What’s Current: Women seeking abortions in Chile are being turned away by doctors

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  • Doctors in Chile are denying women abortions due to a clause in the country’s abortion decriminalization law allowing  doctors to refuse to terminate pregnancies on grounds of “personal conscience.”
  • Nigerian women are leading the country’s fight against polio by volunteering to vaccinate children. NBC News reports:

“To eliminate polio, women — mostly young mothers — have gone door-to-door, slipping drops of polio vaccine under the tongues of as many as 30 million Nigerian children.”

  • The murder of a 15-year-old Romanian girl sparks public outrage after it is revealed that she had called police three times during her kidnapping.
  • An Indian politician has been expelled from the country’s ruling party after a deadly car crash left a woman who accused him of rape in a critical condition.
  • The sixth wife of the ruler of Dubai has applied for a court order to prevent one of her children from being forced into marriage.
Meghan McCarty
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.