What’s Current: Open letter asks NDP to reconsider support for Morgane Oger’s nomination

  • Open letter publicly challenges support for the candidacy of Morgane Oger for nomination to become the NDP candidate for Vancouver-Centre.
  • The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has asked its committee of experts to investigate the ethics around the rapid increase in the use of hormone blockers to treat youth who identify as transgender.
  • Transvaginal mesh implants used to treat women’s reproductive problems have been pulled from the market after a safety review by Health Canada determines they cause debilitating side effects in some women.
  • Township of Langley halts “all bodies swim” for LGBT youth proposed by Jessica Yaniv, who suggested that the event allow attendees to go “topless” and prohibit parents and caretakers from attending. 
  • Woman-owned jewelry maker, Alex and Ani, sue Bank of America for $1.2 billion, alleging gender bias and greed led the company into financial ruin. The suit states:

“Bank of America’s actions over the past few months — starting with a made-up default and culminating in a deliberate plan to starve Alex and Ani of credit from any source — have sent a once-thriving American success story into a death spiral … The endgame is clear: Bank of America wants the women out of power at Alex and Ani.”

  • The Canadian government announces The Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, a $2 billion fund for businesswomen, with the goal of doubling the number of businesses owned and run by women by 2025.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.