What’s Current: Canadian media falsely reports Meghan Murphy cancels gender identity talk after hoax email

  • On Sunday morning, Canadian media reported that Meghan Murphy cancelled her January 10 event on gender identity ideology and women’s rights at the Vancouver Public Library. The reports were false. One fake email had been sent, which some media failed to fact check before reporting the story. Tickets are still available for purchase via Eventbrite.
  • A doctor who ran an illegal transgender clinic, where hormone therapy was given to children as young as 12, is being fined £14,000 for failing to register her services with health regulators.
  • A woman in India is in critical condition after being set on fire by two men who allegedly attempted to molest her days earlier. The woman was reporting the attempted assault to police for a third time after complaints were ignored when the two men set her on fire.
  • Wall Street men are adopting controversial strategies when it comes to associating with women, claiming interactions with women are an “unknown risk” because of #MeToo, according to a series of Bloomberg interviews.
  • An Alberta lesbian couple claims they were forced out of their jobs as paramedics and firefighters for being “too gay,” after being told colleagues were uncomfortable with their use of the word “wife.”
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.