What’s Current: Forwomen.scot says women’s services are being denied funding due to female-only policy

  • Forwomen.scot says it has been disqualified from government funding because it believes that trans-identified males do not belong in female-only services, citing a “discriminatory” policy towards single-sex organizations. The women’s rights group told The Times

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for women to access their rights [to] same-sex services and increasingly common for the law to be misrepresented — sometimes even by the government and public bodies.

Women still face discrimination and unique disadvantages because of their sex but, currently, no funded organisation in Scotland represents women as a sex class.”

  • French lawmakers move towards allowing lesbians and single women to conceive children with medical intervention, approving a draft bioethics law that has sparked outrage from opponents.
  • Newly released footage shows Toronto van attacker Alek Minassian sayingthe incel movement inspired him to drive a van into a crowded sidewalk.
  • Greek authorities say they have busted a €500,000 baby-smuggling ring accused of selling vulnerable Bulgarian women’s eggs and babies.
  • In an obituary for feminist activist and YouTuber, Magdalen Berns, Posie Parker writes:

“Tiny in stature, this fiercely honest woman, with her linguistic dexterity and dry humour, pulled many people back through the looking glass and back to reality – back to a world in which it was okay to criticise the transgender ideology and its unreasonable, misogynistic claims.”

Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.