most of the men I see are married. I don’t understand how these men can be with someone from the way they behave during sex..They thought that the more money they gave me they could just do anything they wanted to me.”

    I often wonder how many men have female partners and still solicit prostitutes..I don’t care how nice you are to your wife/girlfriend/fiance…if you are soliciting prostitutes behind her back, you are a asshole, jerk, sexist…I don’t know I cant even think of the right word.

    Awhile back I read some proprostitution thing and in it a woman talked about how her husband had an affair and she wished that he had gone to a prostitute instead.

    What?! I would be livid if my romantic partner used a prostitute while he was in a relationship with me, because that shows he has zero respect for women.

    All prostitution does is reinforce the dangerous idea that women are things to be bought, used and then forgotten about.

  • Scifimaster92

    Personally, I would use the word “terrifying” to describe it, not “ridiculous.” There is a very real possibility now that radfems in the UK could see their livelihoods threatened, as they could easily be charged with hate speech simply for being radfems and thus advocating so-called “hostility towards men.”

  • Jani

    I agree with all the points made. The worrying fact in this case is that she had no idea he had this double life and found it very traumatic for her personally but has had to hold it all together for her kids just so they don’t become more unsettled than they have been. Her kids are only young, not teens. He started off with porn, then it was webcams, then paying for sex acts. All the time he said he was never even interested in porn. Yeah, right. Turns out he has been using it for 20 years. He was even buying gifts for his webcam women. I’m sure there’s plenty she is never going to know. When she found out about the massage parlours that was it. Over. She feels violated by him, the fact he was paying for sex and then coming home, she feels used, as if he was a stranger or a conman tricking her into having sex. Yes, she feels raped too. Porn was definitely the gateway drug for him. She would far rather have him out of her life but it’s easier said than done when there are kids. These guys have something missing. They have no empathy. They can’t even put their own kids ahead of their unhealthy sexual ‘needs’. The partners and families of these johns are the hidden victims. These relationships can only ‘work’ (in their dysfunctional way) if the partner is emotionally abused (even if the MO is slow and subtle gaslighting).

    • lk

      I sincerely hope your friend has been tested for std’s and is also taking care of her mental health.

      “These guys have something missing. They have no empathy. They can’t even put their own kids ahead of their unhealthy sexual ‘needs’.”

      I feel like society acts as though empathy and compassion for other people (especially in males) is some horrible sign of weakness. It’s not…I think if men were more empathetic and compassionate towards women they would not be able to do so many of the things they do to us and with no guilty conscience or sense of wrong doing.

      I feel like society (both religious and secular) have encouraged men to feel that pursuit of sex is all that matters, that they are entitled to sex, that because sex is a “need” they must get it by any means necessary: rape, mind games, verbal abuse, physical abuse money, cheating and so on.

      “These relationships can only ‘work’ (in their dysfunctional way) if the partner is emotionally abused (even if the MO is slow and subtle gaslighting).”

      Yes, not only do men gaslight women on an individual level…but I think there is kind of a mass gas-lighting where women and girls are being told all this sexist male behavior is normal and to be expected: boys will be boys, men have needs, lots of men cheat.. blah, blah blah.

  • lk

    “Agree totally about this male entitlement attitude. I have to say, as soon as I come across a male who has the attitude that sex is something a woman “gives” to a man, that it’s something she does “for” a man, I just press the erase button on them.”

    I think this is a good rule of thumb for all women and girls really.

    Men who feel entitled to sex do not respect women and have no problem doing whatever they want to get sex. They do not understand that females do not exist solely to satisfy them sexually, they do not understand that sex is supposed to be a mutually pleasured shared experience with both partners doing it freely and happily.

    When a guy starts to imply or suggest that men need sex, that women owe them sex..that’s a huge red flag!