What’s Current: Leeds city council bans advert for woman-only lesbian march, calling event ‘trans exclusive’

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  • Leeds city council banned an advert for a woman-only lesbian march organized by the group Lesbian Strength to “celebrate all lesbians” and protest “lesbian erasure because of the “exclusive nature of the event.” A spokeswoman for Lesbian Strength said: 

“We organized the march because we feel excluded and even unsafe at the many Pride events. This is why we want it just for female homosexuals, so that we have something and somewhere to go.”

  • A United Nations report claims sexual violence committed by Myanmar’s military against Rohingya women and girls was so widespread and severe that their actions demonstrated genocidal intent to destroy the mainly Muslim ethnic minority.  
  • African film and television is experiencing a “burst” of woman-driven television and film that challenges traditional gender norms and openly asserts female sexuality.
  • Female genital mutilation and “mass circumcisions” are being advertised on Indonesian social media for as little as ten dollars.
  • The parents of a Pakistani social media star allegedly murdered by her brothers have lost an appeal to free their sons, who are standing trial for the apparent honor killing.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.