What’s Current: Thousands of women have Essure implant removed in light of serious complications and internal damage

  • Thousands of women have had to have the Essure implant — a method of permanent sterilization — removed. The device is reported to have turned into a “calcified nail” inside women’s bodies or haviing pierced through internal tissue and migrated into the abdomen.
  • The student union at Goldsmiths, University of London, and a student society at King’s College London have opted to use the word “womxn” rather than “women” in official communications. “Womxn is a more inclusive term which promotes intersectionality and not includes cis women, but also trans women and femme/feminine-identifying genderqueer and non-binary folk,” reads the KCL’s Womxn in Physics Society website.
  • Around 87,000 women were killed around the world last year; 58 per cent at the hands of intimate partners or family members.
  • The number of crisis calls to women’s shelters in Alberta climbed from 52,562 to 58,117 in 2017-18. A new report, produced by the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters, says that “the rising demand for services has taken many shelters beyond full capacity” and that “women using shelter services are facing the highest level of danger in seven years.”
  • A trans activist who attempted to block people from entering an event hosted by the “We Need To Talk” group to discuss proposed reform of the Gender Recognition Act in Bristol says this tactic, in retrospect, “achieves nothing.”
Meghan Murphy

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