What’s Current: OPP no longer releasing sex of victims or those accused of crimes

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  • Ontario’s provincial police service will no longer to publicly release the sex of people accused of crimes or those who are victims of a crime. An OPP spokesperson admits Bill C-16 factored into this decision, saying:

“It doesn’t matter if it was a male or a female who was an impaired driver or speeding down the highway, what matters is that we pulled them over and laid a charge…

… We have a lot of individuals who identify as male but actually are female, or vice versa. That’s one of the reasons. Also, we want to respect the wishes of individuals.”

  • UK police now routinely demand rape complainants turn over their mobile phone data, discouraging many from reporting assaults.
  • Several founding leaders of the UK’s movement for lesbian and gay rights have split from Stonewall over the group’s attacks on women’s sex-based rights, and are calling for a new organization to represent the movement.
  • Japanese filmmaker Miki Dezaki is being sued for defamation after releasing a documentary exploring how a group of conservative politicians prevented the government from acknowledging wartime atrocities against “comfort women” who were forced into prostitution by the Japanese military during WWII.
  • Following the death of a female football fan who set herself on fire after being arrested for attending a match, Iran has “assured” FIFA that women will be able to attend the upcoming World Cup qualifying match.
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.