What’s Current: Runaway Saudi sisters urge Google and Apple to pull ‘inhuman’ woman-monitoring app

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  • Two Saudi sisters fleeing their abusive families call on Google and Apple to pull Absher, an “inhuman” government e-services app that allows men to monitor and control female relatives’ travel.
  • The governor of Indiana signs legislation further restricting abortion access. The state will ban dilation and evacuation, a common and safe abortion method, and allow medical practitioners to opt out of participating in abortion services.
  • A female-owned cafe is set to close after becoming the “punching bag of the internet” for giving men the option to to pay an 18 per cent “man tax” one week per month.
  • On Monday night, a man followed the woman into the women’s washroom at the Union Station bus terminal and looked over the divider at her. After she left the washroom, he followed her and sexually assaulted her. Yamal Mohatar, 33, of Toronto, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with voyeurism, forcible confinement, and two counts of sexual assault.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.