What’s Current: Female passengers rally to defend girl after male passenger asks for ‘dirty picture’

(Image: Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock)
  • After reporter Joanna Chiu confronted a male passenger sexually harassing a girl sitting next to him on a flight to Vancouver, flight attendants asked the man to move seats. Chiu explains:

“When we deplaned, a security official was waiting for him and took him aside. On the plane, when he was being confronted by a bunch of women, he was, like, really dismissive, angry, like trying to aggressively shut us down. But, you know, when the security guard was talking to him, he looked really nervous.”

  • Hundreds of child sex dolls have been seized at Britain’s borders since 2016. A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service said:

“Children’s charities and the National Crime Agency have called for tough criminal  enforcement against the obscene objects, which are manufactured in a way that enables sex acts to be performed on them… While no law makes child sex dolls specifically illegal, the new guidance aims to help prosecutors utilise existing laws by classifying child sex dolls as ‘obscene.'”

  • The National Post published a partial list of recently released high-risk sex offenders in response to the release of serial child sex offender Madilyn Harks (previously Matthew Harks).
  • One of the anonymous women accusing R. Kelly of sexual abuse speaks out publicly for the first time. In an interview with CBS News, Lanita Carter says, “I’m not ashamed of my past anymore. I’m not ashamed of what naysayers say.”
  • Saudi Arabia grants temporary freedom to three women’s rights activists, who were held for almost a year, following a hearing where the women alleged torture and sexual harassment during interrogation.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.