What’s Current: Caster Semenya loses lawsuit against IAAF over testosterone policy

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  • South African Olympic runner, Caster Semenya, lost a lawsuit against IAAF’s policy on levels of testosterone for athletes with differences of sexual development. In February, The Times reported:

“The IAAF stressed that it was ‘not classifying any DSD athlete as male. To the contrary, we accept their legal sex without question, and permit them to compete in the female category.

However, if a DSD athlete has testes and male levels of testosterone, they get the same increases in bone and muscle size and strength and increases in haemoglobin that a male gets when they go through puberty, which is what gives men such a performance advantage over women. Therefore, to preserve fair competition in the female category, it is necessary to require DSD athletes to reduce their testosterone down to female levels before they compete at international level.'”

Semenya will no longer be able to compete internationally in women’s track events between 400m and a mile.

  • In response to the epidemic of missing Native American women and girls, lawmakers sign a bill creating liaison positions within the Washington state patrol to build a relationship between government agencies and Native communities.
  • The co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival, Sterling Von Wagenen, pleads guilty to aggravated sexual abuse of a child.
  • A police sweep in Winnipeg found 21 missing youth, and arrested seven men on charges of attempting to purchase sexual services.
  • Professor Selina Todd, who teaches at St. Hilda’s College, was disinvited from speaking at a conference of the University and College Union after students accused her of “transphobia.”
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