What’s Current: Deepnude creator pulls app that uses AI to transform photos of women into nudes

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  • DeepNude is pulled by its creator following viral backlash against the app, which uses A.I. to generate realistic nude images of women, by feeding the program a photo of the intended victim.
  • Child sex offender Donnie Snook is granted time away from a B.C. prison for “personal development” purposes. Snook is currently serving an 18-year sentence after pleading guilty to 46 child exploitation charges in 2013.
  • An accused rapist is acquitted in two cases after an Ottawa judge claims one alleged victim was “combative” on the stand, siding with the defense’s explanation that the women requested rough sex.
  • An Indian mother and daughter who fought off an attempted gang rape have their heads shaved in front of the entire village as “punishment” for resisting.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.