What’s Current: Sex doll ‘escort service’ licensed to open in Kamloops, B.C.

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  • A “escort service” has opened in Kamloops, B.C. “Bella Dolls,” a sex doll brothel, has been been operating in Vancouver since early November. 
  • The Metropolitan Police has launched a recruitment drive aimed at women, in an attempt to reach gender parity in the rank and file. As of now, 27 per cent of the Met’s forces are female.
  • In the UK, parents of a six-year-old girl who was subjected to repeated sexual assault on a school playground by male classmates have won a five-figure settlement from the local authority.
  • A man who raped a woman while she was dying of an overdose was sentenced to three years in prison.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.

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  • stella

    I find the idea of a sex doll brothel at once upsetting and laughably pathetic. The thought of a man shelling out a hundred bucks for the privilege of spending time with a used sex doll is so sad that you almost feel bad for him. At the same time, this is really emblematic of how much the porn and sex industry has deeply fucked up the general conception of sexuality. While previous incarnations of sex positivity like hippie “free love” weren’t all great for women, at least sex used to be seen as something two people did for pleasure and/or affection. Now mainstream porn portrays it more like an expression of hatred. Cruel and impersonal. Sex dolls are a symbol of a culture that has gone very, very wrong.

    • Just Passing Through

      I totally agree .. a culture gone very wrong indeed

  • wasnamesareirrelevant


  • wasnamesareirrelevant

    Here’s to every creepy purchaser of a rape mannequin catching the most virulent cock rot from the plastic plague pits and dying sans dick, with just an oozing pustulent scab where it used to be surrounded by the sad smell of spermy plastic.

  • James Dosher

    [Fair Warning: I’m a porn writer, reader and watcher. I’m not a feminist. I come to this site to learn about feminism from actual feminists. If my statements, questions, or very existence offends you ~ I apologize in advance.]

    “Like the world owes …” anybody anything.

    It is terribly easy to exclude ‘someone’ we might not be able to identify with ‘something’ which we have little, or no, value for because we elect not to empathize with that person, or those wants/desires. Just saying.

    As an example: how many women have declared they DON’T need feminism because they have a good, safe life, feel they personally have been treated well and don’t feel the World owes women a life without fear, equality and the legal protections to achieve those ends … simple because they fail to empathize with their fellow women who are suffering, or have suffered? Those ‘happy’ women refuse to be emotionally blackmailed (your words) because they refuse to see a reason to value those stranger-women, or put forth some appreciation toward their misery.

    After all, the past twenty years have given us plenty of disabled army vets who also happen to be women … but we can create all sorts of excuses not to care about them too, now can’t we?

  • James Dosher

    [Fair Warning: I’m a porn writer, reader and watcher. I’m not a feminist. I come to this site to learn about feminism from actual feminists. If my statements, questions, or very existence offends you ~ I apologize in advance.]

    “You’re making rather a lot of assumptions about my awareness of disability issues, ageing, or even issues affecting ex military personnel, aren’t you? How patronising.”

    No. I was talking about Humanity in general, not any one specific group you might, or might not, have had experience with. That is why I used your truncated quote and not the whole thing.

    “Just to make this clear, we’re talking about sex doll brothels here, and the myth that sex doll brothels are providing a public service for lonely hearts, the unloved and unlovable.”

    Quote a few studies please to back up your claims it is a myth. I cannot promote any studies which claim otherwise … because I am unaware of any studies on sex doll brothels even being carried out as of the posting of my response. Please show me the science.

    “Much like the sex-buyer argument, there’s this myth of the lonely outcast, who can’t “get laid” because “real” women reject him.”

    I don’t support the ‘sex-buyer’s argument, but I have known a few guys who couldn’t get a girlfriend, or even an interested one-night stand because they were rejected by real women. Women don’t owe men sex so it stands to reason some males will be forced to go without. They may be ugly, disabled, lack social skills, or hold themselves in too high regard to ‘settle’ for the ladies who would give them the time of day, if not sexual favors.

    The problem with the anti-Sex Doll argument is that you want to ban a piece of TECHNOLOGY on moral grounds … because you don’t have any scientific ones. The component pieces of sex dolls have existed for decades as blow-up dolls, body pillows, video sex games and flesh-lights. None have led to the collapse of civilization, or rape epidemics by their users.

    Am I going to get a sex doll? No. I’m happily married and they kind of creep me out … as I think they would creep out anyone who has been with a real women romantically. Me being ‘creeped out’ doesn’t give me the right to ask for them to be banned though.

    ” I support access to affordable housing including sheltered housing if required, mental health services, physiotherapy, a basic income and universal healthcare.”

    Good to know. I support affordable housing, services for mental health services & psysiotherapy, but not a basic income and universal healthcare. I simply do not feel giving perfectly healthy people things for free is a good idea and letting our government decide such a huge portion of our lives is anything, but a recipe for failure … but I’m not a terribly big fan of any derivation of Marxism so …

    IMO, people should do as much for themselves as possible and only ask for help with those things they cannot handle with the resources they, or their associations, can muster.

    Thank you for your response and have a nice day.

    • marv

      With their smoothly crafted curves, expectant lips, and unending willingness, the dolls are sexist. “In other words: people with gendered ideas make robots that conform to gender norms, which then perpetuates existing stereotypes.”


      • James Dosher

        marv, they aren’t marketing them to asexual monks & nuns. Of course they are going to create items which appeal to their target audience. That is hardly surprising, or subversive.

        Feminist Current markets its items toward a feminist audience after all.

  • wasnamesareirrelevant

    Bottom line any man who goes near one of these things or even attempts to defend them is a total fucking creep and sleazy weirdo.

  • SkyLark Phillips

    “The point you all miss is that sex dolls can help those who are severely non-functional in one or more areas without negatively affecting real women. It is truly something for nothing.”

    It’s creepy as heck, but I actually feel sorry for these men. And, of course, their partners. That is, if they have any actual human partners. All humans deserve actual physical intimacy with another human. This includes males. I can’t see how it’s going to help the male sex in the long run. Yes, some guy gets to ejaculate into a plastic cavity, but any man who is used to getting pleasure this way probably isn’t very good in bed. Real women just don’t lie there. This inability to know how women really are just isolates him more from actual females. We know how the porn industry abuses and degrades women, but it also is taking the humanity out of a male’s normal sexuality. Men shouldn’t settle for ejaculating into a plastic receptacle. Try talking to women.

  • wasnamesareirrelevant


  • therealcie

    As a woman over 50 and without a partner (mine died and I don’t want another because, sappy though it sounds, he was THE one), I can safely say that the idea of having sex with a doll (male, in my case) completely turns me off, and I don’t know any women in my age range who would want this either. This seems to be entirely a guy thing.
    20 years ago, I was in an abusive relationship with a guy who watched really disgusting porn (bestiality and scat) and who advocated for “open relationships.” My self-esteem was so degraded at that point in time that I not only tolerated his abuse, I felt like I deserved it. Thinking about him now turns my stomach. I suppose I should be proud that I did muster the strength to break away from him.
    He once told me that men were basically animals who would fuck any hole, whether it be a vagina, an anus, or an old tree stump, and that women just needed to accept this.
    Granted, he was the worst of the worst. Unfortunately, his view of women as things to be fucked is not uncommon in the least.

    • Jani

      I’m sorry to read about this awful abusive relationship you endured. I’m also sorry to read that you lost your partner who you truly found happiness with. Life can be so cruel.

      Like you, I have no desire to have sex with a life size GI Joe or ‘Ken’ doll. The idea is just ludicrous and not sexual in the least.

  • therealcie

    In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not someone that most people would have the least interest in. I’m over 50, so I’m invisible. I’m a big woman (mostly from endocrine issues, not that I owe anyone one single apology for my physique) and we all know what society thinks of big women. I have both physical and psychological problems. I struggle with social anxiety, and I am not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. Yet I still have no desire whatsoever to have sex with a manikin, and neither does any woman I know.
    This is a toxic masculinity thing. Men have been taught that they need to be sticking it into something, or they aren’t “really men.” Men are taught that they are entitled to sex. This and only this is why these dreadful “sex doll brothels” exist.
    If women want a sex device, they order one from an adult products website and use it in the privacy of their home. I don’t care if men order a Fleshlight and do likewise. The sex doll brothel issue that many people want to avoid is the fact that the men who go to such places seem to hold the belief that somebody or something needs to fuck them. Using a sex toy in the privacy of one’s home is not the same thing.

  • therealcie

    When my son was a toddler, I worked in a daycare center for a brief time. There was one little girl there who I am convinced was being sexually assaulted. When her mother would bring the child in, she would take her into the bathroom. The child would come out crying.
    One day I told this little girl to stop something she was doing, and her response was to reach between my legs and pinch as hard as she could. It was all I could to to control the reflex to swat her away.
    When I approached the director, she said that there was “no evidence” that the girl was being abused.
    I wasn’t the brightest bulb when I was 26, but even then I knew that it is not normal behavior to pinch a person’s genitals when you are displeased with them.

  • James Dosher

    [Fair Warning: I’m a porn writer, reader and watcher. I’m not a feminist. I come to this site to learn about feminism from actual feminists. If my statements, questions, or very existence offends you ~ I apologize in advance.]

    ** Women DON’T owe men sex so …” ** Emphasis on the ‘DON’T’. ** … it stands to reason some males will be forced to go without. **

    “I can see that you struggle with the concept of women’s basic humanity, …”

    The ‘basics’? No, I don’t.

    “… but do try to keep up.”

    How about you try to actually read what I wrote before misrepresenting my usage of words, sentences and entire ideas?

    The concept put forth by me was this:

    I) Men, at any given time, feel the need for consensual sex with a woman.

    II) Women DO NOT owe men sex EVER. Women cannot be obliged/coerced into provided sex on demand.

    III) At any given time, due to roughly equal populations and women’s controlled access to sex (taking sex = rape), some men will not have their sexual needs met.

    IV) These needs not getting met will create a marketplace where people seek to exploit these unmet needs. Since the ‘natural’ means of solving this need is unavailable, an artificial substitute will be sought out … because there is a profit to be had in doing so.

    My concept is nothing more than basic economics “…, but do try to keep up.”

    • Hanakai

      Sex is NOT a need. It is a desire or a want.-

      Humans need oxygen, food, shelter, water. Without these, people die. Lack of sex has never appeared as a cause of death on a death certificate.

      • James Dosher

        [Fair Warning: I’m a porn writer, reader and watcher. I’m not a feminist. I come to this site to learn about feminism from actual feminists. If my statements, questions, or very existence offends you ~ I apologize in advance.]

        I wrote => “… feel the need …” not that sex was in the Hierarchy of Needs. I apologize if there was any confusion.
        Incels feel they need sex. Failed romantics feel they need love. They can end up taking their own lives, but the cause is actual a psychosis, not the perceived need. I fully acknowledge that.

  • James Dosher

    I wrote => “… feel the need …” not that sex was in the hierarchy of needs. Some people feel the need to insult me. I do not assume they will die unless they insult me though.

    Actually, I didn’t ASSUME you knew the basics of economics. Plenty of folks don’t.

    You keep calling me ‘patronizing’ and now a “patronizing little prick” which indicates to me a degree of entitlement on your part ~ that you can freely insult me without fear of censure. Hmmm …

    You misrepresented what I wrote. I stand by that assertion.

    “If you were not honestly lost, then you were being intellectually dishonest*”

    Neither. I am replying to you with every bit of honesty you are extending to me. Since we are getting nowhere, how about we call it quits after your next volley?

  • James Dosher

    First off, thank you for continuing to give me the time of day.

    I use ‘porn writer’ because that label is more brutally direct than ‘writer of adult erotica’. Some people here have been insulted by what I do so I publish the disclaimer so as to not have readers waste their time with someone of my ‘moral caliber’ if they don’t wish to.

    What is pornography to me? Any medium which expresses both physical sensuality and emotional commitment with the accompanying heights and pitfalls. Anyone can watch two animals rut on National Geographic, so mere rutting doesn’t qualify. Sadly, Humanity can be both heartless as well as compassionate and both pathways can lead to pornography though it can be painful to take in.

    I think I do my best work when someone messages me and tells me they laughed in one chapter then had to sit back and think deeply about the next. I hope this helps.

    Take care and have a great day. 🙂

  • Hanakai

    I would also indicate that the disabled and elderly people I have known have managed to take care of their sexual urges without resorting to fetishistic creepy sex dolls. Believe it or not, some disabled and elderly people manage to find partners with whom they engage in happy sexual activity. Some are fans of manual masturbation. Some use vibrators or other small devices to stimulate the genitalia.

    Anybody who is capable of engaging in fake sex with a doll is capable of otherwise attending to their sexual urges and in a healthier way. Word.

  • Jani

    “Are you aware that every time a woman, especially if she’s a feminist, blabbers about “men not being good in bed”, feminism is likely to be severely hurted?”

    How does STATING (not “blabbering” as you put it) that a man is lousy in bed harm feminism? Or “severely hurted” (whatever that means)?
    The fact is, some men are lousy lovers. For example, men who consume porn have often wanked themselves into erectile dysfunction or rubbed themselves raw with their devil’s handgrip, and that’s just their physical functionality.
    Many men are totally clueless about female sexual pleasure, and plenty of them don’t care either.
    Are they going to learn from a lifeless lump of silicone that they’ve hired to ejaculate into? Quite obviously, they won’t. Because they’re not having any kind of relationship with a real human being with a real human body.
    Who are the men who make good lovers? Those who are (or have been) prepared to learn about female sexual response, and the female orgasm, and who realise that good sex is mutually pleasurable.
    So just how are we harming feminism by calling out the fact that there are men who are “bad in bed”? Like it’s doing women a favour to NOT expect better sex?

    • will

      Ironic (but unsurprising) that this dithering, ignorant dude describes women’s speech as “blabbering”. That’s called “projection”.