What’s Current: One in 50 male offenders in UK prisons self-identify as transgender

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  • One in 50 male offenders in UK prisons are self-identifying as transgender according to a survey by the official jail watchdog, amid concerns inmates are attempting to secure extra privileges.
  • A 12-year-old boy in Malaysia raped a four-year-old girl three times after being influenced by pornography. Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Ahmad Adnan Basri said in a statement that the boy admitted to committing the offences after being questioned by officers.
  • A man in Norwich, England, secretly filmed a teenage girl while showering and told the court he was inspired to do so after watching pornography. Prosecutor Eleanor Sheerin said, “He said he did it for the challenge of getting away with it.”
  • Two Indigenous women allege medical staff at Manitoba hospitals coerced them into being sterilized after giving birth, with the most recent incident occurring in 2018.
Genevieve Gluck

Genevieve Gluck is a writer and advocate for women's sex-based rights and creator of Women's Voices, an audio library dedicated to bringing awareness to feminist texts and speeches.