What’s Current: Irish women tweet #ThisIsNotConsent after a young woman’s underwear was used to acquit a man of rape

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  • Irish women are using pictures of their underwear and the hashtag, #ThisIsNotConsent, in protest after teen girl’s choice of underwear was used as evidence to acquit a man of rape. The defence lawyer told the jury, “You have to look at the way she was dressed. She was wearing a thong with a lace front,” and suggested this meant the victim was “open to meeting someone and being with someone.”
  • Ireland announces a plan to fight sex inequality in higher education by setting aside 45 professorships that only women can apply for.
  • Four men beat up two Korean women last night in Seoul because they assumed the women were feminists on account of their short hair.
  • While the pay gap is narrowing, Australian women still face an average salary deficit of $25,717 per year, as compared to their male colleagues.
  • Some of New York City’s worst landlords appear to be using their properties to help pimps and traffickers hide brothels and evade law enforcement.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Jani

    The rape case in Ireland where the woman’s underwear was used to imply she was “asking for it” was utterly shocking. It was once the case that a rape victim’s underwear could be presented in an English court as “evidence” much to the humiliation of the woman, as well as her sexual history and whether she had been to a party beforehand etc. After campaigning by “second wave” feminist organisations (to whom we owe so much) women were treated far more sympathetically by the courts and the legal system. I’m well aware that these rape myths still persist and conviction rates are unacceptably low, mind you. But to read about this going on in an Irish court, well, words fail me. I couldn’t believe that anyone could actually say that in a court of law. The shame is on that lawyer, not the victim.

  • unfashionable

    So feminine hairstyling is enforced by beatings.

    I also just learned that “TERF bangs” is a similar sign of a feminist who needs punishment.

    I’m thinking I need a haircut right away.

  • Meghan Murphy

    A myth

    • calabasa

      I know, if anything it seems to be more popular for trans women to have bangs…?

  • Stephanie Duncan

    I cannot believe in 2018 in a “forward country “ like Ireland this just happened! I wrote an article over 22 years ago in my women and the law course at Uni on the cross examination of rape victims and this is exactly what was presented back then. Cannot believe WE are still dealing with this.

  • myrto

    UGH. Women who have internalized misogyny are the absolute worst imo. They’re worse than men because men are at least protecting their interests by upholding the patriarchy whereas these women are just shooting themselves in the foot as well as throwing the rest of women under the bus all because they think they’ll get some crumbs of power as well as the “respect” of guys. Having said that, I despise lawyers for the most part. Like you, I dont know how these people sleep at night. The most “famous” pedophile (Marc Dutroux) in my country was defended by a woman years ago and I have never been able to figure out how she managed enough self-restraint to not kill him with her bare hands.

  • Bleeps3

    Nah, that’s feminist underwear. Might get you beat up for non-pornification.

  • Blazing Fire

    Even then they’d be blamed – say, they had a hair treatment or something in the past week, or were wearing a new dress, and hence it does not “out-rule the possibility that she was open to meeting someone”

  • Blazing Fire

    Not surprised though.. But what exactly are they claiming? What do they say the women were “perpetrating”? I know dudes will twist things, but just want to know what they came up with this time..

  • Blazing Fire

    About the Korean news. Like others have said, I’m just unable to write anything – thoughts is my head are turbulent – and I’m shocked though I’m not at all surprised..
    Here I go copy-pasting again..
    >> ..another man kicked “A” so hard, she flew into the stairs and her head hit the corner of a stair….
    ..there was a large amount of bleeding from the back of “A’s” head..
    “A” fell unconscious during this time and was taken to the emergency room.

    Really really horrid.. poor women..

    And, as a side note, no one has even seen an unarmed woman inflict so much injury by herself. The “women are ‘equally’ violent” (this is the only place where men like ‘equality’) crowd can go hang themselves.

  • Bleeps3

    It must be recent, because Rachel and Monica on Friends both had what would now be deemed threatening haircuts (lol) and they were both worldwide sex objects at the time.

  • therealcie

    I have long hair because I can’t be arsed to get it cut. I also have a sex drive like a car. The kind of car that will kill you if you try to drive it, that is.
    If I did have any desire to have sex, I would smack the living shit out of anyone who tried to pull my hair.
    My late partner was always very gentle with me. Unfortunately, I think he was a bit of an anomaly among men.